Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dancing Challenge---Panda TIme!!

Today, I woke up and jogged over to my job as a dancing Statue of Liberty person. Yes, I have a dancing job!  I spent three hours dancing around working those calf muscles and had a great time.  It was so much fun considering that the Famous Cici's dancer who is now the Panda guy was on the corner of the street with me but on the other side of 12th.  I knew I won the dance battle because Mr. Panda just sat on the corner of the street in awe at my amazing rips, jumps, spins, and threading dance moves.  Now that I am all back from working, it is time to go and run!!!!!

The totals will come in sooooon!!!!!!

I ran with Connor from his place and did a nice long campus loop. After all the running was done in the book, I managed about 12 miles. A great total for my day that consisted of dancing and running. All in a days work!

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