Sunday, August 28, 2011

Member/Guest Not Running Much and The Calm to The Storm!

Sunday---83 mins---Nice run picked up the Tulsa 5k prize money

Friday----75 min run---Loving the slightly cooler evenings here in Heat capital of the USA!!!

Thurs--8 miles of walking and running at work for a 4am-9pm shift!

Work has been a big stress on me and Ashlee of late and I have decided that switching to a different job will be best for me.  I can no longer deal with certain aspects of that place and so I must move on. Just like running, it takes courage to get out the door and to keep moving but once you get that first initial step, you do not regret ever going off to run in the first place!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lake Thunderbird, Home Sweet Home

A standard view of Lake T-bird!

Lake Thunderbird is my bread and butter. This park is what solidified my decision in spending my collegiate years here in Norman, Oklahoma.  When I am out at Thunderbird, I feel this charge, this energy that is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. You could say there is something mystical about this place and to know it is man-made really shows are true ingenuity and worth to manufacture something truly worth-while.  I love the trees, the winding roads that crest into the sky, the water which is warm but is something Oklahoma needs to keep going if it ever rains here again and the mysticism of nature. This place is more than a park, it is an adventure, an experience of Oklahoma. The trails are awesome!!!  Nice sand or dirt single-track that winds up and down through the Oklahoma forest like you are riding some crazy roller-coaster ride.  I love it. I always tell people especially Ashlee that I have run at Lake Thunderbird today because a training run out there is more than just a run, it is an escape into a world where people and nature co-exist. Where you feel a connection with something higher than you there. Where oil or football is not the closest relationship you have with the land.  I  wish there was more Lake Thunderbirds out there. More little systems of Oasis(s) that provide all of us an escape from the rigors of daily life. I run because it provides me a system of balance that helps not only my mind but my body and spirit.  It is because of this activity that I can be cheerful or even saddened but I can tell everyone that I made great strides in improving my fitness and my longevity on this planet.  My family are great supporters of my running. Special shout-outs to my father Chuck and my lovely girlfriend Ashlee Prewitt for all the love and support you give me.  

Life is about those experiences that take your breath away and Lake Thunderbird does that for me. This place will always have a special spot in my heart.  Time to keep on running!

TO THE RUNNING::::::I was able to track 12 miles or 83 minutes of humid climbing out on the roads away from Thunderbird on 108th ave NE up towards Franklin Road.  Slow run because of the humidity and the climbing was tough but I managed to slog through it all and finish feeling accomplished as I did the ceremonial wade in the lake ritual which I partake in after every run out there. Cmon, why run at a lake and never dip your feet in the water? That is not fun! So I always manage to take a short dip in the Lake though I have to watch out for cat fish!

Running Bulletin: Brookhaven 5k--Norman Oklahoma---Prize Money to be won---Sept 3rd! Be there or be....Well in last place.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Mean Green Machine!!!

Running...It is something that never really gets much credit. Something that often is laughed at, people hate, people cringe at. But for my girlfriend, Ashlee, running is a lens...a lens into my mind-into my body and soul. I have never seen someone who never was a runner have such compassion for the sport as she does.  She cheers me on like it is a big OU football game ready to scream her lungs out. She laughs and cries, smiles and frowns, all for the glory I seek when I go and push myself to the limits. I love her and she is my inspiration for it all. When I feel like crap like tonight for instance, I think of her grace and love and it carries me miles and miles back home.  I never thought I could find someone who appreciates running the way she does. Thank you Ashlee! You win the Mean Green award for being such a great motivator.  

I have run well the past few days. Both night runs and both decent mileage of 10.5 and 10.  I am close to a nice average for the week and my baby is helping me stay  well fed and keeping my spirits up.  She really is something special and though I do not mention her much, she is always on my mind. She is like my lucky rabbit's foot; I may not always mention it but it is always there within me, helping me conquer great obstacles. You are my lucky charm Ashlee and for all the hard work I put into running, I want you to know that I would not be able to do it without your support. Thank you!

With Ashlee, I am already at the Summit! I have made it to the top and it is thanks to her spirit and strong will that gives me the strength to push when I am ready to give up! Thank you sweetheart!

Friday, August 19, 2011

106...It is Hot Out There--Mount Scott Preview

Now that I have finished work and I wait for the sun to crest over the horizon, I have my sights set on Mount Scott.  Mount Scott is the tallest peak in the state of Oklahoma and at one time had a 5k race up to the summit.  Though the race may not exist, I want to attempt to break the course record of 21:04 set by Gilbert Limo in 2006.  Mount Scott has an average grade of 7% which is half of Mount Washington and half the distance too.  The peak is 2,464 feet as according to Wikipedia and was around since the Dinosaurs.  This to me is like my Mount Washington, my Colorado Rockies. Yes, it is a small peak in retrospect but it is at least something and certainly a challenge.  Before I head East for graduate school, I have the goal in mind to do something like Kilian Jornet- ascent the mountain and then run down it as fast as possible to set a record of strength and endurance that a true Oklahoman would be proud of.

I wish the race still existed though it might in myth, I am going to run up this mountain and do so in 21:03 or faster.

More to come about tonight's run but I can tell you I am excited to document my journey to Scott. Thank you La Sportiva for the response to my email.  As you know  I am looking for sponsorship with a trail running brand and I am a potential future prospect with the team.  That to me is exciting and I look forward to continuing my running adventure maybe with La Sportiva and OK Runner.  Thank you Gus and company for all the help and support your store gives me plus we have a sweet LOGO which makes you feel cool and fast as you run by people!

Heat Run of 60 minutes! When the temperature is over 100 the run is pedestrian but it helps acclimate the body for extreme conditions.  The run felt great considering the heat and now it is time to celebrate my buddy Clayton's birthday!!!! Overall, a tough day but there is hope for nicer Oklahoma days.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freshman Move In Day? Car Accidents Out on East Lindsey Hills?

All I have to say is I am struggling right now.  This summer heat is driving me crazy as every run becomes a bout for survival. And to top things off, The sun decides "Hey lets mess with Cole by coming out of the clouds just as he runs so the temperature can instantly rise 10 more degrees but we will place 70% humidity as a factor too HAHAHAHAHAHA".  And Today I wanted to get in some hills since I do need as much vertical gain I can get around here in flat Oklahoma if I can have any chance against  the best mountain runners in the country.  Well I maybe crested 3 hills then a serious car accident between a minivan and a truck met almost head-on sending both people in the vehicle to the hospital in critical prayers are with them and their families.  So I spent a good chunk of time once I saw the collision making sure the people were okay as myself and another man pried these bloodied people out of their vehicles as I got covered in blood and I was wearing a nice white running top---(now in the washer). This incident was not the first time  I witnessed an accident running out on the hills of east Norman.  Today it was out on Alameda, last time it was out on Robinson.  All I have to say is what the heck.  I spent 45 minutes detailing what I saw then once I was free it was already 10 am and it had become hot!

Freshmen move-in day is today so I headed to campus to see if I could snag some free stuff. I was also in dire need of some water.  I get to campus and the place is a ZOO!  Parents and students and crazy Borat kids in man thongs go speeding by me.   I turned the run into a tempo as the campus loop was all in 5:30-5:50 pace. I was whizzing by people as my body glistened from all the sweat. Oh yeah, I also stopped by a bathroom on campus and smudged some of the blood off of my shirt so that it did not look like I was a mass murderer or something.  I really wanted a new laundry bag which they usually have at this event but no such luck. I looked at every kiosk but no go so I headed back disappointed.

(This is what both cars looked like after the crash--Pretty bad when your both going 65)

This fall is going to be busy for me...I have to take the GRE, Apply to graduate school programs, Forward my transcripts, get letters of recommendations, forward my resume, and give personal statements all while working 40-50 hours a week and training and racing hard so I can be sponsored by a rad company like La Sportiva if they ever respond to my requests.  There is so much going on and I am a little tired of all the craziness.  I just have to do my best and get things done and everything will work out.  I thought graduating would be a release from the rigors of work but it really never ends does it!

Day 1 run--Campus Loop/Canadian River ---76 minutes---12-13 miles

Day 2---Hills then Campus Loop To Law Library and back---13-14 miles

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Oklahoma Death Race

71:34---Pure pain---too hot---105 degrees---high humidity and climbing---Death!

To sum up my evening run the above equation tells the whole story. It was hot, the humidity was rising and my body was already depleted from working hard at Belmar golf club and for some reason, I was in a greater demand for water and fluids.  The run was slow and painful as my gut was doing 360s over and over again.  I had my hydration bottle that has Powerade in it though the essential fluids were not really helping me like usual. I struggled throughout the run and just was able to survive. I am very tired as I write this and I am grateful I survived the run.  Now I can rest up for tomorrow's morning run and workday.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sore Muscles--20 mile run hangover

After the strong 20 miler, I decided to go run for a nice 10.5 miles or so.  I ran around the University of Oklahoma campus and let me tell you school is right around the corner.  Students are out and about trying to learn the campus and figure out their bearings in a new environment.  It was fun to feel that  energy and to know that I do not have to worry about class for now as  I work on graduate school applications soon.   The run was nice and easy since my legs have been tight.  The highlight of the run was stepping into a huge mud puddle and coloring my bright yellow nikes into Brown piles of mush. I found a sprinkler and then vigorously cleansed those bad boys then headed back home.  I am excited about my races I will run this fall as I begin to reach a new level of fitness that can be refined and sharpened.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 Mile Sunday Action!!!!

Today was a sweet long run that took Scott and myself all the way into Noble, Oklahoma as we tracked many nice hills about 30 + of them over the course of the run to test the human condition. The run began at around 7:40 am and the heat was just beginning to hit us. The humidity was also up too.  Hydration was a key component to the run because of the conditions.  Amazingly enough, we were able to keep a nice pace throughout the run around the high to mid 6 minute range and even crack a 6:09 closing mile at the 20 mile mark.  The heat at the turn-around was starting to get to me though every water stop we made was like a slice of heaven. By mile 15, we were out of fluids and it was finishing time. My singlet and shorts were soaked from the water and sweat combination on my body.  On days like this I feel like a kenyan, going out on  the trails or roads running to your own limits to prepare for a big race months away.  Today was my Kenyan Day and today I honor Paul Tergat! This man is FASSSSST!  And when the temperature gets hot, you know this man is still out there pushing the limits.  Overall, amazing run with great pace and great aerobic effort. This run has set the tone for a great week of training.  Plus that 5k from yesterday sapped some bounce out of my calves but the new Lunar Glide + in bumble bee yellow are baller shoes that feel great from mile 1 to 20. I always find a way to pick out a shoe I know is going to work. Time to relax with the DR. Pepper Icy and rest on the couch. Sorry Mr. Tergat, we all need to be couch potatoes every once and a while.  Enjoy your Sunday Running World and do not forget to hit the trails!  The sooner the better!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tulsa Riverside 5000m 4th Place---15:31

Today was the Tulsa Riverside 5000m and the race had a great field.

This race I thought had a series of 2.5 laps but I was wrong.

The morning was nice with a temperature in the mid 70's but humid.  I knew going into the race that if I was in position with the leaders I could win.  From the gun, I was pacing the race with Kyle King a Tulsa running legend.  I just told myself to remain relaxed through the sharp 180 degree turns and to wait to make a move.  I spent the whole race waiting.....and waiting and waiting.  CMON! Make a move!  We were running around 4:50-5 min pace which felt very relaxed.  It was in the second lap that I thought the race had one more half lap to go. I saw something say 4k but it was a miss-print.  Whoops! I began to pick up the tempo and begin to enter my kicking phase. What I did not realize is that we had a whole other 1000m to go which was disappointing.  I felt like I had lost the battle mentally and then fell back behind Kyle King, David Chirchir and then Jerry Faulkner.  That is how the race played out. David Chirchir won the 500 dollar prize with Kyle King then Jerry then me. 15:31 was my overall time which the course runs a little slow with the sharp turns and the humidity. Otherwise, a great effort for me. My last 5k was in November of last year so I would say I ran pretty solid. I was able to score some money 100 dollars which is going into my bank account to buy groceries and other goodies.  It was a fun event and now I have regained my racing edge and I am hungry for more.  What other races are in store for me, I am certain to accept the challenge and gain new insight on running and myself.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thunderstorm Run, Time off and Race Weekend!

There is a bunch to write about and not enough time but hopefully when I get a spare moment I can recap.

I Ran at lake thunderbird today and it was so nice. 70's oh yeah!  I ran out at the lake and though it was humid, I kept a great pace throughout. I ran some hills and some trails and then finished in a glorious 75 minute run and 12 miles!!!!   For the week I am at a 11.6 mile average and my runs have been great!

I have gone running to view great thunderclouds and intense lightning which is something you would never see in New Jersey to running on the trails of Thunderbird to running with overcast skies which has not happened all summer.

I ran with Connor as well out along the OU stretch and out by Norman high school where we ran some strides to get our legs ready for the Riverside 5k.  60 minutes of work just enough to recover for a 14:30 performance on Saturday if my legs will allow me to.

 I have been rounding into shape and finally my racing schedule begins!!!  I have been so busy with work and graduate school applications that I have had just enough time to run, eat, sleep, work, and just finish chores.  I am so excited about this weekend and I look forward to running fast!

Next up I have the Do Wack a Do trail run in September that I will hope to set the 25k record and run around an hour and a half which would shatter the next best time of 2 hours and 14 minutes.

I may even look into trying to get an ascent/descent record up Mount Scott hopefully for a November effort while the temps begin to cool!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Run to Hastings! Recovery run of 11.4 miles.

The run was a typical run. Nothing too crazy just going out in the Oklahoma heat and dropping off a movie.  I ran from one side of town all the way to the other side then back again trekking the almost 6 mile one way trip.  Hastings is a pretty awesome store. They give you credit if you return your movies on time as most of the movies I rent from there cost me nothing to rent. I wish there was a store closer to where Ashlee and myself live but what can you do.  Anyway, I am getting too anxious to race as I sit on my computer looking up various races I could enter in.  I think it is the excitement of racing since Mount Washington was my last race and training at this point has been the same old.  It is hot and I would like to win some gift certificates or money or grocery coupons or something!  Grad school work is coming along as I send out those emails and GRE studying has commenced!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out on the Roads!!

1 hour and 26 minutes 58 seconds!   15.7 miles!  With this water bottle, I can go longer and longer! Today I ran hills off from Alameda and then 60th ave.  I looped up towards Tecumseh and then ran out towards 12th ave and then back home.  It was not as hot as it has been this morning but it was HUMID! I chugged the gatorade in my hydration bottle in the first 20 minutes of the run then I was in conserve mode and kept the last 8 ounces as a keep-sake.  I feel like my endurance is fantastic right now and I am itching to race and show what I am made of.

I am excited about becoming a real pro trail runner and the responsibilities that come with it.  Pretty soon I can apply for sponsorship with Inov 8, Montrail, La Sportiva and North Face to see if maybe I can get some financial backing or other deals.  I have run pretty fast times but I just need more wins and more race exposure. Trail running is growing and I am excited with the direction of the sport.  I would like to be apart of this growing trend and to help revolutionize the way people think about running and really how much fun and challenging it can be!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hell On Earth!

For the whole summer, Oklahoma has been at the epi-center for the hottest section in the whole country. No where else is as hot as this state. Las Vegas and Arizona have been cooler!  Today's run was great and my water bottle is so essential when it is almost 100 degrees by 9:30 am are you serious!!!!  I ran out to Noble through the downtown and back and was able to run 1 hour and 45 minutes!  I ran about 16-17 miles and my pace was strong as I set out to run at 7:30 am.  Here is a picture of Norman in the summertime, nice huh, well that was when there was rain. All that green has vanished as the earth begins to crack and water supplies continue to dwindle.  Water is going to become the next big commodity all across the world.  I am going to look into new pairs of shoes for my next stint of training.  I liked the Lunar Elites I have but the toebox seems to be a little snug. So I think the Lunarswift will provide me the same flex and light-weight support with a wider toe box. Let me tell you that lunar foam is awesome and in the Oklahoma heat, a breathable and light shoe is a must!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Beat That Heat!

It has been so hot around Oklahoma it makes me want to move in the worst way.  I wake up and run at 7 am and I am greeted by 80-85 degree temps right off the bat.  This sucks believe me.  I took a nice nap and then was able to go out and get some errands done in 107 degree heat. Yuk. Well at least if I want to run a Desert Race, I am well-equipped to do so.  Today I ran by OK runner and was able to get 1 hour and 30 mins of running in and yesterday began my week with a 45 min jog in the evening up by Summit Lakes.  The heat has been my main topic as of late  but anyone and everyone around the country knows what is up. It is hot so drink those fluids and take those rest breaks if at all possible, because it may just save your life.

I am starting to work on graduate school decisions and compiling all of my work for that.  I have a bright future and my running career I hope is going to take off soon.  My job at Belmar has been tough because of the heat and I am hoping I can grab some hours at OK runner to help me get away from the outside and to work somewhere that I do not feel insignificant at.