Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun!!!

Evening run of 65 minutes out along Porter over towards Tecumseh! It might have turned into a 70 minute run but I raced the last 5k give or take!

The run felt great but the day was where all the fun was spent.  I worked a morning 7-2 shift and worked diligently and made great money.  It was so much fun helping out all the members with their golfing needs.

Then Ashlee had the perfect idea for her birthday...Frontier City!   Frontier City is what is sounds like: a Western cowboy theme park.  ANd that is what it is!  It was so much fun riding the rides, eating BBQ, bumper cars, and even a raft ride and having soggy shorts for 2 hours.  And my favorite part was the gift shop where we bought necklaces, rocks, I bought myself a new pair of sandals, and many other goodies!  It was such an amazing time and Frontier City is a must go and see place right here in the Oklahoma city area!   I think Ashlee had a great birthday-the best she has ever had!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

If it is not the Heat, It is the Humidity!

Today was the first hot hot day I have run this year. I left the house at 10am a crucial mistake. The temperature was already into the 80's and I believe has since reached the mid 90's.  I went on the back roads towards Hall Park and then off to the Sutton Wilderness.  The pace was slow or at least felt slow because the heat was already slowing me down. By 40 minutes into the run, I felt my body failing and there happened to be signs of fatigue so I knew that water was in order.  I hit a local pit stop at Griffin Park then finished back towards Chalmette.  The run was probably in the 6:50 range as the hit was just too much for me today with my lack of sleep---(under 8 hours because I was out of work by 11pm).  I have began this summer looking to run with my buds but our schedules have not been able to match up properly.  I hope though that we will be able to link up and get some nice quality runs in this summer!

Mount Washington is not too far away and it looks like I am in good shape and am very excited to see where I stack up!

I ran for 65 minutes and almost hit 10 miles!

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have internet!!!

So I ran at 7am this morning around campus with my phone so that I could eventually end up with a call from Cox to fix my internet. It feels great to know that I have a service that I am paying for and it is actually working.

I have been averaging good mileage as of late by running on Monday 17 miles/off on tues/ 16 miles on Wednesday maybe even 18 miles and 11.5 on both thursday and friday.

Mount Washington is in only a few weeks and I am very excited about racing to my full potential!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cox= worst internet provider ever=Why I have not been able to post!

Since a Cox installation for internet occurred on May 11th, our internet at the condo has not been functional at all.  I have still been able to run since then logging numerous miles at speedy paces.  My strength is there for Mount Washington though graduation, Toby Keith's tournament and work and house chores have made my recovering time and running time tough to come by.

I am an official Graduate of the University of Oklahoma and my running career is ready to take shape. I have heard rumors of our OK runner Elite team to have a real coach and some real money behind the gig which would be awesome. But I am also eyeing sponsorships after the race in New Hampshire.

Yesterday I did not run due to the potential tornado that had an eye for Norman.  There was severe weather but everything was  okay as the intense storm bellowed through the area.  I have supplemented my breath of my training for longer runs such as today running 1 hour and 40 minutes and probably around 17-18 miles!  I have my new Pumas that I take out onto the road everyday and my job at Belmar seems to help tone my back, arms, shoulders, and provides a little extra running that helps build my endurance.

It is officially the summer and I am ready to ramp up the training before June 11th and the race on June 18th. But after Mount Washington. I am looking to get my feet wet in the Oklahoma Road Racing Circuit and to stake my claim as one of the top runners in the state.  Wish me luck as I embark on a vast journey.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lot of Running!!!!

I have been packing on those miles though I have not been recording what I have done!  The run has been great times as I have run from everywhere from Noble to Moore!

My weekly mileage has been great!

I HAVE RUN anywhere from 80-100 miles and the training has been better than I could imagine.  I am an official college graduate from OU and now  I can devote my time to work and training and with advancing my running career as well as my job career whatever it may be.

I have many great races on the horizon!  This summer will be my first in Oklahoma since the four years I have been here and I look forward to getting some quality running in as well as making money at Belmar!  Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No internet in the New Place yet means.....

Well, A lot has happened since I wrote on my blog.  I was able to move into the new condo with Ashlee and work and school and everything has been busy and crazy. Today will mark the 5th day in a row  I have worked at Belmar a personal record.  My arms are sore from all the lifting we do at work and I am trying to do everything I can to make the transition as seamless as possible into post-graduate status.  My running is right on point with good hard efforts in the 90 degree weather that signals SUMMER. I am tan and bold and ready run.  Today my run has consisted running to my old apartment to use the computer then I will take a check for Ashlee to her old place then back to the new condo.  It seems most of my running these days involves errands. Oh well, time to go!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ran Out By Campus I think!

I think the majority of my run had me out all over the OU campus. The day was just starting to warm up and I was getting in the mileage before I headed to work.  You know when you forget what you ran the other day that you have been very busy!  I find it funny that I do not remember all that my run encompassed but I do know it was a fun run and  I passed over by the OU golf course too. I am almost moved into my new place with Ashlee though I still have some work to do as of yet. I get to see my father and my other relatives for graduation in a few days and all in all, it has been a great 4 years!

Run lasted 65 minutes about 10 miles!

Ran Out By Campus I think!

I think the majority of my run had me out all over the OU campus. The day was just starting to warm up and I was getting in the mileage before I headed to work.  You know when you forget what you ran the other day that you have been very busy!  I find it funny that I do not remember all that my run encompassed but I do know it was a fun run and  I passed over by the OU golf course too. I am almost moved into my new place with Ashlee though I still have some work to do as of yet. I get to see my father and my other relatives for graduation in a few days and all in all, it has been a great 4 years!

Run lasted 65 minutes about 10 miles!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Perfect Dark!

Tonight was another night run after enduring the tornado that was today.  I am almost completely moved in with Ashlee into our new Condo and I have almost finished all of my big school assignments.

I ran  from the new place out towards Summit Lakes in the dark of the night.

I then headed out into the pitch black as dark as midnight out on East East Lindsey and over towards 48th street.  The road was so dark, I had to rely on my sense of night-vision to gain a track on the road.  The pace felt great as I feel like my fitness is truly ready for any race that comes my way.

I was able to track in 67 minutes and probably about 10 miles on the hills.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Night and Day!

Tuesday's Run took me out into the lovely Oklahoma night. The run started cool then  I warmed up quickly. I ran on the West-side of Norman as I trucked along from Rowena Lane all the way up to Robinson street and everything in-between.  The solace of night running is so wonderful.  It is quiet and as the world seems contained to their homes, a skinny white guy is running out on the streets.  I thought  I would be out there for 45 minutes...well my watch stayed at 19 so  I had to rely on the real clock and  I ended up running about 73 minutes.  Approximately  11.5 miles maybe more. All in all, it was a nice relaxing run in nice temps.

Wednesday's run had me letting the sun shine in as  I shot out the door around 8am.  Whenever I run out on the the east hills of Norman out by Rock Creek Road, I always run into my manager Grant.  I think he lives out that way but I find it funny that he is always honking and yelling as his car blasts by me.  The run ended up being about 74 minutes and I was so hungry. The problem  is I usually have about a half of an hour to shower and fuel up before I head over to work for a long 10-11 hr day.  The best thing though is yes I can be a little rushed but the shift I work on a wednesday really pays off in the tip department.  So, it really is all worth it after-all!

School is winding down and the summer is going to perk up. Cmon summer it cannot get any closer.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ran around Norman--TIght Legs!

I ran around Norman today all through main street to help Ashlee with some errands.  My calves and hamstrings are really tight after my amazing OKC 12k leg so  I decided to take the running easy.  I was probably running 7 minute pace but I was able to get in 73 minutes and I felt just fine!

These next two weeks with final assignments, work, and moving into a new place will have me searching for some solace in my running.

From a 37:10 12k with a multitude of prs to well I do not know yet but  I am hopeful of running even more fast times!

The Results: Scott Downard 2nd and myself running A 50 second pr!

I woke up at 5:48 am realizing that I turned my alarm off and continued to tell Ashlee we still had time while in my sleep.  We rushed out of my apartment and then headed off to my exchange zone for the 12k.  The rain was coming down hard and there were even blips of lightning off in the distance.  What kind of marathon weather is this crap?  We headed into OKC and off to Willshire street where my exchange was.  The rain was coming down hard and the temps were in the low 40's.  Luckily, the marathon was delayed by an hour so that meant I was the first relay participant there.  I rushed out in the rain to find the exact location and then decided to head to SONIC so Ashlee could grab a quick meal.  The time was 7:30 and I knew I had to say goodbye and brave the frigid temps.  These conditions sucked. Pounding rain and cold temperatures equal a world of disaster for a runner especially if you never get to warm up.  That was the case with me.  I shot out of Ashlee's car and then ran for the nearest tent.  I had my neon green OK Runner singlet and my nike Neon green streaks, two pieces of my attire that received rave reviews from the spectators and my Nike gloves---an essential component of the whole race outfit.  Because of the delay, I waited around some more freezing my little tush off hanging out with the event crew.  It was a lot of fun talking to them and freezing with all of them.

Then I heard it....the helicopter and so it signified the beginning of the hand off. I waited and waited. Then off in the distance it was THE LEAD MARATHONER. WHAT?  Really? I could not believe he was running that fast right now as he passed us all waving his arms to pump us up.  Then 5 more minutes pass...and there is a bright green singlet. I spring to the exchange zone as rain is scorching the earth and I soon find out it is the exchange for Oklahoma Christian University.  I wait another 5 minutes as two other relays get their chips. Then I pick Butler out in the distance.  I pick up the chip and pick a pace that equals fast as can be.

I pace the first two relay groups in the first 800 meters as I am running in the 4:40's maybe even 4:30's for the first few miles.

The rain is freezing and  I already cannot feel my arms but I am determined to catch OK Christian and the marathon leader.  Remember...The leader has about a 10 minute lead on me right now---almost a 2 mile lead.

The 12k leg spans about 7.6 miles of the toughest stretch of the OKC Marathon.  Lake Hefner is cold, windy and quiet and this is the make it or break it point in the race.

I shot up the first hills out in the city streets and neighborhoods and within the first mile- mile and a half I caught the OK Christian runner.  I came right up on him and told him good luck and lets have fun out here because this run literally was miserable.  With that said, I blew right by him and then weaved in and out of the cones as I pushed the pace even more so! The 5k came up and I glanced at my watch---14:30...32...33...34...35!!!!!  Wow now that is a pr for the 5k!  I was averaging 4:40 a mile!  I continued to push the pace.

By four miles in I was at 19:06 which was another pr and my average was at 4:45 a mile.  This is when the run became tough. I had trucked it up the bridge to Lake Hefner and I knew I still had to hammer it hard because I had no idea who might catch me if I just start running 6 minute miles.  I split 24:16 through 8k another pr where my average has slowed to 4:52 and then I decided to drop the hammer!!!!!

I heard someone named Scott Downard yell, "COLE!" from the other-side of the Lake Hefner trail as I began that 5th mile!  I blitzed as long and as hard as I could as I felt my stomach churn with disgust.  This run hurt but I still has the strength to push on.  My 10k split folks was 29:50 which was another pr and I averaged 4:48 a mile so my mile there had to be in the low 4:40's.  Then after 10k I ran out of gas.  I slowed down and almost threw up my pre-race bananas.

The last 1.6 miles was slowed to maybe around 5:20-5:30 a mile as the rain turned into almost hail and my body was heavy from the rain soaked jersey and shorts.  I turned the illustrious corner into Stars and Stripes Park and then I saw him...The marathon leader only a straight-away from me maybe about 200 meters away.  This guy had a 10 minute lead on me an now he was only 40 seconds away! I kicked the straight in and handed off to Stephen.  I was welcomed into Ashlee's arms and felt like I really accomplished something Magical!

My final time: 37 minutes and 10.65 seconds!  I averaged about 4:58 a mile and ran my heart out.  I pr'ed in every distance from 5k up--a true testament to my training and sheer will.  I could have easily given up, heck I wanted to but I thought about everyone that has stood by me and my running: especially the OK Runner squad.   We all ran well in what was the worst conditions: pounding rain--temps maybe in the 30's and wind that could make your bones freeze.  Still, I mentally pushed through it all and ran the race of my life so far!

Scott missed the victory by a mere 7 seconds as he thought the winner was a half-marathon finisher.

Next Year will be my year as I look to run my first marathon here in OKC.  I know whatever happens I am going to be ready for it.  With the way I have been running who knows what is in store for me.  We can only wait and see!