Monday, February 7, 2011

Nobility IN Noble

Total Time: 75 minutes and 22 seconds

Total mileage: approx 13 miles

Today's run was muddy and wet! With all the snow almost melted, the roads have become like babbling brooks.  I decided today to go a different route as  I headed on 24th towards Route 9. I went my usual way to Cedar Lane but instead of running on Cedar Lane out towards Lake Thunderbird, I made a cut right by The Links of Norman apartments.  From there I headed back out to Route 77/ Highway 9 that heads into downtown Noble. I have always run the back roads of Noble but never have I ever entered into the main downtown of Noble before. Running on the side of the road did not provide the best footing but I managed.  Then as I neared the crest of a hill, there was downtown Noble.  The banks, dollar stores, subways, pizza huts, automotive stores, this place had it all.  I ran through one section of the downtown then decided to head back.

This run was like when Christopher Columbus found America!  On today's run, I entered new uncharted territory and the satisfaction of discovering something new is always exciting and strengthens your thirst for adventure.  I am sad to say that there is another big snowstorm ready to sock Norman with all its got so my running this week may be altered a great deal like last week though I hope to run around the 80-90 mark for this week's training.

Remember,  Adventure awaits those who are brave enough to venture out of their comfort zone!

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