Friday, February 11, 2011

ICE AGE...The meltdown

Total Time: 73mins 59 seconds

Apporox. Mileage: 11 and some change maybe right near 12

Today's run was quite different from last night's run. The pace was much quicker and the run felt effortless.  I went out to Summit Lakes again and had no problem running through the slush as all this snow is melting since Sunday the temperature will be near 70. Things are warming up and that is great news!  I ran out to Rock Creek Road and charged up a big uphill feeling like a true mountain runner.  The weather was nice in the low 40's, not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining nice and bright.  Today I woke up at 6:30 to dance on the streets in a costume for 4 hours and I have to go back out there for 4 more hours in an hour or so.  I am really getting tired of all this dancing for a job and it makes my running suffer I think.  I am hoping to hear back from Belmar Golf Club for the Outside Service job because I was told with tips I could make a small fortune that averages 11-13 dollars an hour for my services.  I should hear back from the man himself Cimmaron Grubb ( most unique and rad name if I have ever heard a name as such) by Monday or Tuesday whether I will be a golf man like at the Caddyshack or not. I am crossing my fingers because I really need a real job and not something out the New York streets.  Maybe with a more relaxed job,  I will have more energy to commit towards some hard training.  Anyway, Happy Running everyone and lets get ready to enjoy this spring weather in February.

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