Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday's Run---The Dig-OUT!

So the weather here in Norman has been bone-chillingly cold, the roads have been horrible, and drivers have been completely nuts!  Yesterday was the first day since Monday that you can make out the road from the snow.  The roads happened to still be caked in slush and ice and gritty snow, that make driving on the roads a struggle.  Being from New Jersey, I feel the roads have been alright if you drive them with extreme caution. Of course "caution" and "Oklahoma" do not seem to mix based on the number of cars that spun out or became stuck yesterday. Enough with the weather and on to the running!

My run began with me starting at 7:45 minute pace for the first half mile of the run because the roads were gushy with all the snow on the roads.  I headed out to the East Lindsey hills and was pleased to see the roads out in the rural part of Norman in better condition than the busy streets!!!!  Not only could I see the exposed road, but there was a nice single-track path on the roads that allowed for me to pick up the pace to 6:20 a mile. The only time  I needed to slow down was when there would be patches of ice on the pathway.  I bundled up for the run because the temperatures were in the single digits but I was so warm I started sweating on the run.  I made a right on 36th street out towards Noble High School.  The run was quiet as I saw maybe two cars out here the whole run and it allowed for me to really get into a nice rhythm.

On the turn-around, there was the wind, but  I was so warm that it did not matter.  As I headed back and was almost home free, I noticed about 5 cars with their hazard lights in the middle of the intersection.  I waited for the light to turn green so  I could cross but i soon noticed that all these cars were either stuck in the snow or had car trouble such as a failed transmission.  Myself along with many other people spent about 20 minutes to push all 5 cars into a nearby gas station that was right at the street corner.  After  I did my good deed for the day, I hauled it back to the apartment.

My run lasted for 1 hour and 34 minutes and a grand total of 15.5 miles!  It was a great run and I look forward to dancing as a statue of liberty then  I have an interview with the banquet services at a local ritzy Embassy suites hotel!  

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