Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Doldrums!

Total Time Out: 73 minutes

Total Mileage: around 11.5

THis Sunday has been all about resting up and just simply relaxing!  I spent the majority of the day sleeping and then decided to run around 3:30pm.  The sun was out the weather felt like a hot spring day.  The temps hovered around 75 and it truly felt like the type of weather Oklahoma will see in the near future this spring season.  My run started out slow as I have been so physically and mentally drained from this past week.

My run took me yet again to The East Lindsey hills and  I made my way up those slight grades out to the cross-way and out to 72nd street.  Out of the million times  I have run out this way,  I still love this area for getting in a great workout. No matter which route you pick, the run is going to be challenging and fun.  The sun began to set as  I hit my turn-around point at around 36 minutes out.  It is truly amazing to run up on these roads here in Norman and to be able to be so high up that you can look out on the tree line of the area.  It was fun to see the local sheep dogs chasing after me for about 4 seconds before stopping knowing they would have their work cut out for them to try and catch up with me.  5 days remain before the Sooner 10k challenge!  I am going to train smart and prepare myself for a fast and fun debut 10k!

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