Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!! Rocky Hill to Montgomery, to Princeton back Home

Total Time : 70 mins and 7 seconds
Total Mileage: 11.7

Today was indeed a snow day!  As I woke up today at 11:30 am (yeah I am a college kid), I noticed that the snowstorm that came through late last night dumped about 8 inches of fresh new snow on top of what we already had from Saturday's storm.  I checked the current weather and was shocked to see that the temperature was 30 degrees with a wind chill to make it feel like 20.  Not to mention that it was sunny!!!!  I slipped on my layers that consisted of Puma half tights, a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a t-shirt and a lacrosse jersey or singlet.  I had my gloves, hat,  Zip-up running top and then  I made the most crucial decision of all, long socks.  I have been curious about long socks and compression socks since USA marathoners have been wearing them in races and in training runs.  To me, I always felt that long socks, not only keep your legs warm from the bitter wind chill but it also helps to increase circulation in the region so that you can run longer, faster, and with more efficiency.  And so the long sock debate began as I headed out along a back road into Rocky Hill.  Rocky Hill is a small little borough and it very hilly and there is a rock quarry near there so I would think Rocky Hill suits the area.  As I took 605, my mind began to wander at the luscious white snow. Today's run was so calm and peaceful, a rarity in New Jersey.  I had the chance to actually count the number of cars that passed by me for once!  605 takes you straight uphill into Rocky Hill.  From Rocky Hill, I ran the back roads along Princeton House and uphill some more, with a nice 2 mile hill straight into Princeton.  The snow was sooo light and I even ran into the Princeton xc guys again for the second day in a row (they are stalkers I think).
There is nothing like running in the snow after the is so quite and besides the wind, time seems to stand still.  Nature takes center-stage as the snow-covered trees produce an environment you have to stop and marvel at.  Back to the sock debate.  I read an article in Runners World and they said that studies show that compression socks speed up recovery buy have no evidence it increases performance.  I still think they do a pretty good job of keeping your legs warm.  It was a fun run today, nothing too fast but it was just right! Happy Running!

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