I am a post-graduate student at SUNY Cortland in Outdoor Recreation Management and I am a professional trail/mountain runner and snowshoe runner. I currently work for Nathan Sports as their Eastern Region Tech Rep traveling the whole East educating staff, consumers, and other vendors of the incredible product of Essentials that Nathan continues to produce. Upstate New York is my home currently with my lovely fiancĂ©, Ashlee and our two cats: Nollie and Libbey.  Central New York has tons of great trails through the woods and tons of lakes, cool weather, snow and steep inclines not to mention great bike lanes, shoulders of the road and nice locals that keep me motivated.  I ran high school xc and track at South Brunswick in Central New Jersey than had the chance to run at the University of Oklahoma. From there I ran for a running store team in Norman, Oklahoma called OK Runner. From there, I met great friends and developed my ability into a top-notch performer.  I hope to continue my success in trails, mountains, and snowshoe as I look to be the very best in America and maybe the world.

I have my current sponsors: Nathan ,Redfeather Snowshoes, Boom Nutrition (Formerly Carboom), Fits Socks and Red Newt Racing/Mountain Peak Fitness.

Running has been a passion of mine from the very moments I could walk. I hope to be a positive influence for the ultra/trail/snowshoe running communities and hope to continue to influence people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

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