Monday, February 21, 2011

Running Away on Monday

That is what I felt like on my nice afternoon run today. I took 24th street North East as far as  I could go in 40 minutes. I made it past Franklin Road and almost to Indian Hill!    The weather started off cold today with a significant wind placing us in the 30's. But luckily, the sun has come out and warmed the temps into the middle 40's.  This past week has been a roller-coaster of affairs.

*I started my new job at the Belmar Golf Course which I think this job will work out.
* Went out thursday night with Frank, Marie, Nick and Ashlee to the Library Bar for a few hours
* Ran amazing mileage at 87 miles for this past week
* Was just able to finish all my homework readings and assignments on time
*I had a Test in my American Music Theatre Class
* I visited Ashlee's Father Larry and his wife Nancy in Anadarko, OK
*Went to Walmart numerous times
*Had Valentine's Day---Dinner and Lake Thunderbird at night
*Cringed at the gas prices going up
*Bought myself two new shirts for a grand total of 17 dollars
*And took Ashlee out on a date to the University Oklahoma theatre to watch "Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum" musical.

As you can see: my week was jammed-pack of things to do.

This week begins my rounding of my form as  I prepare for race season in March-August where I look to run blazing fast times. The run itself was nice and I ran at a fast pace effortlessly even with running into a strong head-wind.  Running the quiet and calm farm roads are always a blessing here in Norman.  The rolling hills help to build great strength and roads with no cars means a carefree run where you can just get going.  This week will be a fun week and  I think I am going to take it easy because last  week was crazy!

This week might be a time to relax, catch up on school work, train hard, work a little, maybe do a little shopping at the end of it all and maybe relax outdoors.

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