Monday, February 28, 2011

Starting the Week off right

Today's run was simple and nice!

1. Runs some hills
2. Enjoy the sun
3. Pick up the pace in the middle
4. Finish strong but tired and hungry
5. Fuel up

This run took me to Cedar Lane and I ran a small section of it that leads out towards Highway 9.  After I handled that route nicely, I cut into Eagle Cliff where there are all sorts of new homes being built.  I think  I am also going to document gas prices too. The cheapest gas in Norman can be found at four stations all slotted at $3.12 per gallon.  My run took me by one of those stations called Sinclair.  Eagle Cliff is a wonderful spacious development that is really nice to run through and it was funny to interrupt a pissed off woman yelling at here boyfriend to not get out of the car. He was so mad he just drove off. Great stuff though!  I really enjoyed the tranquility of today's run and I am looking forward to running another solid run.

I totaled 76 minutes and ran close to 11.7 miles today!

Sunday Doldrums!

Total Time Out: 73 minutes

Total Mileage: around 11.5

THis Sunday has been all about resting up and just simply relaxing!  I spent the majority of the day sleeping and then decided to run around 3:30pm.  The sun was out the weather felt like a hot spring day.  The temps hovered around 75 and it truly felt like the type of weather Oklahoma will see in the near future this spring season.  My run started out slow as I have been so physically and mentally drained from this past week.

My run took me yet again to The East Lindsey hills and  I made my way up those slight grades out to the cross-way and out to 72nd street.  Out of the million times  I have run out this way,  I still love this area for getting in a great workout. No matter which route you pick, the run is going to be challenging and fun.  The sun began to set as  I hit my turn-around point at around 36 minutes out.  It is truly amazing to run up on these roads here in Norman and to be able to be so high up that you can look out on the tree line of the area.  It was fun to see the local sheep dogs chasing after me for about 4 seconds before stopping knowing they would have their work cut out for them to try and catch up with me.  5 days remain before the Sooner 10k challenge!  I am going to train smart and prepare myself for a fast and fun debut 10k!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today's run was short and sweet but fast!  I call it the race simulation run.  I went out at night to Summit Lakes to run a standard 50 minute run.  I went out fast out the gates and hit the turn-around point in about 23 minutes which would average about 6 -6:10 a mile.  I wanted to hammer the second-half as fast as I could muster and so I just went for it.  I finished the run in 44 minutes and 54 seconds.  I split about 5:15 a mile for the last 5k so   I was pleased with the effort in the training shoes.  Tomorrow I hope to get a nice Sunday run in and I am looking forward to racing the Sooner 10k this upcoming weekend!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Dawn of Society!

Total Time: 82 minutes and 42 seconds

Total mileage: 14.3 miles

Today has been  a roller-coaster of emotion for me!  I began the day bright an early at 6:30 this morning to head to work. The weather was absolutely freezing and it was quite a struggle to run the show at Belmar when you lose hands in your hands.  After all was said and done, by 8am everything was in order: the carts were out, the range was set, and our special carts had the clubs on them.  The only problem was that no one showed up. We hung out in the Pro shop for the rest of the time talking about Texas and New Jersey living. We downed countless cups of warm coffee.  It was at this point that I was sent home because we were doing nothing. I left around 11am with my tail cradled underneath my legs.  We scored no tips and I felt sad.  I was tired and napped as soon as I made it back.

3 hours later and I woke up in a groggy fog.  I ate a pizza and was out on the road by 4pm. I ran on Porter Ave out towards Moore.  The moment  I reached Tecumseh, I took that road towards Belmar. At this moment in the run  I began to think about society and how screwed up it has become.  Gas prices continue to shoot well past 3 dollars and I begin to run in an angry pace mad at the outside world.  How can a college-aged person live today in a world where salaries and wages stay the same and costs continue to sky-rocket? How can we afford things when the prices of necessary products go way and and wages go down or stay stagnant?  The answer is we cannot!  No wonder people are angry like me. This sucks.  As a soon approaching college graduate I feel sad  to know that the big world  I am entering is harsh and evil and life is not fun but rather a constant struggle to make ends meet.

The run itself was alright because I ran fast but I usually have a knack to run fast when I am angry.  Today was quite an interesting day and I hope I feel better!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running in the Rain!

Today I was able to tally a 76 minute run and I also managed to get myself caught in a major downpour but overall it was FUN!  The rain was intense but very calming too.  I have not been able to run in the rain much this year in Oklahoma because it really has not rained much.  If we have the forecast for rain, the clouds usually just float on by ignoring the fact that we need some rain. If you haven't kept up to date with the weather in Oklahoma, Norman and many other places in Oklahoma have been in a slight drought.  The snowstorm and the rain we are getting today have made a suitable contribution towards helping this drought deficit we have dealt with for much of the year.

Anyway, another solid run in the books, I took the East Lindsey hills to Robinson then cut over and ran in Hall Park and ran through Hallbrooke homes.  Then I took the path on 12th back to the apartment. It was a nice easy day since my legs are a little tired.  My pace did get going until  I hit the 30 minute mark in my run. Rain Rain Rain Rain.  Do not go away!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smooth Sailing!

Time: 86 minutes and 44 seconds
Mileage: 14-15

Yesterday  I filed for graduation so it looks like my University of Oklahoma career will come to a close on time this May.  Today's run consisted of a fast paced fun run that took me through St. James Park houses out towards Cedar Lane and into the hill country.  I took the route towards Noble and ran by their local middle school and then decided to take a right at this four-way intersection.  To my surprise, I landed right in the downtown portion of Noble like on my run to Noble a week ago.  It was amazing to see I have been running deep into Noble all along. I took the downtown section and saw all the little shops and a very busy Taco Mayo.  I ran until that watch of mine clicked 44 minutes and then headed back.
The weather was lovely in the 50-60's and the sun did not come out until the very end of the run.  There is nothing like nice weather and a great run to help inspire you for the day.  Next weekend  I am looking to run my first race of the new year in the Sooner Tune-up 10k.  I am the defending champ from last year and I hope to win in convincing fashion again.  My training has been coming along really well and I think I will be able to push that sub 5 minute per mile pace for the duration of the run.  Time to go to the golf course and see what guys I can drive around on golf carts today!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


After what seemed like a millennia, I finally was given the chance to run with Connor Wann. I haven't seen the kid since the weekend before the crazy snowstorm that shut down all of Oklahoma.  In the meantime we have been busy with our busy lives!  Today after my Theatre class, I headed over to Connor's place.  The weather was feeling pretty good as we set out on the Connor Campus Loop. I have named the loop  after him because well, I do not know anyone that runs this loop.  We start out at Connor's place and take Berry Road and run the back section of campus where the Weather Center is located. The run was fun and felt smooth and it was fun to hear about Connor's new job as THE sandwich man at Jason's Deli! Yum that sounds good. I need to stop by there sometime this week and maybe Connor can serve me up. We had a nice progression in the run and hit our last mile out of 7 in 6:14.  After we cooled off and had some water, I drove home and jogged my last 3 miles in to get a grand total of 10 miles for the day.  It was a nice day and I am looking forward to continuing my training as  I prepare for some races coming up really soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Running Away on Monday

That is what I felt like on my nice afternoon run today. I took 24th street North East as far as  I could go in 40 minutes. I made it past Franklin Road and almost to Indian Hill!    The weather started off cold today with a significant wind placing us in the 30's. But luckily, the sun has come out and warmed the temps into the middle 40's.  This past week has been a roller-coaster of affairs.

*I started my new job at the Belmar Golf Course which I think this job will work out.
* Went out thursday night with Frank, Marie, Nick and Ashlee to the Library Bar for a few hours
* Ran amazing mileage at 87 miles for this past week
* Was just able to finish all my homework readings and assignments on time
*I had a Test in my American Music Theatre Class
* I visited Ashlee's Father Larry and his wife Nancy in Anadarko, OK
*Went to Walmart numerous times
*Had Valentine's Day---Dinner and Lake Thunderbird at night
*Cringed at the gas prices going up
*Bought myself two new shirts for a grand total of 17 dollars
*And took Ashlee out on a date to the University Oklahoma theatre to watch "Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum" musical.

As you can see: my week was jammed-pack of things to do.

This week begins my rounding of my form as  I prepare for race season in March-August where I look to run blazing fast times. The run itself was nice and I ran at a fast pace effortlessly even with running into a strong head-wind.  Running the quiet and calm farm roads are always a blessing here in Norman.  The rolling hills help to build great strength and roads with no cars means a carefree run where you can just get going.  This week will be a fun week and  I think I am going to take it easy because last  week was crazy!

This week might be a time to relax, catch up on school work, train hard, work a little, maybe do a little shopping at the end of it all and maybe relax outdoors.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


73 minutes and 14 seconds!

11.6 miles of action!

After work at the golf-course, I decided to fuel up and go for a nice afternoon run.  The temperature the past few days is like early summer with temps hovering around 75 degrees.  Today's run felt nice as I got in some hills and even ran through a long series of sprinklers.  Warm weather is just going to pick up and to imagine it is only February.  Anyway, I need to get ready for an amazing night with Ashlee as we attend the a University of Oklahoma Musical and go out to eat and maybe a stroll this evening as well. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoy the outdoors!

Friday, February 18, 2011

BALLS! Man Nice Weather But Annoying RUN!

So have you ever had that run wear your shorts do not fit right? Well, a pair of my paper-thin puma shorts made life difficult today. They have a very thin cut and have an inseam of maybe 1 inch.  This causes many problems when the wind is blowing and howling because it exposes my you know what!  Today, I wanted to run fast after having an awesome day working at the golf course making some dough but my short really stopped me from doing so.  Running shorts have an inside brief that is supposed to keep everything a man has down there in order but these shorts just flip flop and jerk everything around.  The whole run was me stopping to adjust my brief liner to make sure  I was not exposing myself to the world.  Having this minor inconvenience the whole time really slowed my pace down.

I still managed to put up 9.7 miles out on the hills of Cedar Lane and the back connecting roads such as 48th to Cedar.  It was a nice run but I had some set-backs and it did foil my main objectives but oh well things like this happen. Maybe next time  I can wear boxer-briefs underneath the shorts and maybe that will solve this issue with that pair. Otherwise, I think I am stuck wearing these shorts at night when people  are far and fewer to come by.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon Rising=Recovery Run

I ran after class after a splendid day where the weather was in the mid 70's. The run lasted for about 73 minutes and I kept a nice easy pace probably around 6:50 per mile throughout the whole run!  I ran on the East Lindsey hills and took 36th street I think it is East!  I ran by the local elementary school there as the rolling hills gave my legs just the amount of flex I needed.  It was a great run and the blue and pink hue of the sky as the bright and brilliant yellow full moon began to crest right into the center of the horizon. As I ascended and descended the mighty hills, I felt as if I was right up there with the moon.  It was a great run and I look forward to running from work tomorrow afternoon and to explore some new uncharted territory in my running campaign.

Yesterday's sun RUn!

I took a movie back from Ashlee's place to Hastings then  I set out to run somewhere I have never been to before...Behind Brookhaven and out of the city limits of Norman.

80 minutes run and hit about 13-14 miles!

It was a glorious morning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Box Lunch!!!

The Box lunch!  It is the soup and salad of running. The running route that you always go on in the afternoon right after lunch because it is your bread and butter run that is full of fun and adventure.  Today I went on my box lunch run!  I headed out on Easy Lindsey and then proceeded into the hills!  From the hills I headed out into the 4-way intersection at 36th street that begins the box lunch portion of the run. Many times I either go right, left, straight and that is it huh to the various hilly sections that make-up east lindsey.  The temperature was a little hot for my liking since  I am not used to 70's yet.  The run was strong and powerful as  I managed to keep a string of 6:20 miles throughout the whole run and even split a 5:50 last mile.  I think I am rounding into some real racing shape that is going to show in the upcoming weeks of competition.  I think I am primed to run some fast road 10ks and 5ks really soon and  I think I have the potential to surprise myself!  We will see soon! I might run a tempo workout soon to see if I can quicken my pace and switch into the final gear  I will need to finish well in races.  Time to enjoy this spring weather!  Happy Running!

Oh I and ran for 78 minutes and 4 seconds and averaged 6:20 miles out on the hills not bad!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!!!!

RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING!  That has been the story of my life today. From the moment Ashlee left for work, I spent my whole day running around finding Valentine's gifts for her and I finally finished my dancing stint as the Statue of Liberty Today! No more losing weight from dancing and starving myself cause I have been so darn busy.  And I have been spending a ton of money lately on gas, food, and luxury items for Ashlee but I have sworn an oath that I will not spend another nickel until Friday when I should get paid a good sum of money for all the dancing I did the past few weeks.  The run today took me by the OU golf course as I headed out on Berry Road and shot for Highway 9. Once through all the neighborhoods, I traversed the cross-walk into the next section of houses that live right on a private golf course that I will run on someday.  The run felt fine considering  I danced really hard for the day and that  I logged 17 miles the other day so my legs were tired of course.  But this week will be a great week of training with the 60's and 70's heading our way. I ended up with about 74 minutes of total running and a grand conclusion of about 11 miles. Not bad in a days work!

AND I found out this morning that  I will officially be a Outdoor Service staff member at the Belmar Golf Course in Norman which is one amazing place. I start Wednesday and  I am so excited to make some big bucks and potentially order me a new pair of road racing flats I have been putting off buying for about 5 months.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SUNDAY= Long Run!

Miles about 17
Time: 2 hours!

This run was great and the weather is just starting to warm up. The temperatures started in the 40's and soon by the end of run rose to the low 60's. We warmed up for 35 minutes as Scott and Jenny came along with me and it was great running around Griffin Park.  Then It was to the hills.  Scott and myself handled a nice pace all through Rock Creek Road getting in those big hills and elevation changes.  There were some dogs that wanted to give us a hard time but Scott just yelled at them to scare them away. The morning was perfect and the run was nice and long!

We ended up with about 17 miles in the log and that is one great start for the week up ahead.

Friday, February 11, 2011

ICE AGE...The meltdown

Total Time: 73mins 59 seconds

Apporox. Mileage: 11 and some change maybe right near 12

Today's run was quite different from last night's run. The pace was much quicker and the run felt effortless.  I went out to Summit Lakes again and had no problem running through the slush as all this snow is melting since Sunday the temperature will be near 70. Things are warming up and that is great news!  I ran out to Rock Creek Road and charged up a big uphill feeling like a true mountain runner.  The weather was nice in the low 40's, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining nice and bright.  Today I woke up at 6:30 to dance on the streets in a costume for 4 hours and I have to go back out there for 4 more hours in an hour or so.  I am really getting tired of all this dancing for a job and it makes my running suffer I think.  I am hoping to hear back from Belmar Golf Club for the Outside Service job because I was told with tips I could make a small fortune that averages 11-13 dollars an hour for my services.  I should hear back from the man himself Cimmaron Grubb ( most unique and rad name if I have ever heard a name as such) by Monday or Tuesday whether I will be a golf man like at the Caddyshack or not. I am crossing my fingers because I really need a real job and not something out the New York streets.  Maybe with a more relaxed job,  I will have more energy to commit towards some hard training.  Anyway, Happy Running everyone and lets get ready to enjoy this spring weather in February.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold as Ice

Total Time: 71 mins and 50 seconds
Approx Mileage: 10.5 miles

I took the run the reverse through the back streets leading to the development right across the street from Summit Lakes.  I call that development, the Oak Tree because it has all these street names with "oak" in the title.  The run was cold and the roads were slick with ice.  My run was primarily a skating fest as I kept my legs up high just so that I could push off the ice as best as I could.  Running through the Oak place was fun as the neighborhood is full of winding uphills and downhills and you can cater the development to how much you wish to run with all the side-streets.  The run did not feel fast but I was giving a pretty nice effort considering the conditions and all.

Then I ran across the street into Summit Lakes of COURSE!  But instead of doing my usual lake loop, I took a left and ran the other section of the development that does have a few hidden lakes but is winding and has a monster hill...Let me tell you again...A MONSTER HILL!  Anyway, once I was done with Summit Lakes, I turned back and headed the reverse through the Oak place and then shot by 7-Eleven just to see what the gas prices are at now since this store has the cheapest prices  I have seen in Norman. The big sign read, (2.89). I am thinking WOW gas is slowly creeping up and up. I think that means I need to be rich!  So the run went well considering I was so busy today with everything I skipped lunch and dinner until 9pm later that night. I need to get back into a nice pattern again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN...Whew I am tired!

Today I ran with the OK RUNNER himself Scotty D.  We met up after the crazy storm that hit Oklahoma last night into this morning right near the Hiland Milk Plant. Running on the snowy roads was fun and luckily we ran with the wind towards our backs otherwise the -15 degree temps would have turned me into Frosty the Snowman.  We met up and then had an amazing run talking about all kinds of fun things from shoes, to our leading ladies, to jobs, to local hobbies, to beer preferences, to races and training.  The run was fluid and the conversation was also flowing.  The wind was bitter and my appetite for fun was there.  My body was sore from all this running and dancing as the statue of liberty but I am feeling better about things.

Mileage: Ask Scotty cause I don't know

I am currently interviewing and looking for a stable job that does not exhaust me and can be a resume-builder.  Currently I have been offered a position at the Embassy Suites hotel as a Banquet server/set-up crew which follows many of the same skills and tasks  I learned while I worked at Princeton Conference Services and I am interviewing at the Belmar Golf Country Club for the Outside Service Position which I will find out more about soon. Wish me luck in my job search and hopefully I will have all this sorted out soon. In the meantime, I am going to be running my mileage and dancing and waving as a dude dressed up in a Statue of Liberty costume enduring the elements.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FART-LEK TIME!!!!!! Windy, Sore, But It Never Stops!

So I ran a fartlek today with pretty much 1 minute on and 1 minute off then 2 minutes on then 2 minutes off then 3 minutes on then 3 minutes off.  The first half of the run was into the wind so I kept my pace even.  I ran through at around 40 minutes out by Rock Creek Road.  Then The fartlek began.  I hit my pace gradual but would accelerate well into the last half of the hard reps.  I would say my pace was anywhere from 5:30-5 minutes depending on the hills and the wind.  The run felt great considering I am sore from bringing my mileage back to where I want it and from all this dancing of 3/4hr shifts!  The second half of the run had me cruising through at a nice clip and my easy portions were slow like around 7 mins to 7:20 a mile or so.  The good news was  I got the blood flowing and my legs moving which I have not done in a long time.

I think I ran around 11.5-12 miles today and ran about 74 minutes where the first half was at 38 and the second half was at 35 or so.  Now it is time to fuel up and head to class and then dance my socks off!  Happy Running everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nobility IN Noble

Total Time: 75 minutes and 22 seconds

Total mileage: approx 13 miles

Today's run was muddy and wet! With all the snow almost melted, the roads have become like babbling brooks.  I decided today to go a different route as  I headed on 24th towards Route 9. I went my usual way to Cedar Lane but instead of running on Cedar Lane out towards Lake Thunderbird, I made a cut right by The Links of Norman apartments.  From there I headed back out to Route 77/ Highway 9 that heads into downtown Noble. I have always run the back roads of Noble but never have I ever entered into the main downtown of Noble before. Running on the side of the road did not provide the best footing but I managed.  Then as I neared the crest of a hill, there was downtown Noble.  The banks, dollar stores, subways, pizza huts, automotive stores, this place had it all.  I ran through one section of the downtown then decided to head back.

This run was like when Christopher Columbus found America!  On today's run, I entered new uncharted territory and the satisfaction of discovering something new is always exciting and strengthens your thirst for adventure.  I am sad to say that there is another big snowstorm ready to sock Norman with all its got so my running this week may be altered a great deal like last week though I hope to run around the 80-90 mark for this week's training.

Remember,  Adventure awaits those who are brave enough to venture out of their comfort zone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Running to Moore! Well, Almost! And the MELTDOWN!

Total time 84 minutes 30 seconds

Total Mileage: 14.7

Today I went out on Porter Ave and was curious to see where this Belmar Golf Course is where I am applying for a job at and have an interview there on Wednesday morning.  I headed out the door by 4:00pm and really had a care-free run since everyone was getting ready for the Super Bowl.  I eventually made it to Hollywood Corner and Franklin Road then decided I did not have enough time to make it to the golf course. So, I turned back with my dog tail held between my legs.  My lungs felt stressed this run but  I think it may be because I was only able to manage about 70 miles for the week while normally I am around 80-95 miles.
Since surviving the snowstorm, all the roads are in an intense melt-down phase where everything is wet wet wet wet wet....WET!  Luckily, I wore my Reebok running jacket and some half tights that helped to keep me nice and dry and warm.  I am looking forward to this week of training and my possible future with  the Belmar Golf Club since that job seems based on the website pretty sweet and it pays well.  Anyway, it is time to relax and enjoy the Super Bowl!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Snow Run in a Blizzard...well Kinda

Total time: 74 mins

Total Mileage: 12.4 miles

I began my run in the snow!  The whole morning, there was the forecast for snow showers. Well, it snowed all day and night. We ended up with 4-5 additional inches of snow on the roads.  My run took me through Summit Lakes out onto 36th street. I ran through the snow and by the end of the turn-around, I decided to head through Hall Park.  I say some guys running together through the snow together.  The visibility was getting worse and the snow just kept on coming and coming. I saw a four car wreck and thought to myself I need to get back before the blizzard eats me up.

The run was great for a snow run but I was glad to make it back just as it was getting dark.
Next week's training is going to be back to normal without all the crazy snow we had this past week.  I hope at least that the roads will be okay since there is more snow forecast for the beginning of the week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday's Run---The Dig-OUT!

So the weather here in Norman has been bone-chillingly cold, the roads have been horrible, and drivers have been completely nuts!  Yesterday was the first day since Monday that you can make out the road from the snow.  The roads happened to still be caked in slush and ice and gritty snow, that make driving on the roads a struggle.  Being from New Jersey, I feel the roads have been alright if you drive them with extreme caution. Of course "caution" and "Oklahoma" do not seem to mix based on the number of cars that spun out or became stuck yesterday. Enough with the weather and on to the running!

My run began with me starting at 7:45 minute pace for the first half mile of the run because the roads were gushy with all the snow on the roads.  I headed out to the East Lindsey hills and was pleased to see the roads out in the rural part of Norman in better condition than the busy streets!!!!  Not only could I see the exposed road, but there was a nice single-track path on the roads that allowed for me to pick up the pace to 6:20 a mile. The only time  I needed to slow down was when there would be patches of ice on the pathway.  I bundled up for the run because the temperatures were in the single digits but I was so warm I started sweating on the run.  I made a right on 36th street out towards Noble High School.  The run was quiet as I saw maybe two cars out here the whole run and it allowed for me to really get into a nice rhythm.

On the turn-around, there was the wind, but  I was so warm that it did not matter.  As I headed back and was almost home free, I noticed about 5 cars with their hazard lights in the middle of the intersection.  I waited for the light to turn green so  I could cross but i soon noticed that all these cars were either stuck in the snow or had car trouble such as a failed transmission.  Myself along with many other people spent about 20 minutes to push all 5 cars into a nearby gas station that was right at the street corner.  After  I did my good deed for the day, I hauled it back to the apartment.

My run lasted for 1 hour and 34 minutes and a grand total of 15.5 miles!  It was a great run and I look forward to dancing as a statue of liberty then  I have an interview with the banquet services at a local ritzy Embassy suites hotel!  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday's Run---XC--Snowstyle

On wednesday, I was brave enough to venture out into the snow! The wind chill was still there at around -3 to -10 degrees but the wind was not as blustery as it was the other day.  Kelly ran into me and we headed out to Summit Lakes.  I wore my trail/xc spikes and Kelly had like studs on her shoes so that we could grip the slippery ice-laden roads.  The run felt great as the wind was really not that bad and wearing my sub-zero running tights on the bottom and around 5-6 layers on top made me as snug as a rug, or is it bug?  ANyway, the run was great and I am excited about running today since the high will make it in the 20's!!!!

We ran a total of 6.1 miles at 8min pace but the footing was not ideal so it still was a nice workout!


So on Tuesday! The snowstorm hit Oklahoma with a fierce attack.  I was at Buy for Less Grocery Monday night as sleet began to fall at around 9 pm.  Before you know it, the next day there is 8-12 inches of snow, winds up to 45 mph, and snow drifts of 2-5 feet.  To sum up the storm, it was a true blizzard.  The wind was whipping around cold air inside my window as snow was forming inside my room.  The temperature was in the single digits all day and the wind chill made the outside air feel like -15 degrees.  It was COLD! Running in the snow today was not an option.

Instead,  I took to the Campus Lodge workout facility right here in the apartment complex.  I met up with Kelly and we pushed through the arctic air to make it to the door of the workout place only to find we forgot a card to get in. We head back to Kelly's apartment to pick up the card and head back to the office. I ran on the treadmill which I normally hate but these treadmills happen to be long enough for my stride which is nice.

I put together 4.5 miles at 6:08 pace with 10/15 level of incline which made this run a fast hill run.  Kelly decided she wanted to get 8 miles in so  I just hung out then jogged another mile and a half on the treadmill at like 12 minute pace.

Overall, I ran about 5-6 miles of work for the day!  Not bad for living in the frozen tundra!