Friday, April 15, 2011

The Wind Is Howling! Like a Pack of Wolves!

So today is Ashlee and my 6 month anniversary and that has been something I have been waiting for in...well...6 months!  I worked a morning shift at the golf course so that I could spend the rest of the day getting things all ready for our evening together.  I have just arrived back from the mall and I am going to go and run for a little while. Hopefully, the super strong gusts do not blow me away let's hope!

So the run was very windy!  I shot out across highway 9 towards Cedar Lane! The wind was primarily at my back as I made my way towards the hills.  The wind was whipping at my heels and felt that whatever pace I could keep up was an honest effort in blizzard-like wind conditions.  I jolted to the turn-around point over by the Noble middle school called Curtis Inge and then headed back. With the wind now in my face, the run became an ultimate challenge. Not only did I have tough hills to run but I had a 45 to even it seemed 60 mile an hour gusts straight at my face.  Pushing up the slinking hills was not an easy feat but I managed to put in a great clip and finish at 70 minutes and hit about 12-12.5 miles of wind-howling action.

My legs still feel sore even after running about an hour ago.  I hope my protein shake will solve all of my aches and pains!  Anyway, the lesson learned today is that wind running is very difficult but it is great for training!

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