Monday, January 24, 2011

Calm day with a little hill in that step!

Total time : 71 minutes and 55 seconds

Total Mileage: around 10.2

What a nice calm Monday run!  I met up with Kelly and we bolted out from the door at Campus Lodge off to run out to Noble.  The sun was out and the temperature was hovering right around 50 degrees.  We trotted out towards 24th street and then meandered to Highway 9. The run was continuous except for the brief stop to get across Highway 9.  Kelly was looking for a nice 8-10 mile run and I was just hoping for anything that would not create any coughing spasms since I have a large amount of flem sitting right in my throat.  And luckily, my lungs and throat held up nicely not to mention Kelly running a nice good pace over the hills on Cedar Lane.  Kelly even put in a strong surge for 3 minutes straight and I was impressed.  She is getting back into shape nicely and I am just trying to keep myself afloat.

This was a great run and I hope to continue to get better and rid myself of this congestion!

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