Friday, February 18, 2011

BALLS! Man Nice Weather But Annoying RUN!

So have you ever had that run wear your shorts do not fit right? Well, a pair of my paper-thin puma shorts made life difficult today. They have a very thin cut and have an inseam of maybe 1 inch.  This causes many problems when the wind is blowing and howling because it exposes my you know what!  Today, I wanted to run fast after having an awesome day working at the golf course making some dough but my short really stopped me from doing so.  Running shorts have an inside brief that is supposed to keep everything a man has down there in order but these shorts just flip flop and jerk everything around.  The whole run was me stopping to adjust my brief liner to make sure  I was not exposing myself to the world.  Having this minor inconvenience the whole time really slowed my pace down.

I still managed to put up 9.7 miles out on the hills of Cedar Lane and the back connecting roads such as 48th to Cedar.  It was a nice run but I had some set-backs and it did foil my main objectives but oh well things like this happen. Maybe next time  I can wear boxer-briefs underneath the shorts and maybe that will solve this issue with that pair. Otherwise, I think I am stuck wearing these shorts at night when people  are far and fewer to come by.

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