Thursday, January 20, 2011

ICE Run....not really looking forward to it

(More details coming soon once I muster enough courage to run in the ice and snow)


Today I ran for 82 minutes and 54 seconds and ran around 14.3 miles

Earlier today, school was cancelled because of the ice that was all over the roads and sidewalks this morning.  I waited for the warmest portion of the day at around 2:30 pm to go run because I did not want to risk myself with all those crazy drivers out there.  The run was cold but my jacket helped to block most of that chilly Oklahoma wind.  I ran out on Cedar Lane which for the Norman running enthusiast knows this road has broken many spirits because of its difficult rolling hills. The run was tough as my legs became very tired early on but I just sucked it up and kept the motor running.  I passed all the farms as herds and herds of cows were grazing on the grass.  The run did not get interesting until the turn-around point.  Here are the events that made this run different than most:

1. A stupid driver in a black Honda Civic thinks they can drive 45 mph over a thick sheet of ice...guess what happens...They fishtail and almost slam straight into a power-line-Brilliant, Just Brilliant.

2. I see a girl running from a pack of dogs, I say "hi" to her out of courtesy and she ignores me as she has the frightened look upon her face.  Then the pack of dogs run right by me and continue to chase the girl.

3. I see a guy swimming in a small pond on his yard screaming "I am a polar bear!"

4.   A person riding a horse is riding on the opposite side of the road and they act like what they are doing is normal.

5. Basically, there is always something crazy going on in Norman, you just have to be observant!

Overall, I am happy to be back from the run and I hope I can get into my car tomorrow because all the ice is making that a little difficult!

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