Monday, January 31, 2011

Week of Training in Perspective---Races in the future....

This past week, I was able to get in 79.45 miles of training which is great considering I began the week feeling sick and tired and I really just wanted to get my legs under me again.  Today, I have been looking at road races I might test my abilities in for the future.  For now, I think that the

Sooner Tune-up 10k will be my opener for 2011.  I am the defending champ of the race and I look to further improve upon my 31:37 time I ran there last year.

Then after that race, I will continue my training and potentially run another local 5k to gauge my speed coming into the Oklahoma City Marathon (May 1st) where I hope to run the 12k again on the relay squad (I love that leg and have run great times).

My last race leading up to OKC will probably be the Red Bud classic where I will run either the 10k or 5k and then it will be OKC marathon time.

All this racing and training is in preparation for the Race Up Mount Washington Mountain Race where the best incline runners battle head-to-head on the largest mountain on the east coast!

That is my plan for the year so far and I am going to get to run a progression run with Kelly later today. More details to come!

So Kelly and Myself were able to run 9 grueling miles on the ups and downs of the OU xc training course hidden away in its secret location.  I didn't feel it in my legs until after 8k and I was amazed that Kelly kept pushing even after we hit 6:53 the first mile.  8 more miles and strings of 6:50's and 6:40's later, the workout finished with a closing 200 meters in 5:09 pace. And to add more insult to injury, I jogged an extra 2 miles to give me 11 miles for the day.  Throughout the course of the workout, I had day-dreams of racing on a track, wearing neon track spikes. Then I dreamed  I was in Jurassic Park, running away from blood-thirsty Dinosaurs!!!!  It was a great workout and  I look forward to seeing all the snow that is coming our way.  The weather channel says 10-12 inches of snow in Norman!!!!  This means I will have an exciting run for you tomorrow!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

COLD, WINDY, Miserable

So today was a cold day!  We had a crazy temperature drop that went from 70 the day before to 35 today and a nasty wind that made the outside feel like the mid 20's.  I ran out to Cedar Lane and ran in Noble and headed to the famous weather tower on top of one of the highest locations in the Norman/Noble area.  The view is absolutely spectacular but that also means that there is an insane amount of wind and the temperature drops a few degrees. In other words, today's run was chilly to say the least.  The wind literally froze my face as  I ran into the long and powerful gusts.  Getting in some hills was a must since most of my runs the past few days have been on flats.  And I am still trying to get my legs under me with this new dancing job that has me working out pretty hard.  A sunday run is always peaceful and quiet which is a plus no matter the weather.

More bad weather is on the way so my next few posts may document insane stories of my running exploits through the harsh weather that makes Oklahoma, Oklahoma!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dancing Challenge---Panda TIme!!

Today, I woke up and jogged over to my job as a dancing Statue of Liberty person. Yes, I have a dancing job!  I spent three hours dancing around working those calf muscles and had a great time.  It was so much fun considering that the Famous Cici's dancer who is now the Panda guy was on the corner of the street with me but on the other side of 12th.  I knew I won the dance battle because Mr. Panda just sat on the corner of the street in awe at my amazing rips, jumps, spins, and threading dance moves.  Now that I am all back from working, it is time to go and run!!!!!

The totals will come in sooooon!!!!!!

I ran with Connor from his place and did a nice long campus loop. After all the running was done in the book, I managed about 12 miles. A great total for my day that consisted of dancing and running. All in a days work!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dancing Statue of Liberty

So, I have begun my job hunt to find some awesome part-time work in my schedule.  I have had two jobs call me back so far: Banquet/events at the Hyatt Hotel in Norman and Liberty Tax Service Dancing Statue of Liberty!  Today I am going to Run to the Liberty Tax Center because Ashlee has my car for the day so I am going to run there and make an appearance and I will report back later on my blog about how the run went to and from the office and whether I got the JOB!

First off, I want to educate you on what a Dancing of Statue of Liberty person does.
Job requirements
1. Dance....A Lot
2. Dress up in costume and hold a sign motioning people where to file there taxes at
3.  Run around a whole block yelling, waving, and dancing at people to get their attention.
4. To maybe sign a few autographs and to just make people laugh
5. To have a freaking blast because everyday is Halloween for you!

So, not only did I land the job, I started working immediately!  I danced around the block for three hours from 4-7pm and it was a blast!  Once I was done with my shift, I decided to run back and call people on the run about how my day as a dancer went.  It was dark at this point but it was such a nice night since Oklahoma is experiencing some warm weather where we have some 70's during the day and the temperature drops into the low 40's and 30's at night!  I think the dancing job will help my stamina!

Total mileage: 11 miles for 72 minutes of work

Run from Last Night!

Total time: 55 minutes

Total mileage: about 8.5-9miles

Yesterday was a busy day. So busy in fact, I have not been able to post  yesterday's run on the blog until now.  I began my day waking up early in the morning to drop Ashlee off for her conference. Then, I went back to sleep and slept until 11 am. I wanted to run in the morning but I overslept of course.  I left for class at around 12 and did not get back to the apartment until around 6 pm. Then I decided to go run for a little bit.  When it is dark outside, I always look to run at Summit Lakes.  Summit Lakes is my go-to running route because it is quiet and is well-lit enough to run around.  The run was peaceful and ended with the crazy kids that live in the neighborhood next to Campus Lodge yelling at me saying "Whoa those shorts are short!" I responded with "Thanks guys, they help to keep me cool out here cause it is sooooo HOT!"  The truth was that it was about 48 degrees outside and it was not hot but I thought that was a funny comment.  So that was my run, nothing too exciting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running To the Vista!

Total Time: 84 minutes and 30 seconds
Total Mileage: An astounding 15 miles almost 16

Today's run placed me at a new location and this run marked the first fast and solid run through wind and hills and the view at my turn-around point was totally breath-taking.  My run pitted me up against the hills of east Lindsey street as  I made my usually way down the road. The sun was shining and the weather was yet again a perfect 50 degrees.  My legs felt good to go and take on the challenge of the slightly longer run today.  The run was a true test to see whether falling ill this past weekend really ruined me and my training or whether  I am in fact ready to rock and roll.  The verdict: I am ready to ROCK AND ROLL!  I had wind in my face the whole run but it felt nice and I was ready for the challenge.  I stayed on E-Lindsey into the farm roads and passed my favorite troops of dogs such as the Black lab twins and the yelping beagle I call Old Yellper!  I pushed myself nicely and finally made it to the moment I made history: turning left on 72nd street instead of heading straight or right.  Yes, I made a left on 72nd street NE towards Robinson street.  As I made my way up the road, I noticed a farmer and his dogs picking what seemed to be weeds in his garden and it made me laugh.  Why did I laugh? Well, dogs pulling out weeds and plants can be funny especially when the owner is screaming his brains out..."NO, NO, NO, not the MINT! Oh FOR GoD's SAKE BETSY, CMON!"

The run took a turn for the sky as the hills out on 72NE are long and steep and challenging!!!!  I crossed over Alameda and then headed towards Robinson.  As I crested the hill, my heart just stopped.  I was running down the most expansive prairie and pasture I have ever seen!  This portion of my run was so incredible! And I know I am in great shape now and I am excited to see where I go with things!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Goes Around...Comes Back Around

Total Mileage: 11 miles

Total Time: 72 mins and 28 seconds

The run today began with one goal in mind: Drop off a movie at the Walgreens RedBox. With movie in hand, I slipped out the door like a little energetic banana peel out towards Alameda and 12th, where the Walgreens sits waiting. I noticed there was a ton of traffic on 12th street!  Then as  I neared the intersection, I saw the funniest sight I have seen recently, it was the dancing PANDA!  Yes, the guy that dances at Cici's during their happy hour has been sighted as the Panda Garden Panda!  I ran right up next to him and he was mumbling something, potentially song lyrics.  He did not have the panda head but the full bottom suit and was doing splits and screaming like a little girl a bunch and even pulled together a few splits.  I said hi to him but I was just ignored. I guess the dancing panda guy is too cool for me. I thought it was fun so  I started moon-walking waiting for the light to change and the panda man just stopped and glared at me because he was jealous I was stealing his thunder.  Then the light turned green and I hit the Redbox at Walgreens.  From there, I ran out to the Sutton Wilderness, did a nice loop through the park then hit the neighborhood across the street from the Sutton Woods entrance.  I ran through the housing developments and took the back-way back to my apartment and ran by the little Norman high cross country course right near Campus Lodge and filtered back to the apartment.

The highlights from today's run consisted of showing the dancing panda man a little of what  I got in my arsenal and I think  I shocked him a little bit since his jaw literally dropped at the sight of my moves.   It was a nice run and now I really feel like some Chinese food tonight!  I think the Panda man really does know how to get into your head!  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Calm day with a little hill in that step!

Total time : 71 minutes and 55 seconds

Total Mileage: around 10.2

What a nice calm Monday run!  I met up with Kelly and we bolted out from the door at Campus Lodge off to run out to Noble.  The sun was out and the temperature was hovering right around 50 degrees.  We trotted out towards 24th street and then meandered to Highway 9. The run was continuous except for the brief stop to get across Highway 9.  Kelly was looking for a nice 8-10 mile run and I was just hoping for anything that would not create any coughing spasms since I have a large amount of flem sitting right in my throat.  And luckily, my lungs and throat held up nicely not to mention Kelly running a nice good pace over the hills on Cedar Lane.  Kelly even put in a strong surge for 3 minutes straight and I was impressed.  She is getting back into shape nicely and I am just trying to keep myself afloat.

This was a great run and I hope to continue to get better and rid myself of this congestion!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feeling Better Means time to Run again!

Today I am going to take it easy and see what  I have in the tank after having one bad night with the flu.  More details Later:

SO I went out for a nice jog at 6:40 pace for 10.25 miles out on the back-roads near Summit Lakes.  On the way out, the wind was unbearable with wind chills that made my bones shiver.  Since I am recovering from this slight sickness I have, I took it easy today.  I have a slight cough because of my throat and I had to stop every 2 minutes during the run just to spit out some flem.  The way back was nice without any of the wind in my face but still the run was slow and I was able to get it in so that  I do not lose any of my fitness and continue to get better.  I am really chilly now in my seat as  I am writing this blog and I think I am going to warm myself up with some nice lemon herbal tea.  I hope to continue my serious training once I am feeling 100%.  In the meantime, I am in need of new road racing flats.  While having the aspiration to spend some time on the moon, I am curious about trying the Nike Lunar Racers though they are very spacey!  We will see, I do like some of the Adidas and Puma racers too. Decisions.... Decisions!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Sick!!!!! The blog must rest this weekend!

So tonight, I feel vulnerable and feel like I may have a small bout of the flu.  I have a slight fever and I am sluggish in my decision-making and movement.  I am going to take it easy this weekend and hopefully will be better to continue my Mountain training come Monday!

The Group Run

Total Time: 56 minutes and 42 seconds

Total Mileage: 8 miles or so though I think Connor Wann knows all

Today's run marked a moment in history that no one will forget...the coming together of the running group.  Running groups are great because you get great conversation, motivation to keep on grinding it out even when you feel like you cannot endure anymore, and the shared experience of the run that only the members of your group can relate to.  The weather began cold and then drastically seemed to warm up before that horrid Oklahoma gust began to punish us.  Our running group for today consisted of Connor, Kelly, Andres and Myself.  We all met up at Campus Lodge and then headed out towards The Summit Lakes development.  We encountered angry geese, flying ducks, and conversations of jail-break so ridiculous, it did in fact sound like an episode of Reno 911.  It was great to get back together with everyone and I am looking forward to running the roads and hitting the trails with this running group.  It is a new year and with each passing year, new opportunities and endless adventures.  Happy Running!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ICE Run....not really looking forward to it

(More details coming soon once I muster enough courage to run in the ice and snow)


Today I ran for 82 minutes and 54 seconds and ran around 14.3 miles

Earlier today, school was cancelled because of the ice that was all over the roads and sidewalks this morning.  I waited for the warmest portion of the day at around 2:30 pm to go run because I did not want to risk myself with all those crazy drivers out there.  The run was cold but my jacket helped to block most of that chilly Oklahoma wind.  I ran out on Cedar Lane which for the Norman running enthusiast knows this road has broken many spirits because of its difficult rolling hills. The run was tough as my legs became very tired early on but I just sucked it up and kept the motor running.  I passed all the farms as herds and herds of cows were grazing on the grass.  The run did not get interesting until the turn-around point.  Here are the events that made this run different than most:

1. A stupid driver in a black Honda Civic thinks they can drive 45 mph over a thick sheet of ice...guess what happens...They fishtail and almost slam straight into a power-line-Brilliant, Just Brilliant.

2. I see a girl running from a pack of dogs, I say "hi" to her out of courtesy and she ignores me as she has the frightened look upon her face.  Then the pack of dogs run right by me and continue to chase the girl.

3. I see a guy swimming in a small pond on his yard screaming "I am a polar bear!"

4.   A person riding a horse is riding on the opposite side of the road and they act like what they are doing is normal.

5. Basically, there is always something crazy going on in Norman, you just have to be observant!

Overall, I am happy to be back from the run and I hope I can get into my car tomorrow because all the ice is making that a little difficult!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Space?

Total Time: 80 minutes
Total Distance: 13.7 miles

Today was a jammed packed day though I did not have class. I spent my time with my main girl Ashlee as we ran all around Norman running various errands.  After we finished our errands, it was time to run.  Ashlee has been on the search for a new apartment because her last roommate has literally made her life miserable.  So on my run I decided to head out on Robinson to look for any sign that read "For Rent".  Because of the immense amount of traffic, I decided to take an alternate route through the various neighborhoods that wind up and down around the main downtown off of main-street.  The run was brisk as some freezing rain is on the forecast for tomorrow.  I passed by two apartment complexes I thought Ashlee might like...Willows and Westend.  This run taught me that it is such a difficult task to remember a name because the thought process that happens during a run is just random rambling that often clouds such exact information. So throughout the run back from Robinson where it meets Highway I-35, I struggled with remembering both the names of the two apartment complexes. The run was a tough one as  I just wanted the darn thing to end!  Once I finally made it back to Campus Lodge, I was happy to know that Ashlee found a house to live in with two other very nice girls and everything would work out.  I am very happy that in a day that was full of uncertainty, by days end, everything worked out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GraveYard, Freaky Deaky Dutch and Dogs, lots of them!

total Time: 1 hour and 31 minutes and 28 seconds

A Grand Total of: 14.9 miles

My run today, began by taking Boyd street out towards Porter Ave. Porter, is a nice road that had a few rolling hills and leads into Moore.  The neighborhoods on Porter by far have the best Christmas lights show out of any other complex in Norman.  During the first 20 minutes of my run, I ran by a local middle school where the kids were chanting "OOOO LA LA" at me and one kid I ran by said "Man, you are fast".  As I headed out on Porter, my legs felt a little stiff maybe from yesterday's run and the fact I am breaking in both brand new orthotics and A new pair of New Balance 790s.  Either way, the run had just enough effort to tax my legs really well.  As I ran by the big graveyard North on Porter Ave, I saw a man with a huge spade digging a trench for what I think would be for a fresh burial.  The rest of my run consisted running up and down the development on the left of Porter with what I call New Mexico because of the open spaces and cluster of adobe homes.  After pushing through New Mexico, I had just enough time to run in the Dutch-inspired development across the street. The Dutch development is still has a portion of it under construction and is known for its gazebo, cobblestone bridges, a water-mill at the front and an old-style bridge awning thingy!  Anyway,  I ran a lap through there and then headed back.  I realized that everyone had their dogs out today for a nice walk. I would not say it was the best weather for a walk but then again I am the wrong person to ask since  I was out running in the elements. The sun had set at this point as the chill of the night began to freeze my ears off.  Now that I am back it is time to refuel with a protein shake and some Cinnabon cereal which if you get to know me, I love love love love love...Cinnabon and cinnamin buns in general.  So it was a nice run and tomorrow I am going to hit up the east Norman hills again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oklahoma Sunset!!!!!

Total Time: 76 mins 28 seconds
Total Mileage: 12.5

Today was a beautiful run out on East Lindsey towards where the serious boys and girls train out on the rolling hills of Norman.  I ran in the few remaining hour and a half of daylight and set out to tackle some hills (Yes, there are hills in Oklahoma!).  The run was a simple out and back as  I take a sharp left at 36th street out along a cross street that goes along some of my other favorite roads such as Robinson, Rock Creek, and a few others.  The weather was incredible with a lovely 50 degree temp and ensuing rain clouds that helped to keep the sun out of my face!  Running out on the rolling rhythm hills of Norman are so wonderful because the hills never kill you on the way out, but test your will and strength and the way back.  The highlight of my run consisted of the most incredible sunset I have ever seen.  The glorious pinks and reds, with a slight light blue and orange hue, was truly an amazing sight!  Finishing my run was a fantastic experience as the sunset dominated the wide-open Oklahoma sky as this sunset to me marked a perfect conclusion to a wonderful weekend.  Now it is time to hit the books because tomorrow is the beginning of the last semester of my undergraduate years at the University of Oklahoma! The sunset in many ways is a symbol of the conclusion of one chapter of my life and truly how beautiful and beneficial it has been in shaping who  I am as a human being.  Time to hit the books and time to crank up the training because I am looking to race some fast and competitive races this spring and summer so look out Oklahoma and look out world!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week In Review~!!!! Night Run in Norman!!!!!

This week I spent the majority of it training back home in New Jersey.  I ran through tons of snow but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless.  Anyway, I am too lazy right now to calculate my total mileage for the week but I think it is probably around 85 miles for the week. This week I ran long and fast and it was a great time but now I am happy to be back in Norman, Oklahoma!!!!

Today, I ran for a solid 55 minutes and covered about 9 miles!
I left my apartment at Campus Lodge and then headed out on Alameda out towards Lake Thunderbird. I love passing under the sign that says "Lake Thunderbird State Park...9 miles". It gives me this feeling that one day, I will muster enough energy and run out there and back which would be about 20 miles total.  One day I think I will make that voyage out to Lake Thunderbird and back!  As I passed the sign, I hit a nice incline that lead me to my favorite little housing complex in Norman, Summit Lakes.  Summit Lakes with known for its lovely bungalow homes and little man-made lakes that give me the sense I am back in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  As I turned into  Summit Lakes, I fixed a big smile on my face because I have run in that development so many times before in the dark and the memories of this place are so great!  Running the lake path is wonderful as the moon glistens and brightens the night.  Summit Lakes has been the location of many fantastic runs and a very special date that I will never forget.  The run went by so fast as  I swerved through the development as  I neared the "Summit" of Summit Lakes which by the turn-around point, you work your way up to a high ridge that overlooks all of Norman. It is such a peaceful and lovely run at night.  I love Summit Lakes and I am so happy I made that location my destination for tonight's run!  Running at night can be a challenge so make sure to always wear reflective clothing, bright colors, and run somewhere with lights but low traffic and you will be sure to enjoy the run and the beauty of the stars in the night sky.  Next time you are out running at night, go star-gazing!!!!   Look for Orion's belt, search for Sagittarius, and the many other constellations! Believe me, it makes a run go by really fast! Happy Trails!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vacation Day!!!!

Today was a nice easy workout that consisted of 5X mile as I started at 5 mins and worked down to a final 4:37 mile.  Ashlee was there out on the track giving me some support!  I had a nice warm-up, a nice workout, and a nice cool-down. I would take today as a great vacation day! Now it is time to enjoy some good eats and the company of a great girl!

Mile Splits

1. 5:01
2. 4:55
3. 4:48
4: 4:43
5. 4:37

Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Run In New Jersey!!!

Total Time: 64 mins and 34 seconds
Total Mileage: 10.2 miles

Today was a totally different run than yesterday. It was super cold as I could not feel my hands for the fist 15 minutes but it was a quiet run which was a change from yesterday!  There were no cars, and  I even had the chance to run on a plowed snow path in the woods which was nice.  For my last run before  I am back in Norman, Oklahoma, I was very pleased. The pace was nice and easy and  I was in a nice rhythm right away and I just kept along the 6:36 minute pace like it was clock-work.  My run began with me sneaking out of my street down onto the towpath. Last time  I ran on the towpath, there was so much snow it made it impassable. To my surprise, the pathway gave way to me being able to jog on nicely packed snow thanks in part to some truck that plowed through all the deep snow!  The light crunching and crackling of the snow was heavenly as it sounded like rice krispies under foot.  All I could think about on the run was coming back and seeing old faces and spending some quality time with my super amazing girlfriend, Ashlee Prewitt.  I slugged up an uphill snow embankment and made it over to Forrestal Village, which is a small corporate shopping center.  I ran out on the road through the corporate sector of the area straight into a neighborhood hidden away along some thick shrubbery.  I slogged through the snow and ran about two loops through the isolated neighborhood while I sometimes would stop a second to defog my sunglasses because my breath was fogging those puppies up.  I then went through the shrubs and ran a loop on the streets inside Forrestal Village and headed back the way I came.  Overall, the run was just the type of run I was looking for. Not too long, not too short.  The mileage was just enough without over-doing it. Now it is time to get ready to sit on an airplane for like 5 hours or so. Let's all hope I make it on time!  Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

NO RESPECT! Drivers have no idea how hard it is to run.

Total Time: 80 mins and 25 seconds
Total Mileage:  13.3 miles

Drivers have no idea how hard it is to run on the roads for your long runs let alone when there is snow all over the place and when you have to dodge freaking cars as if you are in a game of FROGGER!  Let me tell you, I am pissed!  My run today was shakier than a freaking Nascar Race and my pit stops because of traffic would trump the total allotment all the cars in a Nascar race actually pit! In other words, I am just angry at my fellow New Jersians for not knowing how to drive in the first place let alone to not drive on the damn shoulder of the road so that a harmless runner must leap into 2 feet of snow to save himself from being roadkill! Alright...let me cool down!  Running is by far the least respected sport out there.  Running is also a sport where an athlete is out in the world in plain sight where they can be constantly viewed by the outside world.  In most sports, athletes spend all their time hidden away inside domes, gyms, indoor facilities underground,  and many other isolated locations.  When you think of other big sports such as football, basketball, baseball and soccer, those athletes may enjoy the sport but what they do not tell you is that they do it for the money.  With running, the athletes that participate in their sport do so because they LOVE IT not because there is money in it! People do not understand that running is hard work and when we are out there on the roads just hauling it, be courteous!
So on to my run...Today It was another cold day and I decided to run a new route today to the Bunker Hill Golf Course in Kendall Park.  I set out of my street and was literally embedded into the ebb and flow of what seemed to be thousands of cars.  The whole run consisted of ups and downs as I ran uphill a vast majority of the run.  I passed off of Route 27 into the Old Road back onto 27 and noticed a dead deer carcas and thought..."shit that could be me at this rate".  It is always a challenge running where I live in Kingston but today was out of control.  When I run, I am always to the inside of the shoulder on a road never actually on the road.  The cars just wanted to drive on the shoulder of the road causing me to leap like a flying squirrel into the snow embankments about 10-15 times, like SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!  What really got my blood going was a car that whizzed by me a mere 3 inches from hitting me, any closer and I would have gone flying since this car was going at 55 mph on a 40 mph road! I chased the car to the next light and began to tap on the passenger-side window of the Toyota SUV.  A man, dressed up in a big fluffy jacket said "yes?"  And  I told him that he almost hit me back a ways and if he did, I would have had him arrested, and he would owe me 50 thousand dollars for being inconsiderate.  AGH!!!  The rest of the run was nice as I received a few honks from friends and people that know me and running on Bunker Hill Road is beautiful with the tree canopy and the signs saying hiking trails. On the way back into Kingston, a car let me pass on a green light just so  I could get across and to that person, I truly thank you for being the .000001% of New Jersey drivers that actually get it.

Tips for New Jersey Drivers:
1. Do not drive on the shoulder of roads, drive within the Damn LINES!
2.  Be courteous to runners, bikers, walkers;you never know when you might see them on TV
3. When a runner taps on your window, you are in trouble!
4. Be nice to others because you never know when someone might do something nice to you because of your actions.
5.  As a runner, I want to get home too! Just help us out by not keeping us off the roads!
6. Just treat runners with respect! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!! Rocky Hill to Montgomery, to Princeton back Home

Total Time : 70 mins and 7 seconds
Total Mileage: 11.7

Today was indeed a snow day!  As I woke up today at 11:30 am (yeah I am a college kid), I noticed that the snowstorm that came through late last night dumped about 8 inches of fresh new snow on top of what we already had from Saturday's storm.  I checked the current weather and was shocked to see that the temperature was 30 degrees with a wind chill to make it feel like 20.  Not to mention that it was sunny!!!!  I slipped on my layers that consisted of Puma half tights, a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a t-shirt and a lacrosse jersey or singlet.  I had my gloves, hat,  Zip-up running top and then  I made the most crucial decision of all, long socks.  I have been curious about long socks and compression socks since USA marathoners have been wearing them in races and in training runs.  To me, I always felt that long socks, not only keep your legs warm from the bitter wind chill but it also helps to increase circulation in the region so that you can run longer, faster, and with more efficiency.  And so the long sock debate began as I headed out along a back road into Rocky Hill.  Rocky Hill is a small little borough and it very hilly and there is a rock quarry near there so I would think Rocky Hill suits the area.  As I took 605, my mind began to wander at the luscious white snow. Today's run was so calm and peaceful, a rarity in New Jersey.  I had the chance to actually count the number of cars that passed by me for once!  605 takes you straight uphill into Rocky Hill.  From Rocky Hill, I ran the back roads along Princeton House and uphill some more, with a nice 2 mile hill straight into Princeton.  The snow was sooo light and I even ran into the Princeton xc guys again for the second day in a row (they are stalkers I think).
There is nothing like running in the snow after the is so quite and besides the wind, time seems to stand still.  Nature takes center-stage as the snow-covered trees produce an environment you have to stop and marvel at.  Back to the sock debate.  I read an article in Runners World and they said that studies show that compression socks speed up recovery buy have no evidence it increases performance.  I still think they do a pretty good job of keeping your legs warm.  It was a fun run today, nothing too fast but it was just right! Happy Running!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Run Through Princeton University---Down Pretty Brook Road

Running through Princeton is unlike any college town in the country. Princeton has nice trails deep in the woods, runs at parks you never thought existed, and nice hilly roads lost in the woods as you pass multi-million dollar homes. My runs always begin leaving my home in Kingston, down the big hill right onto the towpath which is a sandy gravel trail that was once used as a transportation system where donkeys carried cargo on the lake.  From the towpath, I take the back roads that border Lake Carnegie and head straight into down-town Princeton. Down-town Princeton is more like little New York, there are always tourists taking pictures and flocks of people out-to-lunch that never give a runner the right-of-way...CMON People!  Then the fun part of the run begins. Heading out onto the Great Road and then Pretty Brook is very much what I think running in Upstate NY would be like.  Nice winding roads that wind up and down through great vast trees that blanket the road and provide ample shade.  The hills stress those calves and quads but the experience is unlike any other.  
I am going for a nice 1 hour 35 min run that will get me in about 15.4 miles!!!!
Time to head out of the door before the big snow storm in New Jersey Hits!  Happy Running!

New Year...New BLog

Well, it is a new year and for the first time, I have created a running blog. I have enjoyed looking at many other runner's blogs and I have finally taken the initiative to compose a blog of my own.  I think  I am going to make my blog a little different than just what my goals are and my training for each day.  My blog will focus on specific daily running issues I come across, from what types of running apparel are best on specific days to nutrition and potential awesome running destinations   I would like to run at one day.  This blog will  be about the nature and the beauty that a runner experiences on a daily run through all the sweat and sheer exhaustion we endure on a daily basis. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other.