Monday, September 11, 2017

Pine Creek Challenge 100 Mile Attempt. 80 miles finished by 20 miles short. DNF

The Pine Creek Challenge is one incredible race! I came into it as my first 100 miler and was greatly humbled by how the littlest of things can greatly impact your race.
I survived 80ish miles before having to tap out and DNF. I had severe muscle tightness in my quads as early as around mile 15 but thought nothing of it. It was until mile 62 that I could hardly run and was plagued with pretty intense muscle spasms. Nothing improved the situation: massages, salt, food, Hydration. I managed a shuffle up until mile 74 where I think I pulled a hamstring or muscle near there. Then even walking was almost impossible.
I was saved by a kind and generous woman on a bike that went to get help and then proceeded to push me on her bike to get closer to the next aid station with the help of my wife Ashlee Prewitt Crosby and my father who found me out on the trail.
I have left this experience extremely grateful for everyone that has shown true compassion for me. My Best lesson to share with you is to give that compassion back each and every day! You never know when that one kind act could change the life of someone for the best forever!
This race effort was dedicated to my cousin, Addison Haury who has been recovering from a near death car accident and my Best man,
Grant Offenburger who has had his fair share of adversity and challenges. Both of them inspire me.
Thank you to the RD, volunteers, the various people I met out along the trail for your encouragement and help.
Thank you to my crew and family of my Father and my Superstar wife, Ashlee! Thank you to the various companies that support such adventures like this: Janji NATHAN FITS Sock Co. Red Newt Racing Mountain Peak Fitness Boom Ambassador Redfeather Snowshoes Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Company Confluence Running McDavid USA
I have now learned that to run 100 miles is a long way but it can be done. Run with heart and compassion with each and every step and with a little luck too, you can get to that finish line. I will be back at it again but I think a 50 miler or 100k sounds more like my type of race for now. Keep truckin!

All the Race Gear for 100 miles

Feeling Ready to go!

Beautiful views

Sunday, June 25, 2017

2017 Cayuga Trails 50 Mile: A Series of 5ths. Running on Full!

It is amazing how on some days, things just come together. We can put all of the pressure on ourselves to meet expectations, or we can just be free and truly live in the moment.  My 2017 Cayuga Trails 50 mile race was just me running to run, to finally beat-down a course that has beat me every time I have given it a go. On this one day out of the year, on the 5th time, I overcame all my demons and ended up with my best day yet. This is my story...

To give you a more general idea of my journey up to this point. Here is a quick recap of the past 4 years of Cayuga Trails.

Year 1-(What was I doing? And ankle sprain):

Year 2-(Ouch Tom B broken ankle into survival):

Year 3 (Let's talk about stress baby):

Year 4 (Fruit is good, fruit peels are bad):

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Herald of Victory Toga Marathon: WR for fastest Marathon in a Toga!

So how do you end up running a Marathon in a Toga?

Great question you ask...

Here is the story...

Start the Year Tough: World Snowshoe Championships and Breakneck Point Trail Marathon

Let us start talking about how the World Snowshoe Championships went.

I was excited for the race in that for the first time it would be held in the US.
Location: Saranac Lake, NY

I was not able to get a ton of time on snowshoes before the race (maybe 2 runs) but felt confident in my snowshoe running ability.

The World Championship course was expected to have record snow. Little did they know, that the week leading into the race, the 6 feet of snow base they had melted to the point where the race almost did not go on.

Now enter the World Championship Snowshoe race as more of a Tough Mudder than anything else.

Race temps were near 60! That's right 60 degrees.

I had a great family support with my delectable wife, Ashlee and my wonderful Father along for the ride. I also had my really cool Redfeather ColeVapor Snowshoes that have my name etched into them.


We were able to have some fun in the Lake Placid area before and even after the race. We went to many of the cute Adirondack shops and was able to get a true Authentic Adirondack Winter Experience.

The race though  was my worst executed snowshoe race of my career. The course was reduced to an 8k and volunteers shoveled what little snow they had around the clock just so the series of races could even go on.

My hats are off to the incredible volunteers, the town of Saranac Lake and US Snowshoe Director, Mark Elmore for putting everything together.

Fast mountain and ultra runners such as Zach Miller and Joe Gray were toeing the line and my hope was to place in the top 15 and maybe even the top 10.

I made the mistake of getting boxed-in at the start as the course funneled runners through a very narrow track. I almost tripped and went to about 50th place. Looking back at the run, I should had remained relaxed and gradually worked my way through the crowd. But instead, I wasted more than my fair share of precious energy to surge back into the top 10 places. I was running through deep mud off of the icy trail path. With each step, mud was being kicked-up and kept hitting rutted-out sections more reminiscent of a potholed road.  I hit hard paces around 6-7 minutes a mile to catch-up.

I soon linked-up with Jared Burdick, a teammate of MPF/RNR and we kept pace together.  I then began to make a move. By the end of the first loop, I was feeling gassed. I tried to hammer the next uphill section but could not. The mud, ruts, and panic of being farther back wore on me. I felt that with ever step, my legs felt like lead, especially my right foot. Jared soon passed me as well as many others.

I laughed after falling face-first into a mud section that have virtual rivers on the once icy trail. I thought to myself, "This is not a Snowshoe race!". I brought it home and finished in 25th place in 34 minutes. I was off from my goal of 15th place and under but I was happy to be in one piece.

As I headed to the car, I later found that I had lost a tailpiece from my awesome Colevapor Snowshoes by Redfeather. I took the shoe out of the bag and chunky mud came right out of the shoe. It turned out that I was running with what felt like a 50 lb weight on my right foot.

This still with a bad race was a great weekend. Teammates: Jared ran to 13th place and Matt Lipsey ran to a stellar 8th place.

To conclude the weekend. All of the power in Lake Placid went out and its was sheer pandemonium in our hotel. We were hit with 8 inches of fresh snow and ice overnight and as the whole town shut down, the only place available for food was at the hotel. It felt like the end of the world but nothing that a few post-race adult beverages couldn't solve.

The next morning we dug out and adopted two adorable dogs: Ozzy and Daisy!  A true adventure that I will never forget.

Team MPF/RNR post World Champ Snowshoe Race. Credits: Ashlee Prewitt Crosby

Breakneck Point Trail Run: Marathon

I finally mustered enough courage to give this race a shot. I had run some of the trails through here and was truly amazed with how unique and challenging they were. This would be a solid rust-buster of a race for me to kick-off my schedule.

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016: Year in Review

The year of 2016 was a busy, but wonderful year.  I have traveled a bunch, running in some cool places. I have also had the chance to race a decent amount with some decent finishes. I am eager to take the lessons that I have learned into the new year. I also was able to tie the knot with the love of my life, Ashlee which was the most incredible moment of my life.

Some Highlights of the year:

1. Got married!!!
2. Ran in all kinds of cool places
3. Have an awesome job
4. Have made so many new friends
5. I am in good health
6. Nothing to complain about only happy memories of the year.

With my job at Nathan, I have traveled as far west as California for work trip and as far south as Texas and Florida. It has been such a wild time. I am looking forward to a fun 2017 with the company. Here is my photo montage of the year as the Nathan Eastern Region Tech Rep:

Ragnar with the Salomon Crew. Photo Credits: Cole C.

Nathan at USB Sales Conference. Photo Creds: Dan Suher

Ragnar events. Photo Cred: Cole C.

Weekend getaway with Ashlee at Letchworth State Park. Photo Credits: Ashlee Prewitt Crosby

Demo with Finger Lakes Run Co and Robert K. Photo Credits: Cole C.

Demo run in Asheville, NC. Photo Credits: Andrew Snow

The Perfect Oklahoma Wedding. Photo Credits: Bailey Salisbury.

Demo in Hotlanta. Photo Credits: Cole C.

Fun DC Demo run with Fire Up Your Run night and Johnathan. Photo Credits: Cole C.
Fall Running in Princeton, NJ. Photo Credits Cole C.

Christmas long run. Photo Credits: Cole C.

For my races in 2016: I ran 6 Key races/events and here is how they went:

Febuary I ran the Cast-A-Shadow race which is usually a snowshoe race but instead was a 6 hour muddy trail run.

I placed 1st running about 42 miles in the 6 hours.

Running strong. Photo Credits: Ron Herkins JR.

March: Caumsett 50k: 7th place
Then I raced the Caumsett 50k, a USATF 50k road championship. I placed 7th in a PR run of 3:11 which I was happy with due to no specific speedwork in training and some nutrition issues during the race.

Running with the Pack and friend, Eric Senseman. Photo Credits: Charles Crosby

April: Hyner View Challenge  3rd Place.

A Race where I had no expectations as I had not gotten any elevation training in months, the effort paid off. I ran with Mike Daigeaun and Adam Russel and helped push the pace to all three of us besting the old course record. Quite a day. And it was a blast hanging with the Nathan crew.

1st big climb. Photo Credits: Momentum Photography.
Chasing the leaders at the first climb. Photo Credits: Mark Lengel

June: Cayuga Trails 50 mile: US Trail Champs DNF
DNF at mile 28. Puking my guts out. I came into this race primed and fit. I left it broken after having pre-race nutrition mis-cues. No whole fruit with the skins EVER AGAIN! It was great to see so many great performances even with the heat.

3 cool dudes. Photo Credits: Lauren Ashley.

September: I Run For Half Marathon and Marathon : 1st in 2:38
This race I used as training for Tussey Mountainback but it went as well as it could have gone with me bonking pretty hard at mile 18 but great effort given the hills.
Myself with Anne. Photo Credits:

October: Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile/USATF 50 mile road champs: 3rd place in 6:22
This race for me I had a solid training block for it but was a physical and mental wreck come race day and fell apart at mile 21. The hardest I have ever fought in a race to come out holding on to third place was by far the race of the year for me.

Last long run before Tussey. Photo Credit: Cole C.
Tussey Pre-race gear. Photo Credits: Cole C.

SO what does that mean for 2017 you ask? Well, I hope to mix things up. I feel more comfortable in my current job with Nathan and will be looking to add some great races to the mix.

Here are a list of goals and races I on my radar to run in 2017:

Some Snowshoe Races: This would include the World Champs in Saranac Lake, NY and National Champs at Bend, Oregon.

Setting some FKTs around some of the larger Finger Lakes: Cayuga, Seneca, Keuka etc.

Syracuse Half-Marathon

Hyner View Challenge 25k

Breakneck 42k

Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon

UROC 100k in Virginia or Dirty German 50 mile

Ontario Summit Trail Marathon

Herald of Victory Marathon: Guinness World Record for Marathon in Toga

Maybe Cayuga Trails 50

Finger Lakes 50 Mile

Twisted Branch 100k

Fall 100 miler or 100k

Tesla Hertz 100k or 100 mile

Stonemill 50

Hellgate 100k

I want to thank everyone who has been with me this incredible journey in 2016.

Thank you to my lovely Wife, Ashlee.

Thank you to my friends, family and the whole team at Nathan and USB!

Thank you to my sponsors who have helped me become the person I am today:

Mammut North America: for being with me every step of the way with the best shoes, apparel, and gear in the industry.

Nathan for being not only my employer but also with aiding me with the best in hydration, visibility, gear and runner's care essentials.

Team RNRMPF for allowing me to be on a roster with some of the best and most kindhearted trails runners in the East.

Boom Nutrition for helping to fuel me with the all-natural fruit power of Boom gels.

Fits Socks for making the best merino wool socks that fit better than a glove.

Redfeather snowshoes for the ColeVapor shoe and the best in snowshoes.

Karhu NA for great road shoes for all of my ultra training and road running exploits.

Craft NA for the best baselayers, running tights and winter gear.

Here is to what has been an incredible 2016 and I will raise a glass to 2017. Time to make some dreams and turn them into reality!



Monday, November 21, 2016

Tussey Mountainback 2016 USA Champs 3rd Place: When All Else Fails, Run with Heart

The Tussey Mountainback 50 mile has been my true ultimate goal for 2016. It was netted as a USA Championship 50 mile road event which helped to grow its appeal for some fast competition. I also left this event two years ago with a 3rd place in 6:16 running an incredible race with pneumonia until my body gave way at mile 40. I entered this race looking for redemption.

Training leading up to the race was going pretty well. With a weekly average of 77.5 miles a week up from 71 earlier in the year, I was very pleased with my increase in weekly volume. I was also able to get more quality workouts in with steady climbing and descending; the type of running needed to excel at Tussey.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Run For Marathon: Training For Tussey

This was a fun race and a great opportunity. I had run the I Run For Half marathon two years ago and had a blast. I knew that with a course that featured 767 feet of climbing for the Half Marathon, that for a Marathon,  I was going to get a great training stimulus in for Tussey Mountainback.  

It was great to be able to run such a great local event after having an incredibly busy summer on the road as well as to run a race on September 11th.  The Seepersauds are an incredible down to earth family and it has been such a pleasure to know them and to run their race.

Weather for the race was mild in the 60's and rainy. This is decent weather but I knew that I would have to stay on-top of hydration and salts as the forecast was going to have temps get near 70. The race course is a quad out and back with 6.5 out and back twice. This would be beneficial to 1) Know the course well, 2) Help receive aid easily throughout  3) Help build some mental toughness of seeing the same scenery.

The race went out well from the start. I hit the first mile in 5:22 and knew that  I had to settle-in and get into marathon pace. I proceeded to run a very controlled and comfortable 5:50 average through the first 6.5 miles. The first 6.5 of the course climb gradually to the top of the course at the turn-around. Throughout the first quarter of the race, there are some long and short and steep climbs that can tax the legs. Going through the hills, my slowest mile was 6 minutes on the dot. Looking back at the pace, it was probably too aggressive given the course design. I was on pace for 2:31/2:32 (giving a potential slowing in the closing miles). Once I hit the turn-around, I began to relax and continue to ratchet the pace.

Let me also talk about the pacers: Having Jack and Kat out there on the support bikes was incredible. They kept me going an honest pace and helped to motivate me throughout! Thank you to both of you.

I went through the 13.1 mark feeling strong in around 75:55 on a fast pace through the course and even added about a half mile around the turn-around too. I switched out my Nathan Speedshot handheld and was off for the second 13.1. The weather was getting warmer with the sun coming out of the clouds. I started struggling at mile 18 as my 6 minute mile pace began to slip. I started running 6:04, then 6:11, then 6:20, followed by another 6:11. Near mile 20, my legs could not handle the effort anymore and the early miles really took a toll on me. I then pushed as hard as I could with lead legs for the final 6.2 miles.

My last few miles ranged from 6:30 and up to a 7:20 last mile. It was not pretty but I got to the finish line in one piece. I finished around 2:38:48 on my watch through the finish which had me a few minutes long. I finished the race in around 2:39.

For the future, I know not to run as if I am running a flat marathon for a hilly marathon. My pace out the gates was too hot for the course. Overall, I was pleased with how  I hung tough even when things started to crumble on me. This was great preparation for Tussey.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. Thank you to the volunteers and to the whole Binghamton community which is the best around!

There was so many great stories out there during the race. Many strong marathon finishes and great goals met out there! Nice work to all the runners!

Thank you to all of my sponsors who helped to get me outfitted and ready for the race:

Mammut North America
Fits Socks
Boom Nutrition
Redfeather Snowshoes
Karhu NA
Craft NA
Confluence Running
Finger Lakes Run Co

Coming into the Finish-Photo Credits: Jack Kuhn

Photo Credit: Jack Kuhn

Myself Hanging on. Photo Credit: Jack Kuhn

All my Race Gear: Mammut,Nathan, Karhu, MPFRNR, Fits Socks, Boom Nutrition

Having fun in the ADK. Photo Credit: Cole

Great Demo with Syracuse at Green Lakes. Photo Credit: Cole C.