Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After what seemed like a millennia, I finally was given the chance to run with Connor Wann. I haven't seen the kid since the weekend before the crazy snowstorm that shut down all of Oklahoma.  In the meantime we have been busy with our busy lives!  Today after my Theatre class, I headed over to Connor's place.  The weather was feeling pretty good as we set out on the Connor Campus Loop. I have named the loop  after him because well, I do not know anyone that runs this loop.  We start out at Connor's place and take Berry Road and run the back section of campus where the Weather Center is located. The run was fun and felt smooth and it was fun to hear about Connor's new job as THE sandwich man at Jason's Deli! Yum that sounds good. I need to stop by there sometime this week and maybe Connor can serve me up. We had a nice progression in the run and hit our last mile out of 7 in 6:14.  After we cooled off and had some water, I drove home and jogged my last 3 miles in to get a grand total of 10 miles for the day.  It was a nice day and I am looking forward to continuing my training as  I prepare for some races coming up really soon.

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