Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Goes Around...Comes Back Around

Total Mileage: 11 miles

Total Time: 72 mins and 28 seconds

The run today began with one goal in mind: Drop off a movie at the Walgreens RedBox. With movie in hand, I slipped out the door like a little energetic banana peel out towards Alameda and 12th, where the Walgreens sits waiting. I noticed there was a ton of traffic on 12th street!  Then as  I neared the intersection, I saw the funniest sight I have seen recently, it was the dancing PANDA!  Yes, the guy that dances at Cici's during their happy hour has been sighted as the Panda Garden Panda!  I ran right up next to him and he was mumbling something, potentially song lyrics.  He did not have the panda head but the full bottom suit and was doing splits and screaming like a little girl a bunch and even pulled together a few splits.  I said hi to him but I was just ignored. I guess the dancing panda guy is too cool for me. I thought it was fun so  I started moon-walking waiting for the light to change and the panda man just stopped and glared at me because he was jealous I was stealing his thunder.  Then the light turned green and I hit the Redbox at Walgreens.  From there, I ran out to the Sutton Wilderness, did a nice loop through the park then hit the neighborhood across the street from the Sutton Woods entrance.  I ran through the housing developments and took the back-way back to my apartment and ran by the little Norman high cross country course right near Campus Lodge and filtered back to the apartment.

The highlights from today's run consisted of showing the dancing panda man a little of what  I got in my arsenal and I think  I shocked him a little bit since his jaw literally dropped at the sight of my moves.   It was a nice run and now I really feel like some Chinese food tonight!  I think the Panda man really does know how to get into your head!  

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