Sunday, July 20, 2014

0SPF---Rochester Trail Race--DNF and My Summer Training

Let me start by talking about 0Spf.  This race was a USATF Niagara Half Marathon Championship with some decent prize money for a local trail race. The top Men and Women looked pretty solid and I hoped with a month away from Manitous Revenge, I could run a decent race and feel more confident about how my season has been going. Sadly, I am still a ways off from being perfect with my ankle and this race I may had aggravated the healing process. I was very fortunate to make the trip out to Rochester area to run this race and to compete for some prize money. My training since Manitous' had been progressing nicely and I felt that a half marathon trail race could not do me in too much. I had also been feeling that my ankle was improving in strength and dexterity.  This course was a rolling course of lovely single track through the hidden points of a large shopping area.  It was shaping up to be a great race and I was excited to run fast after doing most of my training on the roads.

Once the race started, I decided to hang near the front until the first large move. The move came around mile 2 as Daven pushed the pace and then I followed. Soon, Kip a Stotan Racer took to the lead as we were flying down the trail at sub 6:30 pace. The winding narrow trail was starting to make me wary about my ankle so I began to tone it down pace wise. It was at the second to last aid station on the way out where I cranked my ankle hard on a steep descent and still tried to run but I could sense my race ending early.

At Chair Hill-- Heading out feeling alright
Photo Credits (Trailsroc)

Myself power hiking up the hill--(Ankle is too hurt and had to throw in the towel)

What transpired was I wanted to see how I could hang at least until the turn around. I had poured some water on myself before the turn around and then I knew that after the turn, that I had to drop. My ankle was pounding and I could feel every nerve in my foot screaming out. It was not good. The photo above shows how I felt. I headed to the next aid station and through in the towel. I would have loved to compete in the race but for my first DNF, I knew that with how I felt, dropping out was the right decision. 

I am not much of the DNF type of person as I feel finishing is always the number one goal, but as I continue to build strength into my ankle, I know that the DNF was the smart decision.

It was great to be apart of the event even if it was for a short time. It was great to see such talent run so well and have like 5 people break the old course records for men and women. Great job to everyone out there.  
I also had the chance to check out the North Face store and talk with the staff there. They were very knowledgable and fun. Overall, I was glad I made the trip and it was a great time to spend it with so many wonderful people. TrailsRoc put on some great races and runs and Rochester Area should be grateful to have such passionate people. 

Here are my photos from the Event:

North Face Sale!

The Start

So where does that lead me…

Run 1: Route 41A

This was a hot and muggy day where the creek was so lovely to jump into at the turnaround to get some extra refreshment before I high-tailed it back.

Run Two: Tuller Hill State Forest--Access Roads

New Mammut MTR Long Shorts and MTR 141's 

Because of my ankle, I have been limited from running trails hard and have used the rocky seasonal access roads as my trails primarily because they offer a little of uneven surfaces without the risk of cambered sections which has given my ankle a little of a workout with impeding the healing process.

Run 3---Labrador Hollow Unique Area: Crazy Adventure

SO how have things been going with my ankle. I must say that this medial sprain has become a pain in my side as I still want to keep training but I have been very careful: icing, running with an ankle brace and sticking to the roads. My ankle has begun to heal and I am optimistic that I will be in good health come September. I need the time to rest the ankle and really strengthen it. For example, my trail run at Labrador Hollow, I ran very slow to not hurt my ankle but wanted to test it on some uneven terrain. It is nowhere near where I would like it to be but in a solid week of taking it easy, I have felt much better. I am taking it day by day.  In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy the rest of summer and get some fun and adventurous running in. I plan on my days off to explore new areas I have yet to do. I feel that some of these new locales can help pick-up my spirits as I work to get myself back into form.  I will be running the Wildcat Romp 50k as a 50 miler I feel is too risky for myself right now but I am itching to run a race and see how I fare. I am excited about testing my new Carboom! Energy Gels in a race scenario and I am excited to showcase the rehab I have done on my ankle since the 0SPF injury. 

Mammut is also coming out with some amazing products for Spring/Summer 2015. Be on the lookout on this blog for some sneak peaks. The new redesign of our footwear is going to place Mammut on the Map as well as the new innovative apparel and run accessories. Super excited.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.