Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week In Review~!!!! Night Run in Norman!!!!!

This week I spent the majority of it training back home in New Jersey.  I ran through tons of snow but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless.  Anyway, I am too lazy right now to calculate my total mileage for the week but I think it is probably around 85 miles for the week. This week I ran long and fast and it was a great time but now I am happy to be back in Norman, Oklahoma!!!!

Today, I ran for a solid 55 minutes and covered about 9 miles!
I left my apartment at Campus Lodge and then headed out on Alameda out towards Lake Thunderbird. I love passing under the sign that says "Lake Thunderbird State Park...9 miles". It gives me this feeling that one day, I will muster enough energy and run out there and back which would be about 20 miles total.  One day I think I will make that voyage out to Lake Thunderbird and back!  As I passed the sign, I hit a nice incline that lead me to my favorite little housing complex in Norman, Summit Lakes.  Summit Lakes with known for its lovely bungalow homes and little man-made lakes that give me the sense I am back in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  As I turned into  Summit Lakes, I fixed a big smile on my face because I have run in that development so many times before in the dark and the memories of this place are so great!  Running the lake path is wonderful as the moon glistens and brightens the night.  Summit Lakes has been the location of many fantastic runs and a very special date that I will never forget.  The run went by so fast as  I swerved through the development as  I neared the "Summit" of Summit Lakes which by the turn-around point, you work your way up to a high ridge that overlooks all of Norman. It is such a peaceful and lovely run at night.  I love Summit Lakes and I am so happy I made that location my destination for tonight's run!  Running at night can be a challenge so make sure to always wear reflective clothing, bright colors, and run somewhere with lights but low traffic and you will be sure to enjoy the run and the beauty of the stars in the night sky.  Next time you are out running at night, go star-gazing!!!!   Look for Orion's belt, search for Sagittarius, and the many other constellations! Believe me, it makes a run go by really fast! Happy Trails!

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