Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running To the Vista!

Total Time: 84 minutes and 30 seconds
Total Mileage: An astounding 15 miles almost 16

Today's run placed me at a new location and this run marked the first fast and solid run through wind and hills and the view at my turn-around point was totally breath-taking.  My run pitted me up against the hills of east Lindsey street as  I made my usually way down the road. The sun was shining and the weather was yet again a perfect 50 degrees.  My legs felt good to go and take on the challenge of the slightly longer run today.  The run was a true test to see whether falling ill this past weekend really ruined me and my training or whether  I am in fact ready to rock and roll.  The verdict: I am ready to ROCK AND ROLL!  I had wind in my face the whole run but it felt nice and I was ready for the challenge.  I stayed on E-Lindsey into the farm roads and passed my favorite troops of dogs such as the Black lab twins and the yelping beagle I call Old Yellper!  I pushed myself nicely and finally made it to the moment I made history: turning left on 72nd street instead of heading straight or right.  Yes, I made a left on 72nd street NE towards Robinson street.  As I made my way up the road, I noticed a farmer and his dogs picking what seemed to be weeds in his garden and it made me laugh.  Why did I laugh? Well, dogs pulling out weeds and plants can be funny especially when the owner is screaming his brains out..."NO, NO, NO, not the MINT! Oh FOR GoD's SAKE BETSY, CMON!"

The run took a turn for the sky as the hills out on 72NE are long and steep and challenging!!!!  I crossed over Alameda and then headed towards Robinson.  As I crested the hill, my heart just stopped.  I was running down the most expansive prairie and pasture I have ever seen!  This portion of my run was so incredible! And I know I am in great shape now and I am excited to see where I go with things!

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