Monday, April 11, 2011


Today I was faced with nice temperatures hovering in the 70's but a brutal wind that would gust around 30-40mph.  I decided to run some more hills out on East Lindsey. I took Lindsey over towards 36th street NE and then ran up and down the hills I have called my home for 4 years and then turned out by Rock Creek Road.  I passed Camp Rock Creek, a Christian outdoor camp that has some great water at their campsite and then continued towards 48th NE. I ran the hills hard and the rest of the run nice and relaxed.  The sky has been soooooo blue today as the little white puffs called clouds seemed to mirror wispy marshmallows.  

The run totaled 81 minutes and 7 seconds so I totaled around my 13.5 mile mark and that is great considering the wind gusts that I faced the whole time.  

Another great run in the books!  No 5:07 minute closing mile but a great run at a consistent and smooth pace and cadence.  Now it is time to work on my Arboretum project and to place some applications on a really great CONDO/Townhome that I hope Ashlee and myself end up getting! Happy Trails!  

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