Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday's Run---XC--Snowstyle

On wednesday, I was brave enough to venture out into the snow! The wind chill was still there at around -3 to -10 degrees but the wind was not as blustery as it was the other day.  Kelly ran into me and we headed out to Summit Lakes.  I wore my trail/xc spikes and Kelly had like studs on her shoes so that we could grip the slippery ice-laden roads.  The run felt great as the wind was really not that bad and wearing my sub-zero running tights on the bottom and around 5-6 layers on top made me as snug as a rug, or is it bug?  ANyway, the run was great and I am excited about running today since the high will make it in the 20's!!!!

We ran a total of 6.1 miles at 8min pace but the footing was not ideal so it still was a nice workout!

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