Friday, January 28, 2011

Run from Last Night!

Total time: 55 minutes

Total mileage: about 8.5-9miles

Yesterday was a busy day. So busy in fact, I have not been able to post  yesterday's run on the blog until now.  I began my day waking up early in the morning to drop Ashlee off for her conference. Then, I went back to sleep and slept until 11 am. I wanted to run in the morning but I overslept of course.  I left for class at around 12 and did not get back to the apartment until around 6 pm. Then I decided to go run for a little bit.  When it is dark outside, I always look to run at Summit Lakes.  Summit Lakes is my go-to running route because it is quiet and is well-lit enough to run around.  The run was peaceful and ended with the crazy kids that live in the neighborhood next to Campus Lodge yelling at me saying "Whoa those shorts are short!" I responded with "Thanks guys, they help to keep me cool out here cause it is sooooo HOT!"  The truth was that it was about 48 degrees outside and it was not hot but I thought that was a funny comment.  So that was my run, nothing too exciting!

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