Saturday, April 2, 2011


Thursday and Friday were busy days!

Thursday-- I had an Arboretum project story-board due and a ton of other homework.

Friday---I worked 12 hours in by far the busiest day I have seen it at Belmar Golf Club!

My runs consisted of hills a little one day and slight inclines the next.

I think Thursday I ran out towards Robinson street East and then made it to 72nd before turning back.  The run was about 78 minutes long and I tackled a good chunk of mileage. I think I probably ran around 12-13 miles which is right on cue for my weekly mileage.

Friday, I had to go into work at 11am so I ran in the morning and went for about 72 minutes and 11 miles out on Summit Lakes.  Then at work we had a Male member and +1 guest tournament where 52 teams of two teed off at 1:30pm. The moment  I arrived at work I constantly ran around for the 12 hours(meaning I was off of work at 11pm) either chasing after a cart, grabbing a cart, picking up balls on the driving range, running to grab some ice or something a member might need, pretty much everything.  So I would say  I ran about 5-6 miles on top of the 11 I ran earlier.  So for a grand total I probably ran 16 miles yesterday!  The golf course was hopping and my energy was great considering I ran earlier in the day!

I work today, Saturday at 2pm and I have a feeling it is going to be another BUSY day!  Everything is coming along for me right now and I am looking forward to training and racing well!

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