Friday, January 21, 2011

The Group Run

Total Time: 56 minutes and 42 seconds

Total Mileage: 8 miles or so though I think Connor Wann knows all

Today's run marked a moment in history that no one will forget...the coming together of the running group.  Running groups are great because you get great conversation, motivation to keep on grinding it out even when you feel like you cannot endure anymore, and the shared experience of the run that only the members of your group can relate to.  The weather began cold and then drastically seemed to warm up before that horrid Oklahoma gust began to punish us.  Our running group for today consisted of Connor, Kelly, Andres and Myself.  We all met up at Campus Lodge and then headed out towards The Summit Lakes development.  We encountered angry geese, flying ducks, and conversations of jail-break so ridiculous, it did in fact sound like an episode of Reno 911.  It was great to get back together with everyone and I am looking forward to running the roads and hitting the trails with this running group.  It is a new year and with each passing year, new opportunities and endless adventures.  Happy Running!

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