Sunday, December 30, 2012

SNowshoe Run and Hiking Tuller Hill State Forest

Woke up this morning to more snow.  I felt today was better than any to strap on the Dion snowshoes.  Let me tell you, snow shoes are awesome. To run fast in them, you feel like you are doing higher high kicks with your legs but the running is not too difficult. I really feel like I can get used to this sport.  I ran to the grocery store with them, ran back, then ran half mile loops around our town-home complex while Ashlee made us breakfast.  It was amazing. Yes, it is cold out there, but the sunshine made for an amazing day. The run was great and then we went to the ski resort to hike along the trails of Tuller Hill State forest. We sipped on wine and hiked through two feet of snow. It was a perfect experience. Being able to share a piece of solitude and wilderness with my one true love was something very special and exhilarating.  It was a cold day, but the forest really helped to keep the wind at bay. I have grown to love and respect nature as our natural world really is something incredible and this is one of the main reasons why I run. I love to be outdoors experiencing and observing the world. I like to feel that grain of sand under my feet, feel the crisp wind buffet my skin, the warmth of the sun heat up my hands.  I truly look forward to another day Ashlee and myself can go explore some more!

Monday--Last day of 2012

I ran up the Tower Road Run. I start at Pendleton Road and then work my way up a series of five uphill climbs ascending about 800-1,000 feet.  It is a tough run and the weather this morning was ideal. The sun was out and the snow was even melting a little bit. I kept thinking about snowshoe season and how I am very excited about competing and ensuring myself a place amongst the best snowshoers around.  I also began to tap into the feeling of how tranquil Upstate New York becomes in winter. It is so quiet and peaceful.  In my life, I have never been somewhere where this can occur. Cortland, NY has it.  You can run out of town and be somewhere so peaceful that all your hear is the slight breeze.

2013--Tuesday January 1st

Nice 81 minute run along Health Camp Road. Ran up into the snow-covered hills of the area. It was a nice run. Once I made it up to the peak, my hands were freezing as the wind chill was making my hands become little icicles.  I have a pair of Gore running gloves which are great light gloves but are not the best for temperatures under 25 degrees.  I find that most running gloves work well in cold temps but nordic ski gloves, or trail running gloves from outdoor brands such as Mountain Hardwear are much better for those extreme temps though may be too much for mild winter days.  I really love winter running especially here as the snow pact does limit some mobility while going downhill, it provides a soft surface that leaves my legs feeling alive and rejuvenated.  Snow is actually one of the softer more forgiving surfaces for your joints which as long as you keep your footing, you will truly get a great core workout in and actually feel better doing so.

Also, Thank you to all of my sponsors in 2012: Sierra Designs, Ok Runner, Karhu/Craft, and Acidotic Racing for all of your support and I look forward to making 2013 an incredible year for us all.

Here are the new snowshoe Acidotic Racing kits for this 2013 season. I cannot wait to get mine in the mail and to showcase this 2013 snowshoe racing season in New York state!  Thank you Chris Dunn for the awesome photo of the gear.

Wednesday--Jan 2---Ran with Chris W in the snow. We went out along Highway 90 and Wolf Road. It was rough footing but we made it happen. Got some nice climbing in and ran a solid 84 minutes say 1 hour and 35 for me as running from my house, 11.5 with chris and 1.5 with myself.  13 miles total not bad!  I am running well and the training is paying off.  It has been pretty darn cold in Cortland lately but still the cold does not bother me too much. Yeah my face may get cold, but if you layer, you should not have a problem. It was a nice long run, we had some good climbing and really got in a nice workout.  All in all for a nice day.

Thursday--Jan 3----Run out on Mclean road through the snow.  It was slow-going as the brand new wet snow made for slick conditions.  I ran out towards Limehollow Nature Center but turned off on a road right before the nature center. I ran up and down the hills as the snow began to increase in intensity. It was tough going but made the most of it.  I ran about 1 hour and 37 minutes about 14-15 miles or so.  It was a good grind-it-out kind of day.  It is amazing how much it snows here in Cortland, NY. There are snow showers about every day and usually two days out of the week, some sunshine shows up.  The run felt like I was going in slow-motion but I managed a decent run.

Friday Jan 4--10.5 mile snowshoe run at Hoxie Gorge State Forest. It was a cold morning as temps in the teens and single digits made for a chilly run. Luckily, snowshoe running really warms you up. Everyone has told me that snowshoe running is so much harder than regular running and I would agree somewhat though it is harder, it is not as hard as I thought it would be. Running at Hoxie Gorge, the main trails were in a foot and a half of snow so running was slow going. It did not get much better with the snowmobile trails as the footing was uneven but much better as 6-8 inches of snow covered the trail. I was able to get a nice tempo going up the steep hills and the flats running 7:30-6:20's or so in the snow.  I will say, you do go a lot slower with snowshoes on.  The run was extremely peaceful as I saw nothing but trees, snow and the wind during my run.  There is something about being out there in the snow that makes you feel so alive and jubilant.  Anyway, I ran 70 minutes or so in snowshoes and then ran another mile and a half back to my car in my La Sportiva Vertical Ks which make a nice bootie for snowshoe.  Another nice run in the books.

Saturday Jan 5th---Run out to Homer on 11 then turn back going up along Albany of 75 minutes and about 11.45 miles! Was a slushy day as the snow is melting.  Ran real relaxed.

Sunday Fun Day--Jan 6th---Ran a solid 55 minutes out along Kellogg Rd up to Blodgett Mills and then back again. Ran as it was getting dark and cold.  Had the flashlight and blinking wristband.  I ran my last mile in 5:04 and felt solid and just warmed up by the time I finished.  I am looking forward to a nice long run tomorrow and a chance to compete in snowshoes at the end of this month and into February.

Monday Jan 7th--21.8 mile long run to Summerhill State Forest. I made the journey from Cortland County all the way to Cayuga County and back again.

Tuesday--Jan 8th--70 minute run out to Bank of America and uphill on Pendleton Road.

Wednesday Jan 9th---80 minute run out on Ames road up the massive uphill.

Friday Jan 11--Run in the rain out along Mcclean Road to the Limehollow Trails. Got about 75 minutes in.

Friday, December 28, 2012


For Friday December 28th, I ran this morning in the snow.  It was cold and snowy and man did Cortland get pummeled with snow. There is about 12-16 inches of snow alongside the road.  Ashlee and myself arrived home from Tennessee last night as our flight was continuously delayed.

After a 5 hour delay, we made it home.  To our surprise, it is a true winter wonderland out there! This morning, I ran about 14 miles out along Highway 11 up to Mcgraw. I ran the steep uphill slope section so I could get a nice view of the area and the snow. With my new Marmot Mica Jacket, the wind and the moisture was at bay.  I ran up the steep sections and followed along the snowbank. It was a nice snow run and got in some much needed r&r (run and run).  The wind at times made the temps hover in the single digits but I do enjoy the cold weather.  I am very excited to get in a nice hilly run in.  I ran about 84 minutes and 14 miles.

As the snow begins to take form again this weekend, I hope to get my first snowshoe runs in.  Also, with all of the snow, trail shoes become a better alternative since they usually have a water-resistant upper and have deep lugs and tread for gripping that snow and ice.

I have been really interested in Mammut as a company lately. They have an amazing line of alpine apparel for climbing and mountaineering.  But did you know that they make trail shoes as well.  Mammut is a Swiss brand that is up at the level of a Marmot, North Face, Mountain Hardwear for outdoor pursuits.  Mammut has a new trail running line coming out in 2013 and I cannot wait to see what they produce.  Always know that Wooly Mammoths are awesome and why shouldn't you not wear something with a mammoth on it?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Nashville TN 2012

The time spent in Nashville has been a great break from school and work. I have had the chance to spend time with family, eat piles of food, run all over the place, and just relax and enjoy the holiday.  I have run at the amazing Percy Warner Park on Christmas Day and have run along my aunt's property nestled high-up in the Tennessee Hills. Tennessee is a great place to live and to run. Tennessee has miles upon miles of singletrack trails that meander through gorges, creeks, up hilss and down them.  The weather is failrly mild in the winter though snow does occur in the higher elevations usually near Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains.  The Smoky Mountains is an amazing place in Tennessee where 6,000 ft peaks are king and hundreds of miles of trails await the brave people willing to venture into this wilderness.  In Nashville, I have not seen any country music stars, but the southern hospitality is deffintley here with tons of nice people running out along the various parks.  Percy Warner Park is a great park with trails I explored yesterday. Almost twisted my ankle on one steep down-slope and besides the slick mud from rain the day before, the trails were well-packed. Percy Warner Park, in the Tennessee Hills is where I truly began to foster a love for the hills and mountains of America.  It is here that every holiday I would run until my legs would literally give out. But this year, I can really run up. My legs feel just fine as  I crushed the single track trails and meander along the high-up drive that crests some of the most incredible views of Nashville, TN.  I can say that normally running in Nashville, the hills destroy my legs but this year, Cortland has prepared me well to be able to run hills the best I have ever been able to do in my life.  This gives me great confidence for the winter season of snowshoe and the various road and trail races this spring and summer. I hope to be able to run with the best of them and this year of 2013 will in fact be a big year.  Get ready trail running world, cause I am coming! 

I also hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday.  As we start a new year, lets focus our time on those things as humans we should cherish most: family, friends, and happiness.  When Ashlee and myself arrive back to Upstate New York, we will have some 16 inches of snow waiting for us.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and be safe traveling back home. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nightime Run to My Car and Run To Tuller Hill State Forest from Home

Tuesday Dec 18---Run at night to my car at Olympia Sports.  Ran up along Virgil road at night. Pretty scary and made me think of what goes bump in the night.  54 minute run 8.5 miles

Wednesday Dec 19---Ran out along Kellogg Road to Blodgett Mills then out to Virgil. Ran the higher alpine route that I found out loops right to Tuller Hill State Forest. I ran about 1 hour and 30 minutes and probably 15 miles. Felt fast strong and smooth though the wind on the way back slowed my quick pace down.  I am feeling strong and ready to run some fast times once the snow flies in January for snowshoe!

Thursday Dec 20, 2012----Ran out along Bond Road.  Ran some hills out along Groton. The run felt easy but I was able to get a nice workout in.  The weather is supposed to turn from our mild winter weather to that of a winter Draco blizzard.  The wind at the higher elevations was strong at times and cold, but I never felt too cold.  This run really tells me that I am truly adapting to NY running and that this new form of training has really improved my level of fitness.  I truly hope to network with both Smartwool and Technica which are great companies and I hope to be an athlete that will help forward their brands and allow for a higher level of growth that could allow to help to push these companies into being well-known by all people because not only do they make great products, but their company images are innovative and great I got in 84 minutes of running.   I am really great and  I look forward to the holidays and running back into Nashville, TN for the holidays. Bring on Percy Warner Park and Edwin Warner Park this holiday!  Tennessee hills here they come!

Friday December 21, 2012  --1st day of winter and the end of the world as we know it.  Ran in the rain/sleet/snow/slush up to the East Homer hills along Albany Road. It was a nice and peaceful run. Ran for 70 minutes and 10.5 miles.  I felt like I was in some End of the World Movie as the snow was in full effect as we were in a white-out.  I had just enough focus to look out ahead of myself as I trudged up-hill through the snow.  It was a relaxing run, as I kept running a relaxed pace with the slippery footing and enjoyed my first run in a real snowstorm. Though by the time I came back down from the hilltops, the snow was melting as the air temperature warmed a degree or two which seemed to be just enough to melt the snow.

Saturday--December 22----Blizzard Snow Run.---Ran 70 minutes out in white-out conditions out along SUNY Cortland campus.  It was so cold, windy you name it. I felt like I was in the arctic.  It was crazy. I broke trail the majority of the way until I made it to the school where plows were clearing up the sidewalks and roads.  It was a slow and tough run. Some sections my eyes burned from the 40mph gusts whipping freezing cold snow into my eyes.  

Monday, December 17, 2012

Limehollow Run!!!!

Today after work, I am going to head to Limehollow Nature Center to run some trails in the rain! Should be a blast I cannot wait for 12 Noon!

Had a nice day at work followed by an amazing run at Limehollow. What makes Limehollow so amazing is that there are so many trail connectors that you could run easily 30 miles of singletrack before you crossed the same trail over again.  I set out along the backside of Limehollow and ran out along the trails.  The damp weather did not stop me as I went up the hills and dales numerous times. Yes, at times, I flew through the woods with reckless abandon sometimes having to go off-trail and backtrack.  I ran the High Vista loop and another Oranged marked section that took me to sections I have not been to before.  I even ran a trail section that veered right off of a cliff.  I skidded down the cliff to the base and then ran the trail section back again.  I was having so much fun but realized that I had to head back to the car.  It was a nice 85 minute run say13 miles of effort. Not bad.  I will say that Limehollow is a wonderful facility here in Cortland, NY so check it out next time you would like to run trails.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Karhu--New Shoes!!!!

Just as I did my trail running boom post, Karhu has answered my prayers with an amazing trail runner that is flow racing flat gone trail and it looks and performs like a dream.

Saturday---- Dec 15----Today, I ran with Cortland High, Chris out along Page Green Road. We went up to the hills by Blodgett Mills then hit the loop along Pendleton Road. It was a nice cool afternoon as we had a nice time running and talking. We ran for 77 minutes about 11-12 miles and I ran about maybe a mile or two more. Overall, great for a long day at work.

Stunday--Dec 16--Run out along Homer and 281. It was a nice quiet Sunday on the roads. Got in an hour and a half of running for 14-15 miles.  Woke up early, chugged some water and was out the door. I will say that the weather today was pretty nasty. It was windy and cold with rainshowers that made my skin become bright pink.

Back to Karhu:

We have a new line of shoes and updates I cannot wait to try out and run countless miles in.  Here are the following new shoes:

Karhu Flow Light!!!!--Racing Flat of Legends at 8.0 ounces. This flat looks like to fits like a glove and performs like a racehorse.  This shoe is Karhu's go-to racing flat for 5k, half marathon and up to marathon.  Karhu uses its Fulcrum technology, the shoe will have a nice fluid transition from heel to toe, focusing on the mid-foot strike.  This shoe is light, nimble and its woven upper allows for a wonderful plush racer that is going to make many top athletes very happy!  A must-have shoe for your spring race schedule!

Karhu Flow3 Trainer--8.5 Ounces
This shoe builds on the Flow Light as a lightweight marathon racer and trainer that can handle the long miles, but is also light and supple enough for fast running.  The shoe also features the light woven upper which looks great and of course Karhu brings in the amazing color patterns.  The neon green and blue make it pop at the starting line as you will surely surprise the competition and yourself of how fast you can go.  This shoe has the ability to succeed in a race such as JFK 50 for those long ultras that require a supple road shoe but can handle sections of trail.  This shoe blends together a really soft overall feel with its memory foam heel collar and its soft tongue.  This shoe looks to be a great long-distance racer that can handle the demand of an ultra or can be used for that person who wants a light-weight flexible yet soft cushioned trainer.

Karhu Flow3 Trail!!!!--9 ounces
This shoe looks like a big-time winner and yes as a trail runner I am biased!  Following the Flow series of Karhu shoes, this trail shoe is no different, it is designed for fast performance.  The Fulcrum will provide a great forefoot-focused foot-strike making your running more efficient. I cannot wait to get my hands on this shoe to test it out!  I am even more excited to show everyone at the Cayuga 50 miler this June how Karhu rolls in the trail running segment. This shoe has Karhu's new woven upper which looks to be a winner: supportive, breathable, lightweight, soft, and durable. Around the body of the shoe, Karhu has implemented a water-resistant fabric (black) around the shoe to help aid in creek crossings, wet grass, snow, ice, or any form of moisture out on the trails that would try and enter the shoe. details this as a benefit of this shoe: "5. Essential visibility against angry Moose. "  
This shoe has it made!  Going to be  a great addition to their collection of shoes and I hope it will sway other trail runners to give Karhu a shot because you will not be disappointed.

Karhu Strong4--Stability at its Finest!-12 Ounces
This shoe has great levels of stability and is well-cushioned for those mild to moderate overpronators that need maximum cushioning and support in a light and fast shoe.  Karhu is great in that the fulcrum helps to aid in moving your foot from heel to toe-off nice and efficiently.  

Thank you Karhu for being an amazing sponsor and I look forward to running in this new line come the New Year of 2013--We are going to do great things!
Images from!  Check out the new line of shoes!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Trail Running Boom

Wednesday--December 12, 2012---I had a nice run out towards Lime Hollow and ran on the orange tractor trail. I went off the main trail a little bit and ended up in some brush. I pushed along the overgrown trail all the way to Limehollow road. I then got back onto the main trail and ran along. I felt nice and strong today and the sunshine really helped to brighten things up since we have had so much clouds and rain and snow shower type weather.  I ran really strong the whole way running low 6 minute pace.  My topic of thought today is sponsorship.  I have some support but I would love to see what other connections I can make.

Thursday---Off Day--Skaneateles with Ashlee---Perfect day! Ate food at the Blue Grill Bar and toured the shops. It was a day of walking on Sunshine!

Friday---Head-lamp run around town.  I dropped some movies off, a check for Acidotic Racing for our new snowshoe gear, and then set out towards Groton on 222.  Tons of traffic with all the students done with classes.  Ran nice and relaxed and logged 80 minutes and 22 seconds of running.  Did one slight climb otherwise the running was flat or rolling.  There was a lot of cars everywhere so I kept to the very far shoulder off of the road.

Trail running has been a sport that has grown dramatically in the last few years. There has become a real drive for professionalism and more and more road-runners are giving the trails a shot in the likes of running professional.  I have always loved the trails and that is a major reason why I am getting a graduate degree to manage such facilities.  I have had great support for my running through great partnerships with sponsors.  With the growth of professionalism and trail running as a mode of activity and competition, there are more and more companies investing in trail running design.  Companies are producing trail running-specific apparel (Pear Izumi), hydration systems (Ultraspire) new energy gels (CarBoom)  and trail running shoes (Scott, Mammut, Treksta, Technica, Dynafit).  All these companies had a start in some other form of sport but have now transitioned  into the market.

Here are some brand new companies in the trail running segment:

There shoes are similar to Hoka One in that a bigger stack height makes the shoe rugged and well cushioned for the long trail events.  I really like what Technica is doing with there shoes as they will not only be able to handle well on the rugged Finger Lakes Trail, but will succeed anywhere.  The shoes have nice light uppers and a rocker design to the shoe that works great going uphill and down.  I would love to get my hands on a pair and test them out soon especially on the trails this winter as a shoe that performs in winter can perform anytime of year.  Technica is all about a larger platform and really this shoe probably combines both elements from brands such as Karhu, Scott Sports and then the Hoka One build of the shoe which should make for an amazing combination.
Here is a link to their website:

Scott Sports:
Scott has always been a biking and Tri company similar to Pearl Izumi but has just recently burst onto the scene in the US with trail running. They have become a sponsor of big races, athletes such as Sage Canady and Joe Gray and are about to launch in 2013 a stellar line of shoes for the trail.  I have recently tested a road pair of Scott's and I think they are great.  Very similar to Karhu in their rocker geometric shape of the bottom of the shoe which enforces mid-foot strike just like Karhu's fulcrum technology. Scott makes some great shoes so look out for them. They also have amazing outdoor winter apparel that I have fallen in love with as I bought two 1/4 zip tops from them. Really nice internal fleece and strong polyester outside. Breathes well, keeps you warm, and has great colors. This company will continue to do well.

 This is a Swiss Alpine Brand that this Spring 2013, is launching a trail running line of shoes.
I have seen Mammut apparel for winter sports and it is top notch like the quality of North Face, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, ect.  I am very excited to find out that they will be debuting trail shoes to their alpine pursuits.  Mammut also has a cool logo- a wooly mammoth, who doesn't want to wear something with a mammoth on it! I do not know much about the technology except the shoes look light and have rugged outsoles which should make the shoe grip well on trail and snow.  

Lastly, One of my sponsors: Karhu!!!!!!
The Karhu Forward Trail!!!
Karhu is a Finnish running brand meaning "Bear"  Their logo of course is an awesome bear with a mountain-like whip through the body.  Karhu uses Fulcrum technology to help propel one from heel to forefoot. These shoes are amazing and for someone with a narrow foot, these shoes fit like a dream.  I have not had the chance to try the Karhu trail shoe but I would like Karhu to make a trail racer soon as this shoe is more of a trainer. The trail shoe of Karhu seems to be more like the Stable 2 which is a great light trainer but the fulcrum plate might end up with too much mud on the inside of the plate. The brand has a great partnership with Craft Sports and the apparel from these companies are amazing.  Check them out!

Thank you for the use of the images and I hope that this post will provide some better insight on new trail running lines of shoes.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's A Wonderful Run 5k---2nd place

This weekend I ran at Seneca Falls, NY on Saturday for a 4:40 pm 5k start time. It is the annual It's a Wonderful Life 5k, named from the classic movie where you start on the bridge where the movie is filmed.  I drove up early around 12:30 pm up to the Finger Lakes region as it was a nice easy 1 hour and 20 minute drive. I headed up along the hill and dell to Skaneateles, NY one of the fancy-est finger lake towns around. As I entered the town center, the place was humming with shoppers and people were being driven along on horse and buggy. It was big-time there. I felt like I was truly in Upstate New York village what I had imagined the state to primarily be like.  It was a great trip! I had the chance to see a really festive part of Upstate New York and the Finger Lakes region is amazing.  Auburn was really cool with its Bass Pro Shop and Seneca Falls was so festive and quaint.  I arrived around 2pm and then spent my time running around town taking photos that will be up later.  It is amazing that almost 3-4 thousand people showed up for a 5k. Definitely the largest 5k I have ever been apart of.  I had lunch at a nearby subway.  Then jogged around. I checked in at the Community Center then headed out into town and along the Erie Canal pathway along the river.  I was so excited to see such Christmas Spirit that I maybe jogged about 8 miles before the start time, maybe a reason for tightening up at the finish.

As the race began to grow, the excitement was there. I was determined to take first place. I really wanted that 100 dollar first place prize for Ashlee's gift. The Christmas lights were beginning to come alive as 4pm was here 40 more minutes.  I began to jog around in my race attire and then head to the starting line.  It was packed with people.  Near 4:40, I hoped to squeeze right at the front of the race but of course more knuckleheads kept on getting in the way so I was about 3 people deep, which was okay considering I got out fine and everyone's body-warmth was nice too.  The race gun went off and we were on our way.  The pace was fast from the gun as a pack of about 5 people were apparent. I tucked into the group and just relaxed.  I knew that this race would come down to a smart tactical kick.  We ran across the second bridge and then hit the mile marker. 4:51.  A very honest pace.  At this point, I was in the lead with the third place finisher. We worked together really well and I had a great amount of energy in my stride.  I was just striding along no problem.  Then I continued to push the pace.  It was really nice to see all of the Christmas lights of the town and the festive people along the route cheering and blasting Christmas music.  Back to the race. Myself and the eventual winner separated ourselves at the 2 mile marker. We crossed the line in 9:43 which equates to a 4:52 second mile.  I could tell the pace was wearing on the guy. At this point I made a move, a big one.  I looked to drop him.  He held on pretty well as he made a counter-move at 2.5 miles.  I thought ok, let me think you have me so I tucked behind him.  Once we hit the downtown, I knew about a minute of the race was left.  I was about maybe 2 seconds behind the lead Ohio guy and started kicking.  I caught him right into the downtown as we were stride for stride.  We were glaring at each other to see who had the most.  At this point I went to wide on the road and WHAM!!! My right thigh, slammed against a pedestrian crossing sign.  I tripped onto my hands and scattered along the road.  I exclaimed a mean word and looked up at the Ohio guy who was sprinting all-out looking back at what had happened.  I then bounced back up and then sprinted towards the finish. I ran about 15:24 for the 5k about 10-12 seconds behind the winner. I really wanted a win and felt I had run a sound race but second is not bad and losing to a 15:10 is fine with me.

I felt pretty sore already and just hung around the finishline then jogged to my car and back for the awards ceremony.  I won 50 dollars, a sweet vase, and a bottle of wine-not too bad for one day.  It was a nice effort and I know that 5k is not my most competitive event. Make it a trail race and then you have a different ball-game.  I then drove home to the lovely Christmas lights of all the towns I passed through earlier.  In the dark of the night, the lovely lights made the ride enjoyable.

Still Sore-  Dec 9----I have run 70 at nighttime on Sunday did a loop out on Page Green Road, then over through Blodgett Mills Road over down Pendleton Road and back home.  It was a serene experience to see Cortland all lit-up at nightime from such a high vista. Pretty cool.  Really makes the town look like a nice gem of a place.

Monday---Dec 10---Run of 80 minutes and 13 miles out through Homer up along Highway 11 towards Tully.  Ran to the lakes then headed back.  It was a warm damp day but luckily no rain during the run.  I am trying to get my body back to normal and I think sleep will make that work out!

Tues-Dec 11---Run out along 13 to Parks Road then to Mcgraw North.  Ran some nice uphills it was warmer without the breeze than colder on the way back. I ran about 81 minutes and 13.67 miles.  Felt really good going up and down considering I am tired from the stress of finishing up school and the lack of sleep.  No snow, maybe a dusting up at the higher elevations.

Here is a video of the race taken from the race website:

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

End of the Semester At Cortland-Looking Up

Winter Break is almost here as I write this I have one more paper to assemble then it is smooth sailing for a month or so of Winter Break!  I always love winter break. It is a time to spend with the family and to relax and rejuvenate.  I hope to find time to spend with family, friends, and my cats.  I hope to be able to run well and to see some snowfall so that I can begin my Snowshoe training. I hope snowshoe goes well this year. I also am optimistic for a great Spring Semester.

David Lane has an amazing photo of Cortland, NY
These are the types of view Ashlee and myself get to see each and every day.  Upstate NY is great for running as all those hills allow for you to get tons of climbing and descending training for mountain running. Plus, the views are awesome.

photo from:

Wednesday--Dec 5th---I ran out along Scenic Bike Route 11 south towards Marathon, NY. I turned off at south hill road and went up pretty high on a strong ascent then turned back around. I was able to log in about 14 miles and 82minutes of fun.  It was semi-raining and then transitioned into snow showers on the way back. A little cold like 30's with some windchill but nothing dangerous.  Overall, another solid training day. Getting some great hillwork in to beef up my skinny quads.

Thursday---Run up some sweet hills with Chris aka cortland thunder.  Ran a nice relaxed pace and enjoyed the nice cool winter run.  It was a great chill day and I am excited about the winter-time.  I hope to run well at the It's a wonderful life 5k this weekend.  I have put in the work and I think it is time to run fast! We hit the East Homer hills and it was a great time.