Friday, January 28, 2011

Dancing Statue of Liberty

So, I have begun my job hunt to find some awesome part-time work in my schedule.  I have had two jobs call me back so far: Banquet/events at the Hyatt Hotel in Norman and Liberty Tax Service Dancing Statue of Liberty!  Today I am going to Run to the Liberty Tax Center because Ashlee has my car for the day so I am going to run there and make an appearance and I will report back later on my blog about how the run went to and from the office and whether I got the JOB!

First off, I want to educate you on what a Dancing of Statue of Liberty person does.
Job requirements
1. Dance....A Lot
2. Dress up in costume and hold a sign motioning people where to file there taxes at
3.  Run around a whole block yelling, waving, and dancing at people to get their attention.
4. To maybe sign a few autographs and to just make people laugh
5. To have a freaking blast because everyday is Halloween for you!

So, not only did I land the job, I started working immediately!  I danced around the block for three hours from 4-7pm and it was a blast!  Once I was done with my shift, I decided to run back and call people on the run about how my day as a dancer went.  It was dark at this point but it was such a nice night since Oklahoma is experiencing some warm weather where we have some 70's during the day and the temperature drops into the low 40's and 30's at night!  I think the dancing job will help my stamina!

Total mileage: 11 miles for 72 minutes of work

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