Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Space?

Total Time: 80 minutes
Total Distance: 13.7 miles

Today was a jammed packed day though I did not have class. I spent my time with my main girl Ashlee as we ran all around Norman running various errands.  After we finished our errands, it was time to run.  Ashlee has been on the search for a new apartment because her last roommate has literally made her life miserable.  So on my run I decided to head out on Robinson to look for any sign that read "For Rent".  Because of the immense amount of traffic, I decided to take an alternate route through the various neighborhoods that wind up and down around the main downtown off of main-street.  The run was brisk as some freezing rain is on the forecast for tomorrow.  I passed by two apartment complexes I thought Ashlee might like...Willows and Westend.  This run taught me that it is such a difficult task to remember a name because the thought process that happens during a run is just random rambling that often clouds such exact information. So throughout the run back from Robinson where it meets Highway I-35, I struggled with remembering both the names of the two apartment complexes. The run was a tough one as  I just wanted the darn thing to end!  Once I finally made it back to Campus Lodge, I was happy to know that Ashlee found a house to live in with two other very nice girls and everything would work out.  I am very happy that in a day that was full of uncertainty, by days end, everything worked out!

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