Thursday, January 13, 2011

NO RESPECT! Drivers have no idea how hard it is to run.

Total Time: 80 mins and 25 seconds
Total Mileage:  13.3 miles

Drivers have no idea how hard it is to run on the roads for your long runs let alone when there is snow all over the place and when you have to dodge freaking cars as if you are in a game of FROGGER!  Let me tell you, I am pissed!  My run today was shakier than a freaking Nascar Race and my pit stops because of traffic would trump the total allotment all the cars in a Nascar race actually pit! In other words, I am just angry at my fellow New Jersians for not knowing how to drive in the first place let alone to not drive on the damn shoulder of the road so that a harmless runner must leap into 2 feet of snow to save himself from being roadkill! Alright...let me cool down!  Running is by far the least respected sport out there.  Running is also a sport where an athlete is out in the world in plain sight where they can be constantly viewed by the outside world.  In most sports, athletes spend all their time hidden away inside domes, gyms, indoor facilities underground,  and many other isolated locations.  When you think of other big sports such as football, basketball, baseball and soccer, those athletes may enjoy the sport but what they do not tell you is that they do it for the money.  With running, the athletes that participate in their sport do so because they LOVE IT not because there is money in it! People do not understand that running is hard work and when we are out there on the roads just hauling it, be courteous!
So on to my run...Today It was another cold day and I decided to run a new route today to the Bunker Hill Golf Course in Kendall Park.  I set out of my street and was literally embedded into the ebb and flow of what seemed to be thousands of cars.  The whole run consisted of ups and downs as I ran uphill a vast majority of the run.  I passed off of Route 27 into the Old Road back onto 27 and noticed a dead deer carcas and thought..."shit that could be me at this rate".  It is always a challenge running where I live in Kingston but today was out of control.  When I run, I am always to the inside of the shoulder on a road never actually on the road.  The cars just wanted to drive on the shoulder of the road causing me to leap like a flying squirrel into the snow embankments about 10-15 times, like SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!  What really got my blood going was a car that whizzed by me a mere 3 inches from hitting me, any closer and I would have gone flying since this car was going at 55 mph on a 40 mph road! I chased the car to the next light and began to tap on the passenger-side window of the Toyota SUV.  A man, dressed up in a big fluffy jacket said "yes?"  And  I told him that he almost hit me back a ways and if he did, I would have had him arrested, and he would owe me 50 thousand dollars for being inconsiderate.  AGH!!!  The rest of the run was nice as I received a few honks from friends and people that know me and running on Bunker Hill Road is beautiful with the tree canopy and the signs saying hiking trails. On the way back into Kingston, a car let me pass on a green light just so  I could get across and to that person, I truly thank you for being the .000001% of New Jersey drivers that actually get it.

Tips for New Jersey Drivers:
1. Do not drive on the shoulder of roads, drive within the Damn LINES!
2.  Be courteous to runners, bikers, walkers;you never know when you might see them on TV
3. When a runner taps on your window, you are in trouble!
4. Be nice to others because you never know when someone might do something nice to you because of your actions.
5.  As a runner, I want to get home too! Just help us out by not keeping us off the roads!
6. Just treat runners with respect! THANK YOU!

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