Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!!!!

RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING!  That has been the story of my life today. From the moment Ashlee left for work, I spent my whole day running around finding Valentine's gifts for her and I finally finished my dancing stint as the Statue of Liberty Today! No more losing weight from dancing and starving myself cause I have been so darn busy.  And I have been spending a ton of money lately on gas, food, and luxury items for Ashlee but I have sworn an oath that I will not spend another nickel until Friday when I should get paid a good sum of money for all the dancing I did the past few weeks.  The run today took me by the OU golf course as I headed out on Berry Road and shot for Highway 9. Once through all the neighborhoods, I traversed the cross-walk into the next section of houses that live right on a private golf course that I will run on someday.  The run felt fine considering  I danced really hard for the day and that  I logged 17 miles the other day so my legs were tired of course.  But this week will be a great week of training with the 60's and 70's heading our way. I ended up with about 74 minutes of total running and a grand conclusion of about 11 miles. Not bad in a days work!

AND I found out this morning that  I will officially be a Outdoor Service staff member at the Belmar Golf Course in Norman which is one amazing place. I start Wednesday and  I am so excited to make some big bucks and potentially order me a new pair of road racing flats I have been putting off buying for about 5 months.

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