Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold as Ice

Total Time: 71 mins and 50 seconds
Approx Mileage: 10.5 miles

I took the run the reverse through the back streets leading to the development right across the street from Summit Lakes.  I call that development, the Oak Tree because it has all these street names with "oak" in the title.  The run was cold and the roads were slick with ice.  My run was primarily a skating fest as I kept my legs up high just so that I could push off the ice as best as I could.  Running through the Oak place was fun as the neighborhood is full of winding uphills and downhills and you can cater the development to how much you wish to run with all the side-streets.  The run did not feel fast but I was giving a pretty nice effort considering the conditions and all.

Then I ran across the street into Summit Lakes of COURSE!  But instead of doing my usual lake loop, I took a left and ran the other section of the development that does have a few hidden lakes but is winding and has a monster hill...Let me tell you again...A MONSTER HILL!  Anyway, once I was done with Summit Lakes, I turned back and headed the reverse through the Oak place and then shot by 7-Eleven just to see what the gas prices are at now since this store has the cheapest prices  I have seen in Norman. The big sign read, (2.89). I am thinking WOW gas is slowly creeping up and up. I think that means I need to be rich!  So the run went well considering I was so busy today with everything I skipped lunch and dinner until 9pm later that night. I need to get back into a nice pattern again.

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