Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TIme Sure Goes On By

Already we are a day away from May!  The summer is almost here and I cannot even believe it!

Tuesday April 30 run----Out along Highway 11 to the hills to Mcgraw.  I took Ridge Road up to South Hill Road which is all straight uphill.  I took it easy today in terms of my pace as I have put in a ton of quality efforts the last few days.  I ran about 72 minutes in total. It was a little chilly and windy this morning with temps in the 40's but soon warmed up to 50's.  School is winding down and I cannot wait for the Summer in Upstate New York. Normally, I slightly dread the heat in summer but New York is so mild that it is going to be lovely.  I hope to hike, see the Adirondacks, do a wine tour, race, relax, hang out with family and Ashlee, camp, everything and anything that involves sight-seeing and hanging outside. It is going to be a fun summer!

Wed---Ithaca/Binghamton store day. I woke up early in the morning and ran about 40 minutes then called to make sure I could get a spot for the Great Adirondack Trail run.  Then I headed to Ithaca to work a long 11 hour day.  We were able to get the Binghamton store a little more organized and hope to open in the next 2 weeks is the goal.

Thurs May 2----Nice 76 minute run up along the hills of Albany Road then looped back along 13 back home. THe sun was out and I was sweating it out pretty solid but I managed a nice solid pace in my Hokas and continued with periodic pace changes.  On some climbs I would sprint 85% effort until my body tired then I would slow the pace, then at other times up a slight climb I would start easy then work my way into a hill sprint.  On the downhills, I did the same.  Some downhills, I flew and others I jogged down fairly easily.  I feel that using the natural terrain to test the body is a great training system. Every run I change paces and focus on different elements.  I feel that this form of training allows for the body to adapt and grow in a variety of different ways. Why just run on the track or a flat road. Why not incorporate different efforts and obstacles to allow for the body to grow and when a race course involves tough challenges from technical terrain, heat, cold, steep pitches, fast competition, personal fatigue, how do you react?

Sunday, I will be racing the Tom B Trail race the 26k at Hammond Hill State Forest. I hope to roll to a course record and will be my first chance to race in my Mammut MTR apparel and equipment.  It will be a wonderful day weather-wise so I hope I can run nice and quick.  26k is an odd distance.  13k= 10k-6.2 miles + 3k which is almost 2 miles so each loop will be 8.2 miles. You multiply that by 2 and you have a 16 mile course which will be fun!

Friday,  May 3---Long day of work at the Finger Lakes Running Store.  I laced up the shoes and off I went out along 89 towards the falls.  I have just realized that the falls are like 10 miles away and with all the pollen out there,  I just could not muster a 20 miler today. I did make it past the Glenwood Pines Restaurant and though I had a pollen headache the majority of the run, I did feel a little better for running.  The climb up to Glenwood Pines is slow and gradual with lovely view of Cayuga Lake to the right and little waterfalls to the left.  The weather was so lovely as the sun was setting and the shade from the tree cover made it a perfect Finger Lakes kind of day.  I was able to run about 84 minutes but my pace was slow today.  I needed the rest in preparation for my first trail race of the year at Tom B. I hope to run a course record and to really get a smoking pace going.  My goal is to average around 5:40-6 minutes a mile through the technical trail course for the 26k so we will see what the day brings but I have it all mapped out in terms of my loop splits. If I can run my second 13k faster than my first 13k, I should be just fine. I do not know what competition will be at the race but often there is one other pretty solid racer that gives me a run for it.  It will be a great race and I look forward to testing out the Mammut gear.  The race should give me a good test of fitness leading up to the Cayuga Trails 50 where I am looking to be in peak performance.

Friday, April 26, 2013

My first run in Hoka One One

Friday April 26---Had an amazing run in my new Hoka Stinson Tarmacs. I felt like I was flying the whole time and a standard 80 minute run became a 2 hour run for a whopping total of 18-19 miles. I ran on some trails in Ithaca then somehow ended up by Cayuga Heights on the North side of town. Then I came back across near Cornell and headed to the car.  I cannot believe how easy this two hour run actually was. I had no leg fatigue and the cool feature about a Hoka shoe is that they are so soft and light and they really do provide a nice fast foot strike and gives me the ability to fly down hill. With the shoes, I was able to forget about how long I was out running and turned what would have been an 85 munute run into a 2 hour night  adventure. I was winding up and down the hilly roads with technical ease. I even took my Hokas out on some narly trail sections.  It was quite a time and the Hokas are a lot lighter than I imagined and functioned very well out and about on a variety of different surfaces.

Saturday April 27--- Run on the Ithaca Rec-Way----A very nice morning with cool temps but was gradually warming up.  I felt the fatigue from the other day's 2 hour run so I took it nice and easy. I was about 30 minutes in before my body felt like it was ready to go.  I diverting and ran some of the rooty singel-track deep in the woods and just had fun with it.  My fitness is feeling great and I hope to really make it in the big races this summer.  83 minute run for a total of 13 miles.

Sunday  April 28---90 minute run in the sun. Weather in the mid 60's and I decided to head out along Route 41 to 41a.  Once you hit 41a, the road meanders along a lush creek and passes through an amazing gorge with high cliffs in both directions.  I have really put some nice miles in this weekend with my almost 20 miler a 13 or so miler and then the 15 miler.  Today's run really solidified what my training has been like as of late as I just floated along the road while allowing for myself to just take in the sights and to just enjoy the experience.

Monday--April 29--78 minute run in my Hokas up along the hilly farm road sections of Page Green Road.  The wind was nuts and it made uphill running very difficult but I managed to float on clouds with my Hokas which was a ton of fun.  Every time I hit a nice downhill section, the shoes have the ability to just soak up the road which is amazing.  I am starting to acclimate to the Hoka high lift of the shoe though it has taken a little getting used to.  I hope to race this weekend at the Tom B run at Hammond Hill in Dryden.  I am looking for a chance to race in my MTR Mammut gear to give it a race  test before the Cayuga Trail 50.  So far in the last 5 days, my training has been amazing. With my new work schedule, I am able to get ample sleep, have time to spend with my lovely girlfriend, take care of house chores and of course tackle tough homework.  Things are looking up.  My training efforts have been coming together and all it will take is a smart executed race come June 8th and who knows what can happen.  I am fit and I feel that I have earned a place amongst the pros.  Is Sage Canaday going to be the man to beat come June 8th at the Cayuga Trails 50, of course but he has been on fire that it would be foolish not to pick him on top.  I just need to run my race.  I have learned the trails and that will surely play to my strengths. If the top group goes out to crazy, then I hope I will have the chance to reel some people in the last 20 miles.  The race begins beyond the 50k. Get out there and enjoy spring.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Training for Week of April 22nd

Monday---Nice run out at Limehollow--- 80 minutes through the snowmobile trails. The sun was out and though I felt a little tired but I managed a solid trail run through Limehollow Nature Center. My legs have seen better days but I am running with the hopes of recovering for the my first race May 4th at the Allegany Trail Run in Salamanca, NY.


Thank you for the amazing photos !!!!!

Great review and pictures of the new Mammut Trail Running Line:

The full line of MTR Mammut trail running shoes!!!!!!

The amazingly light MTR hydration pack. I have had the chance to wear the pack in a few efforts and I have never been into pack running but this 7 liter pack can carry so much and still is so light weight and comfortable. Mammut has done such a nice job here.  The pack has pockets for gels, water bottles, wind shells, you name it, this pack can get it done.

MTR 71 grip--could be a nice all-terrain training shoe for myself! Iguana tread!

MTR 71
Could this shoe have the potential of being a trail-road hybrid? I am going to test it out soon!

MTR 141!!!!
Love this shoe! The toe flex is so perfect. It allows for me to fly up any steep uphill section.

MTR 201--My current Racer!!!
Took it out on a muddy run and the grip is insane. This shoe has enough cushioning but is so versatile for every type of terrain as well as distance!

MTR 201 Dynemma--Might be my next racer for the Cayuga Trails and Beyond!

Tuesday---Woke up and went for a solid loop up along Blue Creek Road and then back through Homer to home base.  Ran about 75 minutes and with the sunshine and a nice cool 38 degree morning, I was able to get in some quality work.  

I have also just signed up for the Can-Lake 50 miler Oct 12, 2013 where I hope I can set a course record and solidify myself as one of the better ultra runners out there.  The course travels around Canandaigua Lake with nice hills and spectacular views of the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

April 24, 2013---Nice hilly run through Virgil NY. 82 minutes and about 14 miles

April 25--Light 55 minute shake-out run out along Lighthouse Hill Road then up the steep Ames Road hill.  The morning was nice and cool. I am working on finishing up my paper for my Environmental Policy paper which has been quite the project!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Funday

Today, after a long week of work and school, found time on Sunday to head out and run a solid 2 hour run up along the Virgil Mountain Loop at the trails up along Greek Peak and Kennedy State Forest.  The weather was cool and the multiple creek crossings were tough. I tested my new Mammut MTR 201 racers out for the run to help to break them in and in the fire-engine red, ended up caked in mud.  The run was extremely technical with a steep 2 mile climb up to the 2,089 foot Virgil Peak then through the trails up to the course of the Monster Trail Marathon run in September.  I ended up breaking trail numerous times as the white blazes were really hard to follow in many places. I noticed trees down in many sections that diverted me straight through straight mud.  It was a true challenge but I slogged through it.  I was greeted with beautiful views from Virgil Peak as well as some of the deep wooded sections.  I only came out of the run with a few scratches but the effort was solid today. In those sections that were almost impassable, I decided to take it easy. On the sections that were solid, I could get going pretty quick.  I was not able to make it to Rock Pile because the creek was way to high but I did get through the majority of the trail section in about 50 minutes which is a solid pace for just running the course.  On the way back, I took some of the hidden roads sectioned away in the state forest area and then meandered my way to the Greek Peak ski slopes on their cross-trails for maintenance.  I then bombed down a slope called Hercules then headed back for home.  I got in about 16-18 miles today. The mileage was not so intense but the course is so technical that anything fast would ultimately leave you mangled and injured.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beauty Sleep!!!!!!

We all love our beauty sleep. Lately, I have been craving ample sleep.  I say it is for my complexion but truthfully with the busy life I live, I guess I really need it!  I have been sleeping in a little more lately because of staying up late working on homework and housework that I have been running more in Ithaca than usual.  I have enjoyed my Ithaca night runs all along mysterious trails and up and down vast gorges.  I have put in some solid training as of late and even with a slight head-cold, I have felt pretty solid running up and down the various hills of Central New York.  I am excited about the summer full of racing, hiking, working at a new job and just exploring the Upstate New York as well as East Coast.  I hope to catch up on my sleep and to have the chance to run and train out there in some of the best weather I have ever experienced for spring and summer!  Mammut is doing a great job with their trail running line and their shoes continue to impress me.  I have never seen such a sound structure to a shoe as the MTR 141 that has the most flexible forefoot structure I have ever run in.  This shoe makes running up steep uphills feel like a  cake-walk.  You are just able to fly.  I am so excited to have been partnered with Mammut and enough with the rambling, time to get out the door and run!

The spring is here so get out there, run in the sun, rest up and get that beauty sleep. It is going to be a wonderful summer!

 April 17th---Ran on some great trails in Ithaca after work with my boss, Ian and it was so amazing to run on such a diverse network of trails that wind up and down through the woods and showcased watefalls, and gorges and jumping spots into a lake.  Overall time 64 minutes for about 10 miles.

This morning April 18, I went for a nice morning jaunt out along  Route 222 out towards Groton. The morning was nice and cool, perfect for a run. I felt a little sluggish from the other night's run so I took it easy on the flats and even picked up the pace a little towards the end.  Getting ready for some longer efforts this weekend!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy and the Day my Phone Died--April 15, 2013

On my way to work, my phone decided to universally reset to the point where it is long gone. There is nothing I can do to fix it according to a At&t guy I ran to today. With all of the craziness without a phone, the Boston Marathon had a crazy bomb event occur there.  My prayers are with everyone affected by this horrible turn of circumstances.  After work at 4, I headed home, then took my messed-up phone and ran to 77 club to see Ashlee to tell her why I had been MIA with my phone. The warmth is here and felt nice as I was out and around town. I ran to the At&T store only to find my phone is junk and should be thrown out.  I then proceeded to head out along Bike Route 11 over the overpass to East River Road.  I wore longsleeves because I did not know if we would have any chill in the air with the crazy wind and at times, the wind did make it chilly though the sunshine and the 60 degree weather made my long sleeves need to be tucked in.  I felt pretty solid today with some fast uptempo clips in 5:25 pace, then I would settle back into the low 6's.  I ran pretty quick and then headed for home.  My watch ran 72:34 which would equate to about 10-11 miles of work which was not bad one bit.  This week should be a nice week of training as I prepare for the Allegany 22k May 4th.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mammut Sports Gear Review Episode Number 1---Jackets and Midlayers

Once I came back from Snowshoe Nationals, I have been blessed with tons of Mammut apparel for the season.  I have had the chance in these weeks to train and test out the gear in a variety of weather, different terrains, and at different paces and efforts.  The results are in and you will be impressed with Mammut. They mean business and I cannot wait to showcase their apparel and trail shoes this spring and summer season.

Over the course of my training runs, I kept coming back to a very versatile, almost invisible light jacket that seemed to do it all, The MTR 201 Micro Jacket. This jacket is lightweight coming in at around 100 grams!!!   Just imagine wearing a jacket lighter than a tissue....Oh yeah this thing is crazy good!  
This jacket is loaded with features: 
  • Wind-protection jacket for cooler weather
  • As light as a feather and packs up wonderfully small
  • Extremely light, tear-resistant 10-denier micro-fabric
  • Breathable micro-layer fabric to support temperature regulation
  • Wind and shower-proof as a result of the long-lasting DWR treatment
  • Efficient underarm ventilation thanks to the very stretchy elastane mesh insert
  • Chest pocket with integrated multimedia cable opening
  • The entire jacket can be easily stowed in the chest pocket
  • Easily stowable finger gaiters for protection in cold weather
  • Reflective logos for visual safety
  • Distinctive line print
  • Adjustable hem
  • Athletic Fit
(Mammut website)

Check out these photos of the jacket:
Looking great in the green!

Almost thinner than air!

This jacket's polyamide material is unlike anything I have ever run in.  My jacket did encounter some rough branches on some of my trail runs through the Virgil Mountain wilderness and never tore or felt like it was flimsy.  When you have a jacket so light as this one, it often feels like it cannot support your use out of the jacket  but this one performs so well.  This jacket performs!!!  Not only does it feel great in cold weather, single digits one morning to damp cold rainy weather, to warmer windy weather (65 degrees), but this jacket sheds the wind incredibly well and can easily be packed away in a hydration pack or waistbelt when it is not needed. But trust me when I say you will love to need this jacket.  The jacket regulates your body temperature incredibly well and all it takes is one baselayer to really keep you warm in colder weather and maybe another shirt in really cold weather in the single digits and below zero.  I was impressed with its form and function as the chest pocket can hold keys, gloves, an iPhone, a place for gels and of course any other use you might find the pocket can serve.  I cannot praise everyone at Mammut for truly making such an innovative jacket.

The conclusion:  This superlight jacket is the toughest light weight jacket out there.  It blocks wind, regulates body temperature like a weatherized home, and looks super silky smooth and functional.

Rainy weather in Upstate New York---The weather has been wet and rainy and that gets my allergies going as I am allergic to mold. SO, that cold damp weather gets me pretty good.  My training has been going really well.  I have been able to run hills with ease, run at a great running clip, and just recover well so that I can get after it the next day.  I have had such a busy schedule with work and school that it has been hard to balance everything but my running has given me that balance. I get out the door and am able to clear my head and to immerse myself in nature; whether it be in the woods, on the high-hills with dairy cows, or within the town streets, I have been able to find that solitude and have been able to really feel strong in all of my runs which I have not felt in a little while.  I know I am feeling fit when I can just maintain my decent pace up some of the steep climbs around Cortland instead of suffering from some rough patches. Remember that Cortland may not have insane vertical, but the hills around town or nestled on long and winding roads that make you feel as if you have made it to the top of the world.  This Sunday, I plan on another great trail run up in the Virgil Mountain wilderness up by Greek Peak Ski Resort.  I will test out some more Mammut gear on some rugged trails!  I am very excited about the training and my lovely girlfriend , Ashlee just received her acceptance to SUNY Cortland! She has worked so hard with school and I am so very happy she has reached the stars!

If you have not already, BUY SOME MAMMUT GEAR!  It is the most comfortable, functional, and durable gear for outdoor outfitters period!  Check them out:

MTR 141 Air Jacket

First Impressions: This jacket is light as can be and still has the ability to provide great wind-blocking properties as well as regulate body temperature extremely well. Your cool weather jacket for crisp spring mornings into the first chills of winter. This jacket is butter soft and has no crinkle sound as it acts like a really really soft shell.  The taper of the jacket fits so nice: it is not loose nor too tight.  There is great stretch in the fabric and I truly love the way the jacket feels as well as how it just keeps you nice and cozy.  The most amazing feature of any of Mammut's trail running jackets are that they have great function and use and can easily be packed or stowed away without having the issue of weight come into play.  They also somehow just regulate body temperature in any weather condition with such precision that it is some goood stuff!

If you are looking for a nice jacket that feels like you are wearing a feather, the air jacket from Mammut needs to be an item in your running arsenal!

SUnday April 14---Nice 76 minute run out in Hoxie Gorge State Forest--Ran nice and relaxed. I enjoyed the nice morning through technical Finger Lakes terrain.

Check out the video to a race I am going to do...the Can 50 miler! Let's see if I can run a course record!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warming up sometime soon????

The weather has made a turn for the worse with cold windy days though this week of April, there should be a gradual warm-up. The sun has been shinning through for once which is a nice change of pace. I look forward to the warmer weather and getting ready for the summer racing season.

Ithaca NY run--Out to Cayuga Medical. I did a nice night run as the sun was setting as I headed uphill. I ran through a neighborhood before diverting onto the busier 2 lane road where Cayuga Medical Center was located. I had wonderful views of Cayuga Lake way on top of a ridge line and ran through the vast labyrinth of the medical center's parking.  I encountered an amazing waterfall on the side of the busy road which was quite a sight to see. Once darkness fully hit, I headed back sprinting downhill straight into the downtown.  Ithaca is one of those places that is not huge by any means but has so many hidden places to run that I know I will never find all of them.  74 minutes and 11.45 miles in and a nice workout where my legs felt fresh and ready to go!

Thursday April 4, 2013---Run in the sun with my highschool Cortland buddy Chris.  We ran a simple loop out through Homer then to the Tully Lakes and then back. A solid 10-11 miles plus my 1 mile jaunt there and back which equates to a solid 12-13 miles for the day. The lovely mid-40 degree weather plus the sun made it feel amazing.  It was so nice outside and I was able to really get after it on my mile run back.  My body is feeling well-rested and fit and I am truly ready to run fast in a month.  So far so good!

Friday after work as the sun was setting, I headed out along route 366 towards Varna.  Ian had told me of a spot to head to that had a trail system to it.  I crossed into the Cornell Arboretum section which had a nice gravel path that winded up and down along the little ponds and lakes.  I hit a very sweet trail system as the darkness was starting to hit. The trail was much smoother than the standard rugged rooty Cortland trail. With my Mammut Trail headlamp lighting the way, I flew through the single-track and ended up along the small hamlet of Varna.  I ran out on Forest drive out in the woods.  Forest Drive is actually a kind of scary road at night, as the calm of the woods makes you feel like you are lost on this long road in the woods, just you and the silence of the night.  I kept trucking it to the first bridge into the back-side of the Cornell campus.  I found some amazing trail sections lit at night right along Cornell and it was great to see such a blend of campus and woodsy trail system come together.  I hit many hills, ran fast and then headed back through all the crazy party scene that is the Collegetown campus on Friday night.  I made it back to the car and was done. 80 minutes and 12.5 miles or so. I had a spurt of some fast 5:40s and finished downhill which can make those times seem even quicker.

Saturday---April 6th---Run out along Buttermilk Falls State park on the Treman Lake trail. I woke up early and headed out to Ithaca.  I parked my car at the usual spot on Giles street and headed up South Hill towards Buttermilk.  I ran nice and relaxed as the cool morning air was being warmed up by the warm sun.  I must say that it is wonderful having the sun around.  I entered the park along the trails by Treman Lake.  I entered the main park road as the morning was nice and crisp.  I saw a few people walking their dogs and proceeded on a grand adventure.  The rush of the waterways was pure "Ithaca".  It was such a therapeutic experience.  I settled into a nice pace and then saw the falls. They cascaded like something grandiose  and powerful. The rush of the water was deafening and  I stopped at the top only to find a "WARNING--Trail closed due to unstable footing" at the top blocking the entrance to the falls.  I then caught a trail that was at the top of the trail and ran up the rooty and steep hills of the park.  I envisioned myself running the Cayuga Trails 50 with Mackey, McDougal and Sage.  I know my training as of late has me feeling stronger than ever and I truly feel like I can run with the best because I have earned that right as being one of the best. I just have not raced against such top competition to prove my worth yet.  This race will be as such.  I flew through the trails like a wild panther as people walking their pets looked at me in awe that such a kid could fly through such rugged terrain with such flow.  It was a great long run of 90 minutes.  I looped the run through the Gorge Trail and then up on the ridge near Home Depot and shot down the hill-side back onto 13 then back to the car.

Google Image picture of the Falls

Picture of the bridge--Google image

Sunday---Windy hill run up into Mcgraw and back through more high hills.  86 minutes

Monday---More hills out along East River Road then up along Ames Road with more hills. Ran really strong and solid today. I also felt really good. Energy levels were solid and the warm weather is finally here.  50's, 60's are here and they feel great! The sun is shining and the weather is great for spring running!  Really looking forward to the rest of the week!

Check out the link on Mammut's new trail line!


Link to video coverage of the Syracuse Half Marathon---I am the guy in the bright yellow!