Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FART-LEK TIME!!!!!! Windy, Sore, But It Never Stops!

So I ran a fartlek today with pretty much 1 minute on and 1 minute off then 2 minutes on then 2 minutes off then 3 minutes on then 3 minutes off.  The first half of the run was into the wind so I kept my pace even.  I ran through at around 40 minutes out by Rock Creek Road.  Then The fartlek began.  I hit my pace gradual but would accelerate well into the last half of the hard reps.  I would say my pace was anywhere from 5:30-5 minutes depending on the hills and the wind.  The run felt great considering I am sore from bringing my mileage back to where I want it and from all this dancing of 3/4hr shifts!  The second half of the run had me cruising through at a nice clip and my easy portions were slow like around 7 mins to 7:20 a mile or so.  The good news was  I got the blood flowing and my legs moving which I have not done in a long time.

I think I ran around 11.5-12 miles today and ran about 74 minutes where the first half was at 38 and the second half was at 35 or so.  Now it is time to fuel up and head to class and then dance my socks off!  Happy Running everyone!

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