Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Life At the Moment: East Coast Tech Rep: The Journey.

So, a lot has happened since the Virgil Crest 50 miler in September.

I have accepted a position with Nathan Sports as their East Coast Tech Rep which has me traveling all over the Eastern Seaboard visiting running stores, participating in staff clinics, working expos etc. It is a fun but also busy and tough transition.

I am taking the time from the VCU 50 miler to acclimate to life on the road, the new job and spending the time to figure out my race schedule for the remainder of the year as well as for 2016.

I feel fitter than ever, even with not training insane volume. I would like to race one last ultra before the year is out as I am coming off an incredible base phase from Virgil Crest where I am primed to run a sound race.

As for right now, I am eyeing the Lookout Mountain 50 miler in Chattanooga, TN around December 20th or an indoor track marathon around the same time in Arlington, Virginia. It all depends on my schedule but I am eager to test my skills. Looking at 2016: I plan on running on the Big Stage. I have spent my time running solid events performing at a top level and am ready to race more often in ultras of different styles of disciplines.

For next year the events I am looking at:
Beast of Burden Winter
USA 50k Road Champs
USA 50 mile Road Champs
UROC: Ultra Race of Champions
JFK 50 miler
North Face 50 mile Endurance Challenge

I am excited about mixing it up again as the year unfolds and I hope to really test myself against some of the best competition around.