Sunday, February 6, 2011

Running to Moore! Well, Almost! And the MELTDOWN!

Total time 84 minutes 30 seconds

Total Mileage: 14.7

Today I went out on Porter Ave and was curious to see where this Belmar Golf Course is where I am applying for a job at and have an interview there on Wednesday morning.  I headed out the door by 4:00pm and really had a care-free run since everyone was getting ready for the Super Bowl.  I eventually made it to Hollywood Corner and Franklin Road then decided I did not have enough time to make it to the golf course. So, I turned back with my dog tail held between my legs.  My lungs felt stressed this run but  I think it may be because I was only able to manage about 70 miles for the week while normally I am around 80-95 miles.
Since surviving the snowstorm, all the roads are in an intense melt-down phase where everything is wet wet wet wet wet....WET!  Luckily, I wore my Reebok running jacket and some half tights that helped to keep me nice and dry and warm.  I am looking forward to this week of training and my possible future with  the Belmar Golf Club since that job seems based on the website pretty sweet and it pays well.  Anyway, it is time to relax and enjoy the Super Bowl!

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