Thursday, February 3, 2011


So on Tuesday! The snowstorm hit Oklahoma with a fierce attack.  I was at Buy for Less Grocery Monday night as sleet began to fall at around 9 pm.  Before you know it, the next day there is 8-12 inches of snow, winds up to 45 mph, and snow drifts of 2-5 feet.  To sum up the storm, it was a true blizzard.  The wind was whipping around cold air inside my window as snow was forming inside my room.  The temperature was in the single digits all day and the wind chill made the outside air feel like -15 degrees.  It was COLD! Running in the snow today was not an option.

Instead,  I took to the Campus Lodge workout facility right here in the apartment complex.  I met up with Kelly and we pushed through the arctic air to make it to the door of the workout place only to find we forgot a card to get in. We head back to Kelly's apartment to pick up the card and head back to the office. I ran on the treadmill which I normally hate but these treadmills happen to be long enough for my stride which is nice.

I put together 4.5 miles at 6:08 pace with 10/15 level of incline which made this run a fast hill run.  Kelly decided she wanted to get 8 miles in so  I just hung out then jogged another mile and a half on the treadmill at like 12 minute pace.

Overall, I ran about 5-6 miles of work for the day!  Not bad for living in the frozen tundra!

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