Monday, January 31, 2011

Week of Training in Perspective---Races in the future....

This past week, I was able to get in 79.45 miles of training which is great considering I began the week feeling sick and tired and I really just wanted to get my legs under me again.  Today, I have been looking at road races I might test my abilities in for the future.  For now, I think that the

Sooner Tune-up 10k will be my opener for 2011.  I am the defending champ of the race and I look to further improve upon my 31:37 time I ran there last year.

Then after that race, I will continue my training and potentially run another local 5k to gauge my speed coming into the Oklahoma City Marathon (May 1st) where I hope to run the 12k again on the relay squad (I love that leg and have run great times).

My last race leading up to OKC will probably be the Red Bud classic where I will run either the 10k or 5k and then it will be OKC marathon time.

All this racing and training is in preparation for the Race Up Mount Washington Mountain Race where the best incline runners battle head-to-head on the largest mountain on the east coast!

That is my plan for the year so far and I am going to get to run a progression run with Kelly later today. More details to come!

So Kelly and Myself were able to run 9 grueling miles on the ups and downs of the OU xc training course hidden away in its secret location.  I didn't feel it in my legs until after 8k and I was amazed that Kelly kept pushing even after we hit 6:53 the first mile.  8 more miles and strings of 6:50's and 6:40's later, the workout finished with a closing 200 meters in 5:09 pace. And to add more insult to injury, I jogged an extra 2 miles to give me 11 miles for the day.  Throughout the course of the workout, I had day-dreams of racing on a track, wearing neon track spikes. Then I dreamed  I was in Jurassic Park, running away from blood-thirsty Dinosaurs!!!!  It was a great workout and  I look forward to seeing all the snow that is coming our way.  The weather channel says 10-12 inches of snow in Norman!!!!  This means I will have an exciting run for you tomorrow!

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