Monday, February 28, 2011

Starting the Week off right

Today's run was simple and nice!

1. Runs some hills
2. Enjoy the sun
3. Pick up the pace in the middle
4. Finish strong but tired and hungry
5. Fuel up

This run took me to Cedar Lane and I ran a small section of it that leads out towards Highway 9.  After I handled that route nicely, I cut into Eagle Cliff where there are all sorts of new homes being built.  I think  I am also going to document gas prices too. The cheapest gas in Norman can be found at four stations all slotted at $3.12 per gallon.  My run took me by one of those stations called Sinclair.  Eagle Cliff is a wonderful spacious development that is really nice to run through and it was funny to interrupt a pissed off woman yelling at here boyfriend to not get out of the car. He was so mad he just drove off. Great stuff though!  I really enjoyed the tranquility of today's run and I am looking forward to running another solid run.

I totaled 76 minutes and ran close to 11.7 miles today!

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