Monday, January 17, 2011

Oklahoma Sunset!!!!!

Total Time: 76 mins 28 seconds
Total Mileage: 12.5

Today was a beautiful run out on East Lindsey towards where the serious boys and girls train out on the rolling hills of Norman.  I ran in the few remaining hour and a half of daylight and set out to tackle some hills (Yes, there are hills in Oklahoma!).  The run was a simple out and back as  I take a sharp left at 36th street out along a cross street that goes along some of my other favorite roads such as Robinson, Rock Creek, and a few others.  The weather was incredible with a lovely 50 degree temp and ensuing rain clouds that helped to keep the sun out of my face!  Running out on the rolling rhythm hills of Norman are so wonderful because the hills never kill you on the way out, but test your will and strength and the way back.  The highlight of my run consisted of the most incredible sunset I have ever seen.  The glorious pinks and reds, with a slight light blue and orange hue, was truly an amazing sight!  Finishing my run was a fantastic experience as the sunset dominated the wide-open Oklahoma sky as this sunset to me marked a perfect conclusion to a wonderful weekend.  Now it is time to hit the books because tomorrow is the beginning of the last semester of my undergraduate years at the University of Oklahoma! The sunset in many ways is a symbol of the conclusion of one chapter of my life and truly how beautiful and beneficial it has been in shaping who  I am as a human being.  Time to hit the books and time to crank up the training because I am looking to race some fast and competitive races this spring and summer so look out Oklahoma and look out world!

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