Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Run In New Jersey!!!

Total Time: 64 mins and 34 seconds
Total Mileage: 10.2 miles

Today was a totally different run than yesterday. It was super cold as I could not feel my hands for the fist 15 minutes but it was a quiet run which was a change from yesterday!  There were no cars, and  I even had the chance to run on a plowed snow path in the woods which was nice.  For my last run before  I am back in Norman, Oklahoma, I was very pleased. The pace was nice and easy and  I was in a nice rhythm right away and I just kept along the 6:36 minute pace like it was clock-work.  My run began with me sneaking out of my street down onto the towpath. Last time  I ran on the towpath, there was so much snow it made it impassable. To my surprise, the pathway gave way to me being able to jog on nicely packed snow thanks in part to some truck that plowed through all the deep snow!  The light crunching and crackling of the snow was heavenly as it sounded like rice krispies under foot.  All I could think about on the run was coming back and seeing old faces and spending some quality time with my super amazing girlfriend, Ashlee Prewitt.  I slugged up an uphill snow embankment and made it over to Forrestal Village, which is a small corporate shopping center.  I ran out on the road through the corporate sector of the area straight into a neighborhood hidden away along some thick shrubbery.  I slogged through the snow and ran about two loops through the isolated neighborhood while I sometimes would stop a second to defog my sunglasses because my breath was fogging those puppies up.  I then went through the shrubs and ran a loop on the streets inside Forrestal Village and headed back the way I came.  Overall, the run was just the type of run I was looking for. Not too long, not too short.  The mileage was just enough without over-doing it. Now it is time to get ready to sit on an airplane for like 5 hours or so. Let's all hope I make it on time!  Have a nice weekend everyone!

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