Sunday, January 30, 2011

COLD, WINDY, Miserable

So today was a cold day!  We had a crazy temperature drop that went from 70 the day before to 35 today and a nasty wind that made the outside feel like the mid 20's.  I ran out to Cedar Lane and ran in Noble and headed to the famous weather tower on top of one of the highest locations in the Norman/Noble area.  The view is absolutely spectacular but that also means that there is an insane amount of wind and the temperature drops a few degrees. In other words, today's run was chilly to say the least.  The wind literally froze my face as  I ran into the long and powerful gusts.  Getting in some hills was a must since most of my runs the past few days have been on flats.  And I am still trying to get my legs under me with this new dancing job that has me working out pretty hard.  A sunday run is always peaceful and quiet which is a plus no matter the weather.

More bad weather is on the way so my next few posts may document insane stories of my running exploits through the harsh weather that makes Oklahoma, Oklahoma!

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