Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smooth Sailing!

Time: 86 minutes and 44 seconds
Mileage: 14-15

Yesterday  I filed for graduation so it looks like my University of Oklahoma career will come to a close on time this May.  Today's run consisted of a fast paced fun run that took me through St. James Park houses out towards Cedar Lane and into the hill country.  I took the route towards Noble and ran by their local middle school and then decided to take a right at this four-way intersection.  To my surprise, I landed right in the downtown portion of Noble like on my run to Noble a week ago.  It was amazing to see I have been running deep into Noble all along. I took the downtown section and saw all the little shops and a very busy Taco Mayo.  I ran until that watch of mine clicked 44 minutes and then headed back.
The weather was lovely in the 50-60's and the sun did not come out until the very end of the run.  There is nothing like nice weather and a great run to help inspire you for the day.  Next weekend  I am looking to run my first race of the new year in the Sooner Tune-up 10k.  I am the defending champ from last year and I hope to win in convincing fashion again.  My training has been coming along really well and I think I will be able to push that sub 5 minute per mile pace for the duration of the run.  Time to go to the golf course and see what guys I can drive around on golf carts today!

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