Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GraveYard, Freaky Deaky Dutch and Dogs, lots of them!

total Time: 1 hour and 31 minutes and 28 seconds

A Grand Total of: 14.9 miles

My run today, began by taking Boyd street out towards Porter Ave. Porter, is a nice road that had a few rolling hills and leads into Moore.  The neighborhoods on Porter by far have the best Christmas lights show out of any other complex in Norman.  During the first 20 minutes of my run, I ran by a local middle school where the kids were chanting "OOOO LA LA" at me and one kid I ran by said "Man, you are fast".  As I headed out on Porter, my legs felt a little stiff maybe from yesterday's run and the fact I am breaking in both brand new orthotics and A new pair of New Balance 790s.  Either way, the run had just enough effort to tax my legs really well.  As I ran by the big graveyard North on Porter Ave, I saw a man with a huge spade digging a trench for what I think would be for a fresh burial.  The rest of my run consisted running up and down the development on the left of Porter with what I call New Mexico because of the open spaces and cluster of adobe homes.  After pushing through New Mexico, I had just enough time to run in the Dutch-inspired development across the street. The Dutch development is still has a portion of it under construction and is known for its gazebo, cobblestone bridges, a water-mill at the front and an old-style bridge awning thingy!  Anyway,  I ran a lap through there and then headed back.  I realized that everyone had their dogs out today for a nice walk. I would not say it was the best weather for a walk but then again I am the wrong person to ask since  I was out running in the elements. The sun had set at this point as the chill of the night began to freeze my ears off.  Now that I am back it is time to refuel with a protein shake and some Cinnabon cereal which if you get to know me, I love love love love love...Cinnabon and cinnamin buns in general.  So it was a nice run and tomorrow I am going to hit up the east Norman hills again.

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