Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Build-Up; Caumsett 50k!

I have been a busy guy traveling all over the eastern seaboard visiting running stores and managing to get some cool runs in wherever I may be.

I have been training for the Caumsett 50k which is almost a week from today and I look forward to seeing if I can crack 3 hours.

I am coming out of a flu bug that  I caught this past week and hope that I will be fully recovered come race day.

The strategy for next weekend's race will be to run smooth 6 minute miles for as long as I can through the first 2 hours then look to hammer the next 5-6 miles and then hold on. I am hoping that effort will get me a sub 3 hour finish which gives myself a chance to be selected for our World 50k team. This race has been a goal of mine ever since I was interested in ultra running about 4-5 years ago. I am super pumped to have the opportunity to race my heart out for a top time.

I had attempted such a crazy 50k feat looking to best Michael Wardian's Indoor Track 50k record and fell short with only a mile to go. The story is found below:

I learned a ton from my 50k attempt, about proper fueling, pacing, and listening to my body. Having a strong company like Nathan aboard, I know that I have a combination of solid hydration products coupled with my Boom Nutrition gels that I will be properly fueled and hydrated the whole race.

The new Mammut NA gear that we have coming out now is amazing from our solid apparel to footwear and I cannot wait to debut this gear this coming weekend!

The story of my training begins with a nice break after the Lookout Mountain 50 miler that I raced in December. I gradually began to ramp-up my mileage and had a solid training week the first week of February running the Cast-A-Shadow Snowshoe race in Rochester which in fact was turned into a trail run.

The race was a fun event where I was able to work a Nathan tent and had the chance to run the 6 hour footrace. I already had a solid week of training and new with 40 miles, that I would be right around 100 miles for the week with one more potential day of training.  I have yet to do some really specific training for Caumsett so I am hoping to wing it as far as pacing goes and hope for the best.