Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I am very excited to join Patagonia as a team member and I am very excited to join their test team and help showcase a true outdoor pioneer in sustainable business and a great new model for ultra and trail running.  It is a dream come true and I would truly like to thank the Patagonia crew for making this happen!  You are a great group and I hope I can bring great honor to the company.

For times like these, it is time to RUN!!!!

Here is a sweet video from Patagonia


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Running In Princeton, NJ

I have began to prepare myself for a nice summer of working, running, and having fun.  I have done many various runs through all of Princeton at all the various distances.  I am excited to better myself to try and run some competitive races and hopefully place well and show the world what I am made of.  I hope that Ashlee really enjoys the summer as there is going to be tons and tons of fun things we can do.

Some fun trips might include broadway, NYC, the Jersey Shore, camping in the Pinebarrens, kayaking down lake Carnegie and much much more.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

From Oklahoma to Cortland to Princeton New Jersey Back to Cortland NY!

Here is a great photo from the Oklahoma City Marathon probably around the 3 mile mark.

It has been an amazing trip and yes a lot of money has been spent but it has been in great fashion.  We drove a U-Haul all the way to New Jersey from Oklahoma to fly back to Oklahoma then to drive both of our cars across the country over to Cortland, New York then back to Princeton, NJ all in a matter of 3 weeks.  It has been quite an extensive trip but it has been something Ashlee and myself will never forget.

Now that we are settled, it is time to get into summer mode and get back to working and a more regimented form of training and racing! I am excited to run the various races that New Jersey offers this summer.

THis will be my tentative race plan this summer in NEw JErsey and for the fall in NY

June 2nd--PRINCETON REUNION 5K--West Windsor Fields--- 8:30am---Ran 16:31

June 10th--Sunday---THE COLLEGE AVE MILE---Rutgers University 11:10-11:25 am--- 4:28

June 16th--Saturday--George Sheehan 5k Elite Gala in Redbank, NJ--8:30am--Prize $---

*****I will Not Race but rather Train and rest for my next series of races.

June 26--- ETS Firecracker 5k--Princeton--- Tuesday--- 7:30pm

July 8th-- Sunday---Loon Mountain Race, Lincoln New Hampshire --- 9 am

July 14th---Belmar 5--Belmar Nj--- PRIZE $

July 28-- Belmar Chase 5k--Belmar, NJ 8:30am

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Killer Cavanal 5 mile uphill Killer!!!

Trust me when I say that Cavanal Hill, the "World's highest hill" is nothing shy of being a killer climb. Have you ever imagined trying to ascent a sheer vertical that turns your legs into mush while you try to push up the 4 more miles of hill?  Well, in my slow build-up from the OKC marathon, I thought Cavanal hill would be the perfect last Oklahoma race for me plus I really wanted to see Poteau, where Ashlee went to school.  Ashlee and me had the awesome chance to stay at the brand new HOliday Inn Express, we dinned at a really nice Italian restaurant, gazed at the awesome Carl Albert State College campus where Ashlee went to school, and we sipped on the best strawberry smoothies at the Coffee Cup. Trust me, those smoothies were SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!  This weekend in Poteau was a dream come true.  We had sooo much fun and it was the best thing since sliced bread to have Ashlee's family up at the hill with me along with Ashlee which made for a star-studded posse.  To describe the race in one word, it would be "KILLER".  This race is like a mini MountWashington Road Race which is saying something as I began the race at a fast clip say 5:30 to only come up the hill at say a 6:50-7:15 minute average.  I almost missed the turn for the hill after the first mile but caught back on track and pushed my already taxed quads up the hill as the mist began to shroud me.  I will admit, I was not ready for the race in many respects but a 37:23 win is great for my first time and makes me hungry for more.  The road was steep and windy and it really tested my strength both physically and mentally. I am soooo thankful to have Ashlee and her family by my side on this ocassion as we made it to the top of the world's highest hill...together!!!!  Words cannot express the day and it makes me refocused for the summer! 

Here is a link from the race

Here are some awesome photos from the family!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

OKC Marathon!!! 2012

The Oklahoma City Marathon was the best experience of my running career to date.  I placed 2nd in a time of 2:36:24.

Ashlee and myself have been moving all of our belongings to New Jersey for the summer and it has been hard to update my blog but very soon I will keep everyone in the loop. After the marathon I have taken 3 days off as we traveled across the country and now after a few runs in New Jersey, I am excited about the road ahead.

Here are some photos from the big day!
Thanks to everyone for the great support team...without you, I would not be where I am today. Thank you!