Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feeling Better Means time to Run again!

Today I am going to take it easy and see what  I have in the tank after having one bad night with the flu.  More details Later:

SO I went out for a nice jog at 6:40 pace for 10.25 miles out on the back-roads near Summit Lakes.  On the way out, the wind was unbearable with wind chills that made my bones shiver.  Since I am recovering from this slight sickness I have, I took it easy today.  I have a slight cough because of my throat and I had to stop every 2 minutes during the run just to spit out some flem.  The way back was nice without any of the wind in my face but still the run was slow and I was able to get it in so that  I do not lose any of my fitness and continue to get better.  I am really chilly now in my seat as  I am writing this blog and I think I am going to warm myself up with some nice lemon herbal tea.  I hope to continue my serious training once I am feeling 100%.  In the meantime, I am in need of new road racing flats.  While having the aspiration to spend some time on the moon, I am curious about trying the Nike Lunar Racers though they are very spacey!  We will see, I do like some of the Adidas and Puma racers too. Decisions.... Decisions!

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