Friday, February 25, 2011

Dawn of Society!

Total Time: 82 minutes and 42 seconds

Total mileage: 14.3 miles

Today has been  a roller-coaster of emotion for me!  I began the day bright an early at 6:30 this morning to head to work. The weather was absolutely freezing and it was quite a struggle to run the show at Belmar when you lose hands in your hands.  After all was said and done, by 8am everything was in order: the carts were out, the range was set, and our special carts had the clubs on them.  The only problem was that no one showed up. We hung out in the Pro shop for the rest of the time talking about Texas and New Jersey living. We downed countless cups of warm coffee.  It was at this point that I was sent home because we were doing nothing. I left around 11am with my tail cradled underneath my legs.  We scored no tips and I felt sad.  I was tired and napped as soon as I made it back.

3 hours later and I woke up in a groggy fog.  I ate a pizza and was out on the road by 4pm. I ran on Porter Ave out towards Moore.  The moment  I reached Tecumseh, I took that road towards Belmar. At this moment in the run  I began to think about society and how screwed up it has become.  Gas prices continue to shoot well past 3 dollars and I begin to run in an angry pace mad at the outside world.  How can a college-aged person live today in a world where salaries and wages stay the same and costs continue to sky-rocket? How can we afford things when the prices of necessary products go way and and wages go down or stay stagnant?  The answer is we cannot!  No wonder people are angry like me. This sucks.  As a soon approaching college graduate I feel sad  to know that the big world  I am entering is harsh and evil and life is not fun but rather a constant struggle to make ends meet.

The run itself was alright because I ran fast but I usually have a knack to run fast when I am angry.  Today was quite an interesting day and I hope I feel better!

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