Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Box Lunch!!!

The Box lunch!  It is the soup and salad of running. The running route that you always go on in the afternoon right after lunch because it is your bread and butter run that is full of fun and adventure.  Today I went on my box lunch run!  I headed out on Easy Lindsey and then proceeded into the hills!  From the hills I headed out into the 4-way intersection at 36th street that begins the box lunch portion of the run. Many times I either go right, left, straight and that is it huh to the various hilly sections that make-up east lindsey.  The temperature was a little hot for my liking since  I am not used to 70's yet.  The run was strong and powerful as  I managed to keep a string of 6:20 miles throughout the whole run and even split a 5:50 last mile.  I think I am rounding into some real racing shape that is going to show in the upcoming weeks of competition.  I think I am primed to run some fast road 10ks and 5ks really soon and  I think I have the potential to surprise myself!  We will see soon! I might run a tempo workout soon to see if I can quicken my pace and switch into the final gear  I will need to finish well in races.  Time to enjoy this spring weather!  Happy Running!

Oh I and ran for 78 minutes and 4 seconds and averaged 6:20 miles out on the hills not bad!

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